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Deiko, Darya
Karbonatace betonu a její vliv na nosnou konstrukci staveb

The diploma thesis describes the issue of carbonation of concrete, the impact of this phenomenon on buildings and their life, evaluation of the effects on load-bearing reinforced concrete structures. Methods and calculations of concrete carbonation depth described according to valid s...

Morávek, Tomáš
Porovnávací analýza vybraných objektů se závěrečným posouzením vhodnosti použitých metod a výsledků

This thesis analyses three selected buildings owned by the Pilsen region. All of the selected buildings will be reconstructed or there will be built a new building of the same character and purpose of use. This work aims to examine the suitability of construction of a...

Frémund, Adam
Porozumění řeči založené na neuronových sítích

This master thesis deals with the use of artificial neural networks for natural language processing. In recent years, models with the Transformer architecture have become widely used in this field of artificial intelligence. It is these models and their structure that are thoroughly...

Kuhajda, Lukáš
Omezení šumu signálu v genetických přepínačích

Using neural networks with a newly designed structure, the master thesis replaces unreliable expert methods for inserting regulatory sites into promoters. This is the first use of artificial intelligence to modify promoters in this way. Newly structured models of neural networks were cr...

Polák, Filip
Reprezentace stavu hlasových dialogových systémů

Spoken dialogue systems offer a possibility of communication between a~person and a computer. The communication can make a life easier not only for handicaped people (with blindess, physical disability) but also for people in their everyday lives, e.g. making a reservation in a res...