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Rendlová, Zdeňka
The dynamic behavior of the fast rotating system in dependence on operating parameters of bearing supports

Typical components of many industrial devices are rotating parts. In case of automotive engines, turbochargers are used in order to increase the engine efficiency. These turbochargers are understood as relatively small rotating parts working in aggressive conditions. Although they are usually...

Polach, Pavel , Hajžman, Michal , Bulín, Radek
Selected problems solved in Pilsen using multibody dynamics

The paper informs on some problems solved during approximately past twenty years in Pilsen using multibody simulations. Naturally, the list of activities is not comprehensive, it concerns activities of the authors in Výzkumný a zkušební ústav Plzeň s.r.o. and in the Department of M...

Pecka, Aleš , Bublík, Ondřej , Vimmr, Jan
FlowPro: multipurpose CFD software written in Java

FlowPro is a multipurpose open-source CFD software, which is being developed by the researchers of the Department of Mechanics of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University ofWest Bohemia. FlowPro is designed to solve various non-linear systems of hyperbolic-parabolic partial differen...

Lukeš, Vladimír , Zemčík, Hana
Identification of material parameters using homogenization approach and SfePy software

The finite element solver SfePy and Python modules are used to identify the material parameters of the carbon fibers and the epoxy matrix which constitute a unidirectional long-fiber composite. The mathematical model of the heterogeneous structure is base on two-scale homogenization method&#...

Dyk, Štěpán
Vortex induced vibration of 1D beam-type continua

The contribution focuses on the modelling of vibration of 1D beam-type continua induced by cross flow of a fluid. The influence of fluid flow is represented by the harmonic force whose frequency depends on the Strouhal number. Based on the widely used FEM formulation, vector&#...