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Heczko, Jan , Krystek, Jan , Kroupa, Tomáš
Crank-based cycling powermeter - construction and validation

We describe a single-sided crank-based cycling powermeter intended for mountainbike (MTB) use. The device is based on a printed circuit board (PCB) supplied by its manufacturer, but its assembly differs from the official instructions. The main difference is that the strain gauges are&#x...

Rendl, Jan , Smolík, Luboš , Dyk, Štěpán , Hajžman, Michal
Impact Dynamics in Four-Segment Tilting Pad Journal Bearings Subjected to Pad Fluttering

This paper presents a transient analysis of the motion of unloaded upper pads in a tilting pad journal bearing. It is known that such pads can exhibit self-excited vibration called pad fluttering, which can initiate fatigue damage due to elastic contacts between the fluttering ...

Gruber, Ivan , Hrúz, Marek , Železný, Miloš , Karpov, Alexey
X-Bridge: Image-to-Image Translation with Reconstruction Capabilities

This work presents a novel method for image-to-image translation named X-Bridge. The method is based on a conditional adversarial network. X-Bridge is a supervised method build upon the Pix2pix approach, however, it extends the original system with an additional reconstruction path and ...

Gruber, Ivan , Straka, Jakub
Automatic Coral Detection using Neural Networks

This paper presents methods that were utilized in the ImageCLEFcoral 2020 challenge. The challenge contains two following subtasks: automatic coral reef annotation and localization, and automatic coral reef image pixel-wise parsing. In the first subtask, we tested two methods - SSD, and ...

Martínek, Jiří , Lenc, Ladislav , Král, Pavel , Cerisara, Christophe
Multi-lingual Dialogue Act Recognition with Deep Learning Methods

This paper deals with multi-lingual dialogue act (DA) recognition. The proposed approaches are based on deep neural networks and use word2vec embeddings for word representation. Two multi-lingual models are proposed for this task. The first approach uses one general model trained on the...

Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z.
Modelling of nuclear fuel assemblies vibration in mutual interaction

Šulda, J. , Adámek, V. , Kroft, R.
Identification of viscoelastic material properties using the analysis of waves propagated in thin rods

Rosenberg, J. , Krejčová, M.
Fractional-order model of the Cajal-like interstitial cell

Rohan, E. , Lukeš, V.
Flow in poro-piezoelectric media induced by persitaltic deformation waves – homogenization approach

Rendl, J. , Smolík, L.
Influence of mesh density on the analysis of textured journal bearings

Plánička, S. , Rendlová, Z. , Švígler, J.
Screw expander: The expansion solver

Pecka, A. , Bublík, O.
Fluid-structure interaction algorithm for an elastic structure with large deformations

Moravcová, F. , Rohan, E.
Acoustic streaming of viscous fluid in a confining layer with vibrating walls – numerical simulations

Mandys, T. , Laš, V. , Krystek, J.
Influence of potting geometry of inserts load-carrying capability in sandwich structure

Lobovský, L. , Marešová, M. , Mandys, T. , Salášek, M. , Hluchá, J. , Pavelka, T. , Křen, J.
Computational modelling of pelvic ring osteosynthesis by minimally invasive fixation techniques

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
Biomechanical comparison of five implants used to treat a supracondylar periprosthetic fracture of ostheoporotic femur

Hrabačka, M. , Bulín, R.
Form-finding of tensegrity structures based on defined topology and following semi-automatic creation of corresponding Simscape models

Heidler, V. , Bublík, O. , Pecka, A.
Eulerian-Lagrangian and Eulerian-Eulerian approaches for the simulation of particle-laden free surface flow

Dyk, Š. , Byrtus, M.
Frequency lock-in phenomenon in structures with aeroelastic couplings

Camprová Turjanicová, J. , Rohan, E.
Electrolyte flow through piezoelectric porous media and its application to two-scale cortical bone modeling

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 164