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Kocáb, Jiří , Kottner, Radek , Kossa, Attila
Characterization of a cork-rubber composite using advanced material models

Vimmr, Jan , Lobovský, Libor , Bublík, Ondřej , Mandys, Tomáš
Experimental validation of numerical approach for free surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method

Brož, Petr , Dobiáš, Daniel
Crack propagation prediction in aluminum friction welded joints

Integrated dual boundary element method – finite element method are applied. As well, the welding procedure simulation and the successive crack propagation evaluation are coupled. For AA 2024-T3 aluminium rolled sheets welded, the forging action of the tool shoulder is enhanced by impos...

Kaňáková, Sandra , Kottner, Radek , Bońkowski, Tomasz
Influence of temperature on foam used in motorcycle protective equipment

This paper researches influence of the temperature on a foam, which is used in motorcycle protective equipment. The impact test was carried out on samples, which were cut from the center part of the protector that is suitable to protect shoulder, elbow and knee areas. Its...

Mandys, Tomáš , null, null , Laš, Vladislav , Zemčík, Robert , Krystek, Jan
Testing of honeycomb sandwich panel with potted insert

This work is focused on the experimental and analytical determination of the load-carrying capability of the inserts potted in the sandwich structure with honeycomb core. The pull-out test of the sandwich structure specimens with two types of inserts were performed and load-carrying cap...

Rohan, Eduard , Cimrman, Robert
Wave dispersion in fluids saturating periodic scaffolds

We consider acoustic wave propagation in periodic scaffolds perfused by Newtonian or inviscid fluids. To analyze the wave dispersion, two approaches are examined: the periodic homogenization (PH) and the Floquet-Bloch wave decomposition (FB). The dispersion analysis using the FB approach captures...

Krejčová, M. , Světlík, P.
Feedback control of myosin head

Kolínková, A. , Špička, J.
Utilization of virtual human body model Virthuman in the mountaineering safety

Kaňaková, S. , Kottner, R. , Bońkowski, T.
Influence of elevated temperature on motorcyclist protective equipment

Heczko, J. , Kottner, R.
Rubber ageing at elevated temperature – model calibration

Cimrman, R. , Vackář, J. , Novák, M.
Optimization of pseudopotentials for electronic structure calculations

Brůha, J. , Zeman, V.
Vibration analysis of a turbine blading with frictional inter-blade couplings

Brož, P.
Structural elements of multifloor frames

Horák, Z. , Tichý, P. , Otčenášek, M.
Numerical FE analyses of the pelvic floor during childbirth

Zemčík, Robert , Krystek, Jan , Mandys, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav , Průcha, Petr
Testing of sandwich specimens for space applications

Kroupa, Tomáš , Zemčík, Hana , Zemčík, Robert , Kadlec, Petr , Pihera, Josef
Mechanical testing of kapton films

Kottner, Radek , Kaňáková, Sandra , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Yeung, Ronaldo , Pukaro, André
Improvement of impact protection by kordcarbon-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A composite

Jasný, Michal , Hajžman, Michal , Achtenová, Gabriela
Multi-body simulation of dog clutch engagement

This paper presents a multi-body simulation model in Adams created for optimization of the dog clutch engagement process, especially minimization of the gearshift time regarding to the shape of dogs. The simulation model was validated using measurements of a prototype dog clutch engagem...

Bulín, Radek , Hajžman, Michal
On the Numerical Treatment of Nonlinear Flexible Multibody Systems with the Use of Quasi-Newton Methods

This paper deals with the use of quasi-Newton methods for dynamical simulations of nonlinear flexible multibody systems which are modelled using absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF). Three ANCF beam elements are briefly reminded and implemented. The Newmark integration method for index&#x...

Polach, Pavel , Hajžman, Michal , Bulín, Radek
Approaches to Fibre Modelling in the Model of an Experimental Laboratory Mechanical System

In this paper there are presented some possible approaches suitable for the modelling of the fibre and cable dynamics in the framework of various mechanical systems: force representation of a fibre, a point-mass model and an absolute nodal coordinate formulation. Experimental measurements&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38