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Recent Submissions

Vojík, Michal
Elektronický geometrický plán

The main focus of this bachelor thesis is not only introducing of important and radical changes in proceeding, generation and verification of a survey sketch according to effectiveness of decree Nr. 357/2013 Coll., on real estate cadastre,&...

Valeš, Jiří
Automatizovaná tvorba mapy pro orientační běh z dostupných datových zdrojů

This work solves automated creation of orienteering map, automated identification, vectorization and adjustment of individual map objects so that they correspond to the relevant map key. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to develop and describe methods for obtaining individual map obje...

Karásek, Jan
Obnova katastrálního operátu v katastrálním území Malenice

The topic of bachelor thesis is the technology of renewal of cadastral documentation (hereafter "KO") in the cadastre unit Malenice and development of further activities of cadastral offices (hereafter "KU") after completing of cadastral map digitization in 2017. The introduction&#...

Jírová, Michaela
Rekonstrukce a prezentace renesanční podoby zámku Hradiště v Blovicích

The aim of this work is to create a virtual 3D model of the renaissance form of the castle Hradiště in Blovice. In the first part is briefly described of the castle and the design individual parts of the renaissance form of the castle on the basis of analys...

Červená, Klára
Kartografické zpracování fenoménu migrace

The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is to create a thematic map set, serving as a clearly arranged study material, that explains some of the terms associated with the migration, and that eliminates some misinformation. The complete map set is directed atsecondary school students. ...