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Maryšková, Petra
Interakce v dynamických modelech více populací

The bachelor's thesis investigates the stability of stationary solutions of a two population system relying on the Lotka-Volterra model. General interaction properties of two populations characterised by symbiosis, competition and predator-prey type shall be investigated in detail. Furthermore, the...

Melicharová, Petra
S-pakovací barvení cirkulačních grafů

This thesis is focused on an S-packing colorings of graphs. Let S = (a_1, a_2, . . .) be a non-decreasing sequence of positive integers. A mapping which assigns colors represented by positive integers to vertices of a graph G such that vertices with color i have ...

Vančurová, Markéta
Koloběh života

In this thesis are reflected societal issues, moral dilemmas or climate change concerns which have all recently become more prominent due to global warming and overpopulation. It focuses on the use of a traditional material in a way which creates an unconventional final produ...

Orlová, Mariana

My bachelor thesis is based on a topic Art in Design. I have chosen cubism and rondocubism as art movements I would like to paraphrase and develop in my own way. In an effort to paraphrase art movements, I combined semicircular forms of rondocubism with the&#x...

Strousková, Lucie

The theme of my bachelor thesis is Variability. My goal was to crate furniture for kids that they will use in many ways for several years. The main idea is to make the furniture affordable and done in modern design. Product AGE can be used in five different ...