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Smolík, Luboš
Post-processing techniques for response of non-linear systems

Challenges in modern engineering require implementation of more and more complex computational models. The computational models are often non-linear and even a slight modification of a design parameter can cause qualitative changes in a predicted response. Several visualisation methods which impr...

Rendl, Jan , Zilli, Leonardo , Sedláček, František
Investigation of driving properties for formula Student

This paper deals with the investigation of driving properties such as rolling resistance of the chassis during the cornering and the effect of anti-roll bars on this phenomenon. This variable has a significant influence on the change of loading forces at tire contact patches, ...

Krejčová, Milada , Holeček, Miroslav , Chełminiak, Przemysław
The measurement of single myosin head in Fokker-Planck framework and information gain

Muscles on a molecular level are created by actin and myosin filaments. In this scale, it is necessary to take into an account thermal fluctuations – describe in terms of Brownian motion. Due to the motion, it is impossible to predict exact position of a single myosi...

Kocáb, Jiří , Kottner, Radek , Heczko, Jan , Krystek, Jan
Shear and torsion tests of viscoelastic materials

The main scope of the paper are shear and torsion tests of cork-composite Amorim ACM87. The material is a particle composite with viscoelastic properties. In order to investigate the behaviour of viscoelastic materials, performance of specific mechanical experiments is important. Some materi...

Byrtus, Miroslav
Basic properties of a bistable mechanical oscillator

The contribution deals with analysis of dynamical properties of 1 DOF bistable mechanical oscillators. These systems appear in many technical applications which advantageously use their both static and dynamic properties. First, a mechanical mode based on von Mises truss is introduced and&#x...