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Fraňková, Pavla
Paralelní víceúrovňové algebraické předpodmiňovače

This thesis studies multilevel preconditioners. In the introduction, we cover the theory of multigrid methods. We then connect two interesting topics (BPX additive multigrid and smoothed aggregation method) into a new multigrid approach. We will present a BPX preconditioner in t...

Kabela, Adam
Tuhost a Hamiltonovskost grafů

The present thesis is motivated by the study of Chvátal's t_0-tough conjecture. We recall this conjecture in the context of Hamiltonian Graph Theory. We review partial results to the conjecture, and we analyse constructions which provide lower bounds to this conjecture and to s...

Michálková, Kristýna
Geometrické modelování v průmyslových aplikacích

This doctoral thesis deals with geometric modelling in industrial applications. The main goal is to describe the shape of water turbines with the help of modern geometric approaches. Therefore, we apply B-spline/NURBS objects to define hydraulic profiles of water turbines and we pr...

Kotrla, Lukáš
Jednoznačnost a existence řešení parabolické PDR s p-Laplaceovým operátorem a zobecněné trigonometrické a hyperbolické funkce

The thesis is devoted to the study of quasilinear parabolic and elliptic problems with diffusion driven by the p-Laplacian. The thesis is devoted into two parts. The first part concerns uniqueness/nonuniqueness and validity/nonvalidity of the strong maximum principle of the solution...

Vysoká, Jana
Matematické modelování ve výuce na střední škole

The aim of this work is to suggest an expansion of preparation of learning materials designed for university teachers who work with students who have chosen advanced mathematics as an elective, or with high school students who are engaged in mathematics beyond compulsory curriculum...

Hošek, Radim
Numerická schémata pro rovnice vazkého stlačitelného proudění: Analýza a geometrie

The dissertation thesis presents a commented collection of research articles with results in the analysis of numerical schemes for systems that model viscous compressible fluids. They are mainly based on a pioneering work of Karper, who proved a convergence of a numerical scheme to...

Caggio, Matteo
Navier- Stokesovy rovnice a související problémy

The present thesis is devoted to the study of mathematical problems related to the Navier-Stokes equations in the context of mathematical rigorous derivation of models and their analysis. In particular we deal with the problem of singular limits in fl uid mechanics for compressible...

Jirásek, Pavel
Podmínky kompaktnosti ve variačních metodách

This dissertation studies variational methods and compactness conditions used in them. The methods are illustrated on the boundary problems for elliptic equations.

Prošková, Jitka
Aplikace duálních kvaternionů na vybrané problémy

In recent years, the study of quaternions has become an active research area of applied geometry, mainly due to an elegant and efficient possibility to represent using them rotations in three dimensional space. Thanks to their distinguished properties, quaternions are often used i...

Volek, Jonáš
Parciální dynamické rovnice na diskrétních prostorových oblastech

The dissertation thesis presents our recent results about the partial dynamic equations on discrete spatial domains (so-called lattices). These problems arise from the modeling of processes on spatially structured environment (e.g., cells, crystal lattices, electronic images). Consequently, we study p...

Petříčková, Šárka
Chromatická teorie grafů

The goal of this thesis is to analyze several distinct problems regarding graph colorings. To motivate the topic, we first demonstrate that the theory of graph coloring provides useful tools for modeling a wide variety of scheduling and assignment problems. We then introduce basic&...

Hrabětová, Regina
Rozvoj tvořivosti žáka v hodinách matematiky

This dissertation deals with the process of development of pupil's creative thinking, including analysis and comparison of pupils' problem-solving strategies. In the theoretical background, important terms are defined, i.e. mathematical concepts (relations, sets, binary relations, equivalence, groups an...

Steidl, Petr
Vysokoteplotní vrstvy Si-B-C-N a multifunkční vrstvy (Zr)-B-C-(N) připravené pulzním magnetronovým naprašováním

The first part of the thesis is focused on the detailed study of the microstructure and mechanical and optical properties of Si-B-C-N films prepared by reactive pulsed magnetron sputtering and consequently treated in air and inert gases up to 1700°C. The second part of t...

Hájková, Jitka
Určení lokálního modelu geoidu z leteckých tíhových dat

In this thesis, the determination of the local geoid model from aerial gravity data in the area of Taiwan is discussed. Aerial gravitational data from three aerial gravitational surveys performed in the area of Taiwan were processed in order to determine the local geoid ...

Hanuš, Milan
Matematické modelování transportu neutronů

The subject of this work is computational modeling of neutron transport relevant to economical and safe operation of nuclear facilities. The general mathematical model of neutron transport is provided by the linear Boltzmann's transport equation and the thesis begins with its precise...

Vaľko, Miloš
Studium environmentálních vlivů na měření supravodivého gravimetru na Geodetické observatoři Pecný

In the presented thesis methods for reduction of environmental effects were developed and improved. These algorithms were applied for Geodetic observatory Pecný, which is part of Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography (RIGTC). Main purpose for those studies was complex rem...

Kadlec, Martin
Modely tíhového pole země s vysokým rozlišením a terénní efekty

This thesis deals with the determination of the gravity field of the earth by a combination of data from gravity models with lower resolution with gravity induced by terrain described by digital elevation model with high spatial resolution. A modified residual terrain modeling meth...

Svatoň, Tomáš
Smíšené metody v problémech nelineární elasticity velkých distorzí

The analysis of rubber-like materials undergoing large elastic deformations is a key topic in field of active polymers, like ionic polymers, hydrogels and nematic elastomers, as well as in biomechanics, for soft tissues. For biomechanics, the hot issue relays in the development of ...

Novák, Petr
Mechanické a tribologické vlastnosti tenkých uhlíkových vrstev obsahujících vybrané kovy

Carbon coatings containing titanium and molybdenum were non-reactively sputtered in pure argon onto unheated Si substrate at a floating potential. A unbalanced magnetron was driven by DC power supply. The structure of the coatings was determined by X-ray diffraction. Ordering of the amo...

Lazar, Jan
Diagnostika a modelování vysokovýkonových pulzních magnetronových výbojů

High-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) is an emerging physical vapor deposition technique. HiPIMS systems operate the magnetron targets with voltage pulses that (i) generate high target power densities in a pulse (on the order of kWcm-2), (ii) are of low duty cycles (up t...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28