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Kalogianni, Eftychia , Janečka, Karel , Kalantari, Mohsen , Dimopoulou, Efi , Bydłosz, Jarosław , Radulović, Aleksandra , Vučić, Nikola , Sladić, Dubravka , Govedarica, Miro , Lemmen, Christiaan , Van Oosterom, Peter
Methodology for the development of LADM country profiles

The growing recognition and influence of the ISO 19152:2012 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), is revealed by the multiple country profiles that have been developed based on the standard in various jurisdictions across the world. The ongoing revision of the LADM Edition I, in...

Tangdamrongsub, Nattachet , Šprlák, Michal
The Assessment of Hydrologic- and Flood-Induced Land Deformation in Data-Sparse Regions Using GRACE/GRACE-FO Data Assimilation

The vertical motion of the Earth’s surface is dominated by the hydrologic cycle on a seasonal scale. Accurate land deformation measurements can provide constructive insight into the regional geophysical process. Although the Global Positioning System (GPS) delivers relatively accurate measurements,&#x...

Šprlák, Michal , Han, Shin-Chan , Featherstone, Will
Crustal density and global gravitational field estimation of the moon from GRAIL and LOLA satellite data

We employ Newton's integral in the spectral domain to solve two geodetic/geophysical tasks for the Moon. Firstly, we determine 3D bulk density distribution within the lunar crust (inverse problem). For this purpose, we develop a linear mathematical model that parameterises the later...

Schuh, Harald , Rizos, Chris , Šprlák, Michal , Drewes, Hermann , Heinkelmann, Robert
The XXVII IUGG General Assembly, Montreal, Canada, 2019 IAG Presidential Address

This contribution contains: IAG Presidential Address, Levallois Medal Laudation for Christoph Reigber, Guy Bomford Prize Lecture, IAG Young Authors Award 2015, IAG Young Authors Award 2016, IAG Young Authors Award 2017, IAG Young Authors Award 2018, Report of the IAG Secretary General, ...

Jedlička, Karel , Valeš, Jiří , Hájek, Pavel , Kepka, Michal , Pitoňák, Martin
Calculation of Agro-Climatic Factors from Global Climatic Data

This manuscript aims to create large-scale calculations of agro-climatic factors from global climatic data with high granularity-climatic ERA5-Land dataset from the Copernicus Climate Change Service in particular. First, we analyze existing approaches used for agro-climatic factor calculation and formulate...

Karabin, Marcin , Kitsakis, Dimitrios , Koeva, Mila , Navratil, Gerhard , Paasch, Jesper , Paulsson, Jenny , Vučić, Nikola , Janečka, Karel , Lisec, Anka
Layer approach to ownership in 3D cadastre in the case of underground tunnels

The paper focuses on approaches to the registration of real property rights in the case of underground or subway tunnels in different EU countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, and Sweden. The authors conducted analysis on the registration of rig...

Kubíčková, Hana , Jedlička, Karel , Fiala, Radek , Beran, Daniel
Indoor Positioning Using PnP Problem on Mobile Phone Images

As people grow accustomed to effortless outdoor navigation, there is a rising demand for similar possibilities indoors as well. Unfortunately, indoor localization, being one of the requirements for navigation, continues to be a problem without a clear solution. In this article, we are&#...

Yin, Wenjie , Li, Tongqing , Zheng, Wei , Hu, Litang , Han, Shin-Chan , Tangdamrongsub, Natthachet , Šprlák, Michal , Huang, Zhiyong
Improving regional groundwater storage estimates from GRACE and global hydrological models over Tasmania, Australia

Accuracy of groundwater storage (GWS) estimates from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission usually has certain relations with hydrological models. This study develops a statistical selection approach to optimally estimate GWS from GRACE using two hydrological models: the Glo...

Janečka, Karel
Transformation of 3D geospatial data into CityGML - a case of Prague

The 3D geoinformation is becoming important for cities and their policies. The cities are therefore exploring the possibilities of 3D virtual city models for more ecient decision making. To maximize the economic benefit of such data, the cities can provide their 3D geospatial data&...

Janečka, Karel
Standardization supporting future smart cities- A case of BIM/GIS and 3D cadastre

The aim of the paper is to give an overview of selected ongoing ISO standardization activities in the domain of geographic information dealing with BIM/GIS and 3D cadastre. The presented international standards have also a close relation to the activities (e.g. 3D spatial plan...

Kolovský, František , Ježek, Jan , Kolingerová, Ivana
The ε-Approximation of the Time-Dependent Shortest Path Problem Solution for All Departure Times

In this paper, the shortest paths search for all departure times (profile search) are discussed. This problem is called a time-dependent shortest path problem (TDSP) and is suitable for time-dependent travel-time analysis. Particularly, this paper deals with the ε -approximation of profile&#...

Pitoňák, Martin , Novák, Pavel , Eshagh, Mehdi , Tenzer, Robert , Šprlák, Michal
Downward continuation of gravitational field quantities to an irregular surface by spectral weighting

In geophysical and geodetic studies, gravity inversion is typically performed such that observed gravity values are first continued downward onto a regular (planar, spherical or spheroidal) surface by solving an inverse integral transform, which originates from a classical solution to the fi...

Rathnaya, Samurdhika , Tenzer, Robert , Pitoňák, Martin , Novák, Pavel
Effect of the lateral topographic density distribution on interpretational properties of Bouguer gravity maps

Until recently, the information about the topographic density distribution has been limited to only certain regions and some countries, while missing in the global context. The UNB_TopoDens is the first model that provides the information about a lateral topographic density globally. The...

Janečka, Karel
The Integrated Management of Information about the Geodetic Point Fields—A Case of the Czech Republic

The geodetic point fields play a crucial role in measuring a terrain, in surveying, and mapping applications. Due to the rapid development in the domain of information technologies, it makes sense to consider using the database and web technologies to manage and disseminate the...

Rathnayake, Samurdhika , Tenzer, Robert , Eshagh, Mehdi , Pitoňák, Martin
Gravity Maps of the Lithospheric Structure Beneath the Indian Ocean

The lithospheric structure beneath the Indian Ocean is probably the most complicated, but at the same time, the least understood among world’s oceans. Results of tomographic, geochemical, magnetic and other surveys provide the evidence of its complex geological history. Seismic surveys have&...

Saadat, Seyed Abdoreza , Safari, Seyed , Pitoňák, Martin , Rexer, Moritz
Regional gravity field recovery of the void areas using SGG-derived surface residual gravity disturbances based on least-squares collocation: a case study in Iran

Objective of this paper is regional gravity field modelling of the Earth combining surface gravity disturbances and satellite gravity gradiometry (SGG) data based on the least-squares collocation (LSC) over the void areas in Iran, where the existing gravity data are not intensified or&#...

Čada, Roman , Ozeki, Kenta , Xiong, Liming , Yoshimoto, Kiyoshi
Pairs of forbidden subgraphs and 2-connected supereulerian graphs

It is proved that a 2-connected claw-free graph admits a spanning Eulerian subgraph if it is N_{1,1,4} or N_{1,2,2} or Z_5 or P_8-free. Related hamiltonicity results are also obtained.

Jedlička, Karel
Geomorfologický informační systém – případy užití

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18