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Recent Submissions

Maryšková, Petra
Interakce v dynamických modelech více populací

The bachelor's thesis investigates the stability of stationary solutions of a two population system relying on the Lotka-Volterra model. General interaction properties of two populations characterised by symbiosis, competition and predator-prey type shall be investigated in detail. Furthermore, the...

Melicharová, Petra
S-pakovací barvení cirkulačních grafů

This thesis is focused on an S-packing colorings of graphs. Let S = (a_1, a_2, . . .) be a non-decreasing sequence of positive integers. A mapping which assigns colors represented by positive integers to vertices of a graph G such that vertices with color i have ...

Kupková, Marie
Zděné konstrukce historické a novodobé, analýza vzorků pevnosti jednotlivých bloků, segmentů se simulací drážky a jejich \\ vyhodnocení

The diploma thesis deals with historical and modern masonry constructions. The theoretical part deals with masonry technology in the past and today, the gradual development of materials and describes the development of masonry design principles. It analyzes the characteristics of modern cons...

Železný, Tomáš
Popis obrázků pomocí metod hlubokého učení

In this work, I discuss an automatic image captioning technique based on an existing method Oscar. Using a Faster-R-CNN detection network, I pre-process the images so that they can be further used by Oscar. By combining these two methods, I create a pipeline that allows m...

Váverka, Jan
Design of a Cable-Driven parallel manipulator for pick&place applications

In this thesis the theory and construction of a wire robot is discussed, in- cluding the analysis of the workspace, inverse and forward kinematic tasks, trajectory generation, software model and constructing a physical model to show the theory in the real world.