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Horák, Z. , Tichý, P. , Otčenášek, M.
Numerical FE analyses of the pelvic floor during childbirth

Zemčík, Robert , Krystek, Jan , Mandys, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav , Průcha, Petr
Testing of sandwich specimens for space applications

Kroupa, Tomáš , Zemčík, Hana , Zemčík, Robert , Kadlec, Petr , Pihera, Josef
Mechanical testing of kapton films

Kottner, Radek , Kaňáková, Sandra , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Yeung, Ronaldo , Pukaro, André
Improvement of impact protection by kordcarbon-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A composite

Jasný, Michal , Hajžman, Michal , Achtenová, Gabriela
Multi-body simulation of dog clutch engagement

This paper presents a multi-body simulation model in Adams created for optimization of the dog clutch engagement process, especially minimization of the gearshift time regarding to the shape of dogs. The simulation model was validated using measurements of a prototype dog clutch engagem...

Bulín, Radek , Hajžman, Michal
On the Numerical Treatment of Nonlinear Flexible Multibody Systems with the Use of Quasi-Newton Methods

This paper deals with the use of quasi-Newton methods for dynamical simulations of nonlinear flexible multibody systems which are modelled using absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF). Three ANCF beam elements are briefly reminded and implemented. The Newmark integration method for index&#x...

Polach, Pavel , Hajžman, Michal , Bulín, Radek
Approaches to Fibre Modelling in the Model of an Experimental Laboratory Mechanical System

In this paper there are presented some possible approaches suitable for the modelling of the fibre and cable dynamics in the framework of various mechanical systems: force representation of a fibre, a point-mass model and an absolute nodal coordinate formulation. Experimental measurements&#x...

Hajžman, Michal , Bulín, Radek , Dyk, Štěpán
Application of Multibody Dynamics in the Modelling of a Limited-Slip Differential

The paper is aimed at suitable approaches to the modelling and dynamical analysis of a special class of automotive differentials called limited-slip differentials. The design and function of the differential are briefly introduced and suitable multibody approaches to its modelling are propos...

Jiřík, Miroslav , Lukeš, Vladimír , Železný, Miloš , Liška, Václav
Multiscale Graph-Cut for 3D Segmentation of Compact Objects

The article is a step forward towards improving image segmentation using a popular method called Graph-Cut. We focus on optimizing the algorithm for processing data, in which the target object occupies only a small portion of the total volume. We propose a twostep procedure. A...

Mrózek, Lukáš , Tajč, Ladislav , Vimmr, Jan , Bublík, Ondřej , Sláma, Václav , Kalista, Robert
The computational study in the unloading slot of the control valve

The flow in the unloading system of the control valve is modelled using the numerical simulation. The proportional flow values for various widths of the slot and openings are evaluated. The changes of the pressure and Mach number in the space of the valve are recorded...

Lukeš, Vladimír , Rohan, Eduard
Optimization of perforated plates in interaction with acoustic waves

The paper deals with optimization of a perforated plate which interacts with acoustic waves propagating in an inviscid compressible fluid. In general, the aim is to influence the acoustic signal conducted through a waveguide in which the perforated plate is fitted. Nonlocal transmission...

Smolyanov, Ivan A. , Kotlan, Václav , Doležel, Ivo , Karban, Pavel
Shape optimization of laboratory induction pump

The design optimization of the laboratory induction pump is carried out. The forward task is formulated as a nonlinear magnetic problem that is solved by the professional code COMSOL Multiphysics. The backward (optimal design) problem is solved by Coordinate search, BOBYQA, Monte Carlo,...

Zítka, T. , Havelková, L. , Tupý, R.
Geometrical model of muscle attachment sites in hand

Our study provides novel approach to acquiring data used in biomechanical models along with dataset of hand muscle data. It also provides a tool for generating these data, relieving researchers of some tedious labor and possibly allowing for greater reproducibility of research.

Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z.
Nonlinear vibration of the nuclear reactor with clearances in core barrel couplings

The original mathematical model of the VVER-type reactor excited by coolant pressure pulsations was derived as the linear clearance-free model in couplings. Assembly clearances in the key-groove (K-G) couplings between the lower part of core barrel (CB3) and the reactor pressure vessel ...

Špirk, S. , Špička, J.
Tramway front end design safe for pedestrian

This paper is focused on the field of rail vehicles passive safety. The really intensive research was dedicated to the safety tram front end design in last two years. The main point of this research is to reduce the severity of the consequences of a collision between...

Pecka, A. , Bublík, O. , Vimmr, J.
Flutter boundary assessment for a blade cascade using developed discontinuous Galerkin code

This contribution builds on the last year contribution, where the flutter boundary was assessed for a single aerofoil with the aid of the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) code developed for the purpose of aeroelastic flutter analysis as a part of FlowPro. FlowPro is a multipurpose...

Novák, M. , Vackář, J. , Cimrman, R.
Sensitivity analysis of total energy in electronic structure calculations

In the contribution, several approaches to evaluating this term will be analyzed in terms of convergence properties and computing demands using test calculations on simple molecules of nitric oxide, carbon dioxide and tetrafluormethane, see Fig. 1, with interatomic distances scaled by a ...

Nováček, V. , Havelková, L.
Urogynecologic surgical mesh and associated complications: Can computational biomechanics help?

Pelvic organ prolapse is a pelvic floor disorder occurring when the tissue and muscles of the pelvic floor no longer support the pelvic organs resulting in the drop from their normal position. The pelvic organs include the vagina, uterus, bladder, urethra, and rectum. The blad...

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
A comparative analysis of treatment of a supracondylar periprosthetic femoral fracture under axial load and torque

A total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is in rare cases followed by an extra-articular fracture of distal femur. One type of fracture is a simple extra-articular fracture (A1 according to Schewring and Meggitt). It can be stabilized only by surgical treatment. Several implant types are&#x...

Heidler, V. , Bublík, O. , Lobovský, L. , Vimmr, J.
Free surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method

The aim of this work is to improve the accuracy of the algorithm by incorporating the surface tension and wetting angle effects [1]. The developed computational algorithm is tested on three benchmarks. In the first case, we solved the Poiseuille flow inside the channel formed&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26