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Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z.
Generalized modal reduction method in dynamics of mechanical systems

Rosenberg, J. , Krejčová, M. , Nalos, L. , Jarkovská, D. , Štengl, M.
Application of the entropy based criteria on the ECG analysis

Rendl, J.
Galerkin method for approximate modelling of finite-length journal bearings

Prausová, H. , Bublík, O. , Vimmr, J. , Hála, J. , Luxa, M.
Numerical and experimental investigation of compressible viscous fluid flow in minichannels

Moravcová, F. , Lukeš, V. , Rohan, E.
Sensitivity analysis for an almost periodic unsteady flow problem; application to turbo-machinery modelling

Krejčová, M. , Světlík, P.
Feedback control of myosin head

Kaňaková, S. , Kottner, R. , Bońkowski, T.
Influence of elevated temperature on motorcyclist protective equipment

Kába, O. , Adámek, V. , Kroft, R.
Application of semi-analytical solution for transient wave propagation in 1D layered medium to various optimisation problems

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
A comparative analysis of four implants used to treat a supracondylar periprosthetic fracture of ostheoporotic femur

Houdek, V. , Verlinden, O. , Hajžman, M.
Interpolation of suspension kinematics for the purpose of vehicle dynamics simulation

Heczko, J. , Kottner, R.
Rubber ageing at elevated temperature – model calibration

Hajžman, M. , Bulín, R. , Dyk, Š.
Multibody modelling and numerical simulations in drive train dynamics of road vehicles

Dyk, Š. , Rendl, J. , Smolík, L.
Methods for linearized analysis of floating ring bearings

Bulín, R.
Overview of absolute nodal coordinate formulation and usage of recently formulated finite elements

Bublík, O.
Fast pressure prediction along the NACA airfoil using the convolution neural network

Brůha, J. , Zeman, V.
Vibration analysis of a turbine blading with frictional inter-blade couplings

Kottner, Radek , Heczko, Jan , Krystek, Jan
Validation of identified material parameters of rubber using an Arcan shear test

Uniaxial tension and compression tests were performed to obtain experimental data for identification of material parameters of rubber. For this, the Mooney-Rivlin hyperelastic material model was used. Since the possibility to change sample stress states from pure shear to combination of tens...

Jiřinec, Jakub , Rot, David , Jiřinec, Stanislav
Optimization of the energy consumption of a building with PV

This paper presents an overview of training strategies for optical character recognition of historical documents. The main issue is the lack of the annotated data and its quality. We summarize several ways of synthetic data preparation. The main goal of this paper is to show&#...

Hromádka, Aleš , Sirový, Martin , Martínek, Zbyněk
Innovation in an existing backpressure turbine for ensure better sustainability and flexible operation

One important part of the design process of composite structures is the investigation of quality of the elementary material. There are a number of characteristics which may have the influence on the quality of the final composite material. Widely used fiber volume fraction has ...

Ptáková, Nikola , Miesbauerová, Markéta , Kosťun, Ján , Grossmann, Petr , Šidlová, Henrieta , Pavelka, Jaroslav , Presl, Jiří , Alaghehbandan, Reza , Bouda, Jiří , Ondič, Ondrej
Immunohistochemical and selected genetic reflex testing of all uterine leiomyosarcomas and STUMPs for ALK gene rearrangement may provide an effective screening tool in identifying uterine ALK-rearranged mesenchymal tumors

In a recent paper in Electron. J. Combin. 23 (2016) Estélyi and Pisanski raised a question whether there exist vertex-transitive Haar graphs that are not Cayley graphs. In this note we construct an infinite family of trivalent Haar graphs that are vertex-transitive but non-Cayley.&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 44