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Recent Submissions

Brůha, Petr , Mouček, Roman , Volf, Petr , Šimečková, Lenka , Šťáva, Oto
On Architecture of BodyInNumbers Exercise and Wellness Health Strategy Framework

They are many risk factors decreasing overall human physical and cognitive performance and increasing incidence of chronic diseases. It is very beneficial for any society to map, discuss and cope with these factors. This can be supported and evaluated by designing, developing, testing&#...

Dudáček, Karel
Měření zpoždění signálů s použitím neekvidistantního vzorkování

In many applications, precise measurement of short delays between analogue signals is required. But in many cases signal features are fixed and signal processing resources are limited, therefore, my goal was development of methods, that allows such measurements without expensive devices. &#x...

De, Sangita , Niklas, Michael , Brian, Rooney , Mottok, Juergen , Brada, Přemysl
Semantic Mapping of Component Framework Interface Ontologies for Interoperability of Vehicle Applications

Over the past few years, ontology merging, and ontology semantic alignment has gained significant interest as research topics in automotive application domain for finding solutions to semantic data heterogeneity. To accomplish the complex and novel vehicle service requirements such as autonomous&...

Weiss, Nills
Security Testing in Safety-Critical Networks

Pozzobon, Enrico
Hardware Side-ChannelAttacks on Safety Critical Devices