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Kesl, Petr
Posuzování spolehlivosti konstrukcí simulační technikou

Recently, a changeover from the applicable national standards for designing of building structures to uniform standards eurocodes. Naturally, this change applies also to steel structures. Eurocodes are based on semi-probabilistic "regulation" method of various coefficients, the origin and p...

Plánička, Stanislav
Matematické modelování dvoufázového proudění

The Ph.D. thesis presents a detailed overview of models and techniques used for two-phase flows modeling, which can be numerically solved using the finite volume method. The models and techniques are discussed in detail, including their extent of validity. Using averaging approach, the&...

Rychecký, Drahomír
Modelování poddajných rotujících těles s kontaktními vazbami

The dissertation thesis aims to introduce the reader to one of the possibilities of modeling of flexible bodies connected by contacts with relative small movement. Firstly a state of the art review was made to achieve the stated goal, which was the starting point for expl...

Heidler, Václav
Numerická simulace proudění chladiva v palivovém souboru reaktoru VVER1000 pomocí lattice Boltzmannovy metody

The paper deals with numerical simulation of 3D unsteady turbulent coolant flow inside a fuel assembly TVSA-T of the VVER1000 type reactor operated in Nuclear Power Plant Temelín using Large-Eddy-Simulations (LES). Because of complex geometry of the fuel assemblies and very computational...

Šulc, Petr , Pešek, Luděk , Bula, Vítězslav , Košina, Jan , Cibulka, Jan
Torsion dissipated energy of hard rubbers as function of hyperelastic deformation energy of the Yeoh model