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Recent Submissions

Vimmr, Jan , Lobovský, Libor , Bublík, Ondřej , Mandys, Tomáš
Experimental validation of numerical approach for free surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method

Kochová, Petra , Hympánová, Lucie , Rynkevic, Rita , Cimrman, Robert , Tonar, Zbyněk , Deprest, Jan , Kališ, Vladimír
The histological microstructure and in vitro mechanical properties of pregnant and postmenopausal ewe perineal body

Objective: The mechanical properties and microstructure of the perineal body are important for the improvement of numerical models of pelvic organs. We determined the mechanical parameters and volume fractions of the ewe perineal body as an animal model. Methods: The 39 specimens of...

Kottner, Radek , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Kaňáková, Sandra
Experimental Investigation of Foams Suitable for Motorcycle Protectors

Protectors of motorcycle riders should be light and safe. This work deals with the impact test of the shoulder protectors, which differ with the use of foams of different densities. The acceleration and displacement of an impactor having the mass of five kilograms were measure...

Bulín, Radek , Hajžman, Michal
Comparison of detailed belt-cylinder interaction model with classical belt friction formula

This paper deals with a comparison of the classical belt friction formula, also called Euler-Eytelwein equation, with a detailed belt-cylinder interaction model. The belt friction is a typical pedagogical problem where the usage of equilibrium conditions is shown, but also have a practi...

Turjanicová, Jana , Rohan, Eduard , Lukeš, Vladimír
Homogenization based two-scale modelling of ionic transport in fluid saturated deformable porous media

The paper deals with the homogenization and numerical modelling of deformable porous media saturated by two-component electrolytes. The model relevant to the microscopic scale describes steady states of the medium while reflecting essential physical phenomena, namely electrochemical interactions in a&...