Katedra mechaniky / Department of Mechanics


Recent Submissions

Zemčík, Robert , Krystek, Jan , Mandys, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav , Průcha, Petr
Testing of sandwich specimens for space applications

Kroupa, Tomáš , Zemčík, Hana , Zemčík, Robert , Kadlec, Petr , Pihera, Josef
Mechanical testing of kapton films

Kottner, Radek , Kaňáková, Sandra , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Yeung, Ronaldo , Pukaro, André
Improvement of impact protection by kordcarbon-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A composite

Jasný, Michal , Hajžman, Michal , Achtenová, Gabriela
Multi-body simulation of dog clutch engagement

This paper presents a multi-body simulation model in Adams created for optimization of the dog clutch engagement process, especially minimization of the gearshift time regarding to the shape of dogs. The simulation model was validated using measurements of a prototype dog clutch engagem...

Fiala, Radovan , Kochová, Petra , Kubíková, Tereza , Cimrman, Robert , Tonar, Zbyněk , Špatenka, Jaroslav , Fabián, Ondřej , Burkert, Jan
Mechanical and structural properties of human aortic and pulmonary allografts do not deteriorate in the first 10 years of cryopreservation and storage in nitrogen

Background: The aortic and pulmonary allograft heart valves (AHV) are used in the cardiac surgery for replacing the impaired semilunar valves. They are harvested from donor hearts and cryostored in tissue banks. The expiration period was set to 5 years arbitrarily. We hypothesized ...