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Jiřík, Miroslav , Lukeš, Vladimír , Železný, Miloš , Liška, Václav
Multiscale Graph-Cut for 3D Segmentation of Compact Objects

The article is a step forward towards improving image segmentation using a popular method called Graph-Cut. We focus on optimizing the algorithm for processing data, in which the target object occupies only a small portion of the total volume. We propose a twostep procedure. A...

Radtke, Susanne , Noack, Benjamin , Hanebeck, Uve D. , Straka, Ondřej
Reconstruction of Cross-Correlations with Constant Number of Deterministic Samples

Optimal fusion of estimates that are computed in a distributed fashion is a challenging task. In general, the sensor nodes cannot keep track of the cross-correlations required to fuse estimates optimally. In this paper, a novel technique is presented that provides the means to ...

Pitoňák, Martin , Weigel, Josef , Šprlák, Michal , Novák, Pavel , Tenzer, Robert
Modelovanie regionálneho tiažového poľa z meraní družicovej misie GOCE

In this contribution we discuss a regional recovery of gravity disturbances at the mean geocentric sphere approximating the Earth over the area of Central Europe from satellite gravitational gradients. The main aim of the presented study is to investigate three numerical approaches for&...

Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z.
Nonlinear vibration of the nuclear reactor with clearances in core barrel couplings

The original mathematical model of the VVER-type reactor excited by coolant pressure pulsations was derived as the linear clearance-free model in couplings. Assembly clearances in the key-groove (K-G) couplings between the lower part of core barrel (CB3) and the reactor pressure vessel ...

Rohan, E. , Nguyen, V.-H. , Lukeš, V. , Cimrman, R. , Naili, S.
On approaches, methods and problems related to wave dispersion in porous media

The paper is devoted to modelling of wave propagation in fluid saturated porous media. The aim is to compare two approaches suitable for wave analysis in periodic structures. The homogenization-based method provides macroscopic models and relies on scale separation, such that the wave&#...

Pecka, A. , Bublík, O. , Vimmr, J.
Flutter boundary assessment for a blade cascade using developed discontinuous Galerkin code

This contribution builds on the last year contribution, where the flutter boundary was assessed for a single aerofoil with the aid of the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) code developed for the purpose of aeroelastic flutter analysis as a part of FlowPro. FlowPro is a multipurpose...

Lyu, W. , Bońkowski, T. , Hynčík, L.
Development of a simple helmet finite element model

The developed helmet is tested for 8 impact configurations (4 impact directions for both anvils). The ECE R22.05 regulation [9] defines, that the maximum acceleration must not exceed 275 g and the maximum HIC must not exceed 2400 for each impact and the helmet fulfils the...

Lobovský, L. , Hartlová, J. , Salášek, M. , Krejčová, M. , Tupý, R. , Pavelka, T. , Křen, J.
Biomechanics of pelvic ring fixation techniques

The study focuses on development of computational tools for prediction and analysis of osteosynthesis of pelvic ring injuries. Fractures of pelvic bones may occur after high-energy impact events such as car accidents or sports injuries. For surgical treatment of unstable fractures either...

Krejčová, M. , Holeček, M.
Myosin, numerical position determination and mechanical properties

Myosin is a superfamily of molecular motor [3]. Especially, myosin II is able to generate force for a muscle contraction by sliding on an actin filament. To extract energy, the myosin motor has to hydrolyze adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP). The energy...

Kolman, R. , Cho, S. S. , Park, K. C. , Gonzáles, A. , Berezovski, A. , Hora, P. , Adámek, V.
Wave propagation in graded bars

Nowadays, additive technology is modern and high technology for manufacturing of complex bodies with advanced properties and various and complicated shapes, where conventional technologies are not possible to use. Applications of 3D printing technologies of metals can be found in mechanical, ...

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
A comparative analysis of treatment of a supracondylar periprosthetic femoral fracture under axial load and torque

A total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is in rare cases followed by an extra-articular fracture of distal femur. One type of fracture is a simple extra-articular fracture (A1 according to Schewring and Meggitt). It can be stabilized only by surgical treatment. Several implant types are&#x...

Heidler, V. , Bublík, O. , Lobovský, L. , Vimmr, J.
Free surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method

The aim of this work is to improve the accuracy of the algorithm by incorporating the surface tension and wetting angle effects [1]. The developed computational algorithm is tested on three benchmarks. In the first case, we solved the Poiseuille flow inside the channel formed&...

Dyk, Š.
Influence of friction force description on fretting wear considering stick-slip phenomenon

Various friction models were formulated to describe such a complex and naturally nonsmooth phenomenon. Generally, there are two categories of these models - static and dynamic. Static models describe friction phenomenon via friction characteristics governing the dependence of friction force on&#x...

Bublík, O. , Pecka, A. , Vimmr, J.
Simple flight controller based on FlowPro-Matlab coupling

The aim of this work is the development of an interface between CFD software FlowPro and computing environment Matlab. FlowPro and Matlab coupled with the aid of the interface can be used to simulate complex problems such as fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems. The fluid...

Dyk, Štěpán
Vortex induced vibration of 1D beam-type continua

The contribution focuses on the modelling of vibration of 1D beam-type continua induced by cross flow of a fluid. The influence of fluid flow is represented by the harmonic force whose frequency depends on the Strouhal number. Based on the widely used FEM formulation, vector&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15