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Lyu, Wenle , Hynčík, Luděk , Bońkowski, Tomasz
Rider Stature Influence to Injury Risk in Motorcycle Rear Impact to Car

Road traffic accidents cause one of the highest numbers of severe injuries. Approximately 1.25 million people die each year as a result of a road traffic crash and between 20 and 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability. Nearly half&#x...

Jiřík, Miroslav , Lukeš, Vladimír , Železný, Miloš , Liška, Václav
Multiscale Graph-Cut for 3D Segmentation of Compact Objects

The article is a step forward towards improving image segmentation using a popular method called Graph-Cut. We focus on optimizing the algorithm for processing data, in which the target object occupies only a small portion of the total volume. We propose a twostep procedure. A...

Mrózek, Lukáš , Tajč, Ladislav , Vimmr, Jan , Bublík, Ondřej , Sláma, Václav , Kalista, Robert
The computational study in the unloading slot of the control valve

The flow in the unloading system of the control valve is modelled using the numerical simulation. The proportional flow values for various widths of the slot and openings are evaluated. The changes of the pressure and Mach number in the space of the valve are recorded...

Hynčík, Luděk , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Lyu, Wenle
Development of a simple motorcyclist helmet finite element model

Motorcycle riders belong to the group of so-called vulnerable road users, for whom protection against an impact is an important issue due to the multi-directional loading and the complex kinematics after the impact. Virtual biomechanical human body models play an important role to ...

Byrtus, Miroslav , Hajžman, Michal , Pešek, Luděk , Půst, Ladislav
Influence of internal friction dampers on global dynamics of discrete cyclic structure

This paper deals with vibration of a bladed disk containing internal friction dampers (FD). The disk is considered as a weakly coupled discrete cyclic structure where the blades are moreover mutually coupled by means of friction couplings. The global dynamics of the structure is&#x...