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Recent Submissions

Tomiczek, Petr
Second order problem with a symmetric nonlinearity

The purpose of this work is to study the existence of a solution to the nonlinear second order ordinary differential equation u''(x) + m2 u(x) + g(x, u) = f(x) , x ∈ [0, T] , u(0) = u(π) = 0 , where m ∈ N, g is a Carathéodory function,...

Cooper, Jacob W. , Kaiser, Tomáš , Král', Daniel , Noel, Jonathan A.
Weak regularity and finitely forcible graph limits

Graphons are analytic objects representing limits of convergent sequences of graphs. Lovász and Szegedy conjectured that every finitely forcible graphon, i.e. any graphon determined by finitely many subgraph densities, has a simple structure. In particular, one of their conjectures would imply&#x...

Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Arthur , Kaiser, Tomáš , Ozeki, Kenta
Decomposing planar cubic graphs

The 3‐Decomposition Conjecture states that every connected cubic graph can be decomposed into a spanning tree, a 2‐regular subgraph and a matching. We show that this conjecture holds for the class of connected plane cubic graphs.

Stehlík, Petr
Matematika za karetní hrou dobble

In this paper we deal with the connection of the pouplar card game dobble with combinatorial structures. We show that the existence of perfect decks of cards is connected to the existence of finite projective planes and systems of ortogonal Latin squares. Next, we use a&#...

Hupkes, Hermen Jan , Morelli, Leonardo , Stehlík, Petr , Švígler, Vladimír
Multichromatic travelling waves for lattice Nagumo equations

We discuss multichromatic front solutions to the bistable Nagumo lattice differential equation. Such fronts connect the stable spatially homogeneous equilibria with spatially heterogeneous n -periodic equilibria and hence are not monotonic like the standard monochromatic fronts. In contrast to the...