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Jedlička, Karel , Charvát, Karel
Visualization of big data in agriculture and rural development

Big data technology (BDT) is a new technological paradigm that is driving the entire economy, including low-tech industries such as agriculture where it is implemented under the banner of precision farming (PF). Big data analytics system will then provide pilot managers with highly ...

Hošek, Radim
Numerická schémata pro rovnice vazkého stlačitelného proudění: Analýza a geometrie

The dissertation thesis presents a commented collection of research articles with results in the analysis of numerical schemes for systems that model viscous compressible fluids. They are mainly based on a pioneering work of Karper, who proved a convergence of a numerical scheme to...

Jirásek, Pavel
Podmínky kompaktnosti ve variačních metodách

This dissertation studies variational methods and compactness conditions used in them. The methods are illustrated on the boundary problems for elliptic equations.

Caggio, Matteo
Navier- Stokesovy rovnice a související problémy

The present thesis is devoted to the study of mathematical problems related to the Navier-Stokes equations in the context of mathematical rigorous derivation of models and their analysis. In particular we deal with the problem of singular limits in fl uid mechanics for compressible...

Prošková, Jitka
Aplikace duálních kvaternionů na vybrané problémy

In recent years, the study of quaternions has become an active research area of applied geometry, mainly due to an elegant and efficient possibility to represent using them rotations in three dimensional space. Thanks to their distinguished properties, quaternions are often used i...