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Kunešová, Marie , Zajíc, Zbyněk , Radová, Vlasta
Experiments with segmentation in an online speaker diarization system

In offline speaker diarization systems, particularly those aimed at telephone speech, the accuracy of the initial segmentation of a conversation is often a secondary concern. Imprecise segment boundaries are typically corrected during resegmentation, which is performed as the final&...

Anwar, Ch. Mahmood
Linkages between personality and knowledge sharing behavior in workplace: mediating role of affective states

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between broad and select narrow personality traits and knowledge sharing behavior of employees in workplace. This study especially contributes to literature of personality by uncovering the unexplored affective states in th...

Palamidovska-Sterjadovska, Nikolina , Ciunova-Shuleska, Anita
An integrated model of customer loyalty in the Macedonian mobile service market

The main objective of this paper is to develop and test an integrated model of customer loyalty in the Macedonian mobile service market, analysing its determinants and their interrelationships and effects on customer loyalty. The proposed research model integrates service quality,...

Clark, J. Stephen , Dittrich, Ludwig O. , Stará, Dana , Barták, Miroslav
The visit fees and its influence on overall health expenditures: the case of the Czech republic

The goal of the paper is to develop a simple demand model of health care services that can explain why the demand for health care services, and hence overall expenditures on health care, can rise with the introduction of visit fees based on real data available...

Nemec, Juraj , Čižmárik, Pavol , Šagát, Vladimír
An estimation of the compliance costs of Slovak taxation

Most authors divide the costs of taxation into two subsets. The fi rst subset “direct administrative costs” are the direct costs of the public sector. The second subset the “compliance costs of taxation” are the indirect expenses of the private sector connected with pay...