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Jedlička, Karel , Charvát, Karel
Visualization of big data in agriculture and rural development

Big data technology (BDT) is a new technological paradigm that is driving the entire economy, including low-tech industries such as agriculture where it is implemented under the banner of precision farming (PF). Big data analytics system will then provide pilot managers with highly ...

Šilhavý, Jakub
Automatické vymezení morfolineamentů

The goal of the dissertation thesis was to develop method for the automatic extraction of morpholineaments which sufficiently alters the expert manual extraction. The new method was also tent to overcome limits of current automatic methods. The development of the objective method for&#x...

Mildorf, Tomáš

Spatial data are increasingly being used for a range of applications beyond their traditional uses. Collection of such data and their update make a substantial part of the total costs for their maintenance. In order to ensure sustainable development in the area of geographic i...

Mildorf, Tomáš
Harmonisation of spatial planning data

Mildorf, Tomáš , Kepka, Michal , Ježek, Jan , Čepický, Jáchym , Kafka, Štěpán , Charvát, Karel , Vohnout, Přemysl , Šrédl, Michal
Plan4business: integrate and analyse your spatial planning data