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Recent Submissions

Pašek, Jan
Infračervená termografie ve facility managementu

Building management is a multidisciplinary field involving the care of buildings and their operation. This area is currently undergoing dynamic development in the Czech Republic. However, in the countries of Western Europe and the USA, this is already a very developed field with a&...

Heidler, Václav , Bublík, Ondřej , Lobovský, Libor , Vimmr, Jan
Modeling of Free surface Flow with Dispersed Particles Using The Lattice Boltzmann Method

In this work, we are dealing with modeling of fluid-particle interaction, which can play a critical role in the simulations of casting manufacturing processes. The solid particles in presented simulations are restricted to have spherical shapes and are equal or smaller than the gri...

Pašek, Jan
Technický stav středověkých kamenných chrámů v Angkoru, 1. díl

The Archaeological Park in Angkor, Cambodia, is a world-famous and unique construction and archeological site. It consists of hundreds of stone monuments from the medieval Khmer empire - many of which are slowly decreasing and falling apart. The Czech national project in Angkor coo...

Rohan, Eduard , Camprová Turjanicová, Jana , Liška, Václav
Geometrical model of lobular structure and its importance for the liver perfusion analysis

A convenient geometrical description of the microvascular network is necessary for computationally efficient mathematical modelling of liver perfusion, metabolic and other physiological processes. The tissue models currently used are based on the generally accepted schematic structure of the parenchyma...

Rohan, Eduard , Cimrman, Robert
Modelling wave dispersion in fluid saturating periodic scaffolds

Acoustic waves in a slightly compressible fluid saturating porous periodic structure are studied using two complementary approaches: 1) the periodic homogenization (PH) method provides effective model equations for a general dynamic problem imposed in a bounded medium, 2) harmonic acoustic waves&...