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Recent Submissions

Saadat, Seyed Abdoreza , Safari, Seyed , Pitoňák, Martin , Rexer, Moritz
Regional gravity field recovery of the void areas using SGG-derived surface residual gravity disturbances based on least-squares collocation: a case study in Iran

Objective of this paper is regional gravity field modelling of the Earth combining surface gravity disturbances and satellite gravity gradiometry (SGG) data based on the least-squares collocation (LSC) over the void areas in Iran, where the existing gravity data are not intensified or&#...

Jedlička, Karel , Charvát, Karel
Visualisation of Big Data in Agriculture and Rural Development

Big data technology is a new technological paradigm that is driving the entire economy, including low-tech industries such as agriculture where it is implemented under the banner of precision farming. Big data analytics system will then provide pilot managers with highly localized descr...

Charvát, Karel , Řezník, Tomáš , Lukas, Vojtěch , Charvát, Karel, jr. , Jedlička, Karel , Palma, Raul , Berzins, Raitis
Advanced visualisation of big data for agriculture as part of databio development

There is an increasing tension in agriculture between the requirements to assure full safety on the one hand and keep costs under control on the other hand, both with respect to (inter) national strategies. Farmers need to measure and understand the impact of huge amount ...

Kepka, Michal
Publikace a analýza geodat moderními webovými technologiemi

An important part of operations with geodata has been taking place in the Web with increasing intensity in recent years. Information and communication technologies provide plenty of tools for geodata processing and presentation in the Web to users. Web map applications that provide ...

Hájek, Pavel
Virtuální 3D mapy z pohledu kartografie

In recent years, the International Cartographic Association is aware of the transformation of cartography field from classic two-dimensional maps to other, technology-affected and technology-driven cartographic works. The aim of this dissertation is to explore the possibilities of applying selected ca...