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Recent Submissions

Kolovský, František
Algoritmy v dopravě

In the last years, the number of vehicles on the roads and in the city streets has been increasing. This growing number of vehicles causes congestion on roads and longer travel times, which can multiply increase during the rush hour. Long travel times cause economic losse...

Janečka, Karel
Identifikační číslo stavby v kontextu digitalizace stavebního řízení

In connection with the digitization of the building permit procedure, an amendment to the Building Act 47/2020 has introduced an information system for building identification numbers. As a unique identifier, these numbers will make it possible to identify unequivocally a building or&#x...

Java, Oskars , Sigajevs, Aleksandrs , Binde, Juris , Kepka, Michal
NB-IoT Sensor Network for Obtaining the Input Data for Hydrological Simulation Model

The article describes the choice of appropriate network technology that provides sufficient coverage to allow the sensor network to be placed even in the remote and difficult to reach locations and the data to reach the cloud server. Further it describes the components of the&...

Šprlák, Michal , Han, Shin-Chan
On the use of spherical harmonic series inside the minimum Brillouin sphere: theoretical review and evaluation by GRAIL and LOLA satellite data

Spherical harmonic expansions are the most popular parametrisation of the gravitational potential and its higher-order spatial derivatives in global geodetic, geophysical, and planetary science applications. The convergence domain of external spherical harmonic expansions is the space above the minimum...

Kalogianni, Eftychia , Janečka, Karel , Kalantari, Mohsen , Dimopoulou, Efi , Bydłosz, Jarosław , Radulović, Aleksandra , Vučić, Nikola , Sladić, Dubravka , Govedarica, Miro , Lemmen, Christiaan , Van Oosterom, Peter
Methodology for the development of LADM country profiles

The growing recognition and influence of the ISO 19152:2012 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), is revealed by the multiple country profiles that have been developed based on the standard in various jurisdictions across the world. The ongoing revision of the LADM Edition I, in...