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Vaňková, Tereza , Kroupa, Tomáš , Zemčík, Robert , Krystek, Jan , Zemčík, Hana
Identification of temperature-dependent parameters for an elastic-plastic-damage material model of 3D-printed PETG

The presented paper focuses on identifying temperature-dependent parameters for a newly designed material model of 3D-printed PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol). An uniaxial elastic–plastic material model with damage and different properties in tension and compression was developed to describe this&#...

Chudnovsky, Maria , Kabela, Adam , Li, Binlong , Vrána, Petr
Forbidden induced pairs for perfectness and ω-colourability of graphs

We characterise the pairs of graphs {X, Y} such that all {X, Y}-free graphs(distinct from C5) are perfect. Similarly, we characterise pairs {X, Y} such that all {X, Y}-free graphs (distinct from C5) are ω-colourable (that is, their chromatic number is equal to their clique...

Pitoňák, Martin , Novák, Pavel , Šprlák, Michal , Tenzer, Robert
On combining the directional solutions of the gravitational curvature boundary-value problem

In global studies, the Earth's gravitational field is conveniently described in terms of spherical harmonics. The solution to a gravitational curvature boundary-value problem canould formally be formulated for the vertical-vertical-vertical, vertical-vertical-horizontal, vertical-horizontal-horizontal and horizontal-horizontal...

Rathnayake, Samurdhika , Tenzer, Robert , Chen, Wenjin , Eshagh, Mehdi , Pitoňák, Martin
Comparison of Different Methods for a Moho Modeling Under Oceans and Marginal Seas: A Case Study for the Indian Ocean

Since marine seismic studies are relatively sparse and unevenly distributed, detailed tomographic images of the Moho geometry under large parts of the world’s oceans and marginal seas are not yet available. Marine gravity data is, therefore, often used to detect the Moho depth in&#...

Lenc, Ladislav , Martínek, Jiří , Král, Pavel , Nicolaou, Anguelos , Christlein, Vincent
HDPA: Historical Document Processing and Analysis Framework

Nowadays, the accessibility of digitized historical documents is extremely important to facilitate fast and efficient retrieval of historical information and knowledge extraction from such data. To provide such functionality, it is necessary to convert document images into plain text using optica...

Burkert, Jan , Kochová, Petra , Tonar, Zbyněk , Cimrman, Robert , Blassová, Tereza , Jashari, Ramadan , Fiala, Radovan , Špatenka, Jaroslav
The time has come to extend the expiration limit of cryopreserved allograft heart valves

Despite the wide choice of commercial heart valve prostheses, cryopreserved semilunar allograft heart valves (C-AHV) are required, and successfully transplanted in selected groups of patients. The expiration limit (EL) criteria have not been defined yet. Most Tissue Establishments (TE) use the&#x...

Malečková, Anna , Kochová, Petra , Pálek, Richard , Liška, Václav , Mik, Patrik , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Horák, Miroslav , Tonar, Zbyněk
Blunt injury of liver – mechanical response of porcine liver in experimental impact test

Liver is frequently injured in blunt abdominal trauma caused by road traffic accidents. The testing of safety performance of vehicles, e.g. belt usage, head support, seat shape, or air bag shape, material, pressure, and reaction, could lead to reduction of the injury seriousness. C...

Šulc, Milan , Picek, Lukáš , Matas, Jiří , Jeppesen, Thomas , Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob
Fungi Recognition: A Practical Use Case

The paper presents a system for visual recognition of1394 fungi species based on deep convolutional neuralnetworks and its deployment in a citizen-science project.The system allows users to automatically identify observedspecimens, while providing valuable data to biologists andcomputer vision researchers....

Smolík, Luboš , Polach, Pavel , Hajžman, Michal
Effects of Imperfect Grooves in Full-Floating Ring Bearings on Dynamics of a Turbocharger Rotor

Full-floating ring bearings cause nonlinear vibrations of turbocharger rotors, and they have higher hydrodynamic power losses in comparison with rolling element bearings. Both issues can be improved if several shallow axial grooves are machined in the inner surface of the floating ring. ...

Čečil, Roman , Šetka, Vlastimil , Tolar, David , Sikora, Axel
RETIS - Real-Time Sensitive Wireless Communication Solution for Industrial Control Applications

Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) has been always a vital component of many industrial applications. The paper proposes a new wireless URLLC solution called RETIS, which is suitable for factory automation and fast process control applications, where low latency, low jitter, a...

Smolík, Luboš , Dyk, Štěpán
Towards efficient and vibration-reducing full-floating ring bearings in turbochargers

Turbocharger rotors supported on full-floating ring bearings are highly nonlinear systems which are operated at high speeds. During operation, the rotor usually oscillates at sub-synchronous frequencies which result from fluid-induced instabilities. This work provides some suggestions for reducing the ...

Rohan, Eduard , Turjanicová, Jana , Lukeš, Vladimír
The Biot-Darcy-Brinkman model of flow in deformable double porous media

In this paper we present the two-level homogenization of the flow in a deformable double-porous structure described at two characteristic scales. The higher level porosity associated with the mesoscopic structure is constituted by channels in a matrix made of a microporous material cons...

Boček, Martin
Do zámoří s Austro-Americanou

Croatian is poorly resourced and highly inflected language from Slavic language family. Nowadays, research is focusing mostly on English. We created a new word analogy dataset based on the original English Word2vec word analogy dataset and added some of the specific linguistic aspects&#...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Takáč, Peter
On maximum and comparison principles for parabolic problems with the p-Laplacian

We investigate strong and weak versions of maximum and comparison principles for a class of quasilinear parabolic equations with the p-Laplacian ∂tu−Δpu=λ|u|p−2u+f(x,t) under zero boundary and nonnegative initial conditions on a bounded cylindrical domain Ω×(0,T), λ∈R, and f∈L∞(Ω×(0,T)). Several relat...

Agudelo Rico, Oscar Iván , del Pino, Manuel , Wei, Juncheng
Vyšší Dimensional catenoid, Liouville rovnice a Allen-Cahn rovnice

We build a family of entire solutions to the Allen–Cahn equation in RN+1 for N≥3, whose zero level set approaches the higher-dimensional catenoid in a compact region and has two logarithmic ends governed by the solutions to the Liouville equation.

Drábek, Pavel , Langerová, Martina
Impulsive control of conservative equations and systems: variational approach

Using the variational structure of the second order periodic problems we find an optimal impulsive control which forces the conservative system into a periodic motion. In particular, our main results concern the system of charged planar pendulums with external disturbances and neglected ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16