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Recent Submissions

Bulín, Radek , Hajžman, Michal
Comparison of detailed belt-cylinder interaction model with classical belt friction formula

This paper deals with a comparison of the classical belt friction formula, also called Euler-Eytelwein equation, with a detailed belt-cylinder interaction model. The belt friction is a typical pedagogical problem where the usage of equilibrium conditions is shown, but also have a practi...

Turjanicová, Jana , Rohan, Eduard , Lukeš, Vladimír
Homogenization based two-scale modelling of ionic transport in fluid saturated deformable porous media

The paper deals with the homogenization and numerical modelling of deformable porous media saturated by two-component electrolytes. The model relevant to the microscopic scale describes steady states of the medium while reflecting essential physical phenomena, namely electrochemical interactions in a&...

Rohan, Eduard , Turjanicová, Jana , Lukeš, Vladimír
The Biot-Darcy-Brinkman model of flow in deformable double porous media; homogenization and numerical modelling

In this paper we present the two-level homogenization of the flow in a deformable double-porous structure described at two characteristic scales. The higher level porosity associated with the mesoscopic structure is constituted by channels in a matrix made of a microporous material cons...

Mandys, Tomáš , Kroupa, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav , Lobovský, Libor
Hyperplastic material model with damage for woven composites

A hyperplastic material model with damage was developed in order to describe the non-linear mechanical behaviour of woven composites. The proposed model is based on thermodynamic principles and considers the additive decomposition of logarithmic strain in accordance with assumed finite strain...

Marek, Patrice , Šedivá, Blanka
Optimization and Testing of RSI

This paper deals with the Relative Strength Index (RSI), a popular oscillator. It answers the question whether – almost 40 years after its publication – the RSI can be still useful in trading. To answer this question, we compare four strategies: RSI with recommended parameters...