Katedra informatiky a výpočetní techniky / Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Recent Submissions

Sido, Jakub , Konopík, Miloslav
Deep Learning for Text Data on Mobile Devices

Svoboda, Lukáš , Brychcín, Tomáš
Enriching Word Embeddings with Global Information and Testing on Highly Inflected language

Majdišová, Zuzana , Skala, Václav , Šmolík, Michal
Algorithm for placement of reference points and choice of an appropriate variable shape parameter for the RBF approximation

Skala, Václav , Šmolík, Michal , Martynova, Mariia
Geometric Product for Multidimensional Dynamical Systems - Laplace Transform and Geometric Algebra

Ježek, Petr , Vařeka, Lukáš
Workflow Designer — A web application for visually designing EEG signal processing pipelines