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Chrášťanská, Romana , Böhmová, Hana , Bernát, Ladislav , Marek, Patrice
Treatment with fixed appliances and clear plastic appliances. Evaluation of results

Aims: The retrospective study assessed outcomes of orthodontic treatment using fixed appliance and clear plastic aligner with PAR index, and compared effectiveness of the therapy with TEI (treatment efficiency index). Another aim was to compare the number of occlusal contacts and assess ...

Kostovcikova, Klara , Coufal, Stepan , Galanova, Natalie , Fajstova, Alena , Hudcovic, Tomas , Kostovcik, Martin , Prochazkova, Petra , Jiraskova Zakostelska, Zuzana , Cermakova, Martina , Šedivá, Blanka , Kuzma, Martin , Tlaskalova-Hogenova, Helena , Kverka, Miloslav
Diet Rich in Animal Protein Promotes Pro-inflammatory Macrophage Response and Exacerbates Colitis in Mice

Diet is a major factor determining gut microbiota composition and perturbances in this complex ecosystem are associated with the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Here, we used gnotobiotic approach to analyze, how interaction between diet rich in proteins and gut microbiota influences the&#x...

Čermáková, Martina , Pelantová, Helena , Neprašová, Barbora , Šedivá, Blanka , Maletínská, Lenka , Kuneš, Jaroslav , Tomášová, Petra , Železná, Blanka , Kuzma, Marek
Metabolomic Study of Obesity and Its Treatment with Palmitoylated Prolactin-Releasing Peptide Analog in Spontaneously Hypertensive and Normotensive Rats

In this study, the combination of metabolomics and standard biochemical and biometric parameters was used to describe the metabolic effects of diet-induced obesity and its treatment with the novel antiobesity compound palm11-PrRP31 (palmitoylated prolactin-releasing peptide) in spontaneously hypertensive r...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Drábek, Pavel , Ilyasov, Yavdat
On partially free boundary solutions for elliptic problems with non-lipschitz nonlinearities

We show that the elliptic equation with non-Lipschitz right-hand side, considered on a smooth star-shaped domain Ω subject to zero Dirichlet boundary conditions, might possess a nonnegative ground state solution which violates Hopf’s maximum principle only on a nonempty subset Γ of the&...

Millerová, Miroslava , Miret, Josep M. , Sillasen, Anita A.
On digraphs of excess one

A digraph in which, for every pair of vertices u and v (not necessarily distinct), there is at most one walk of length at most k from u to v is called a k-geodetic digraph. The order N(d,k) of a k-geodetic digraph of minimum out-degree d is at least th...