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Recent Submissions

Levá, Hana
Postupné vlny v asymetricky podepřeném nosníku

This thesis focuses on the nonlinear fourth order partial differential equation which can be used as a model of an asymmetrically supported beam or a generalized model of a suspension bridge. We present an overview of existing results for related problems. Then, the variational...

Kudláč, Martin
Systems with concave-convex nonlinearities: existence and multiplicity of solutions

This paper deals with a BVP for a system which consists of two ordinary differential equations of the second order with concave and convex nonlinearities and Dirichlet boundary conditions. One of the equations contains a positive parameter $\lambda$. The aim of this work is&#x...

Lesniak, Tomáš
Kvalitativní analýza nelineárních rovnic typu reakce-difúze s integrodiferenciálními operátory neceločíselného řádu

We use numerical simulations to study reaction-diffusion problems with diffusion driven by fractional Laplacian. Fractional Laplacian appears, e.g., in mathematical models of population dynamics where the dispersion of individuals is due to the so called Levy flights rather than due to Brown...

Hylasová, Karolína
Aplikace Lovászova lokálního lemmatu a souvisejících metod

In this thesis we investigate applications of the Lovász local lemma and its related methods. We are going to describe the gradual development of these methods and show the specific examples of its use in the field of research on independent transversals and hypergraphs.

Sloup, Jiří
Fučíkovo spektrum $p$-Laplaceova operátoru s nelokálními okrajovými podmínkami

This Bachelor thesis deals with the Fučík spectrum of $p$-Laplace operator. We examine a nonlocal boundary value problem, with one Dirichlet boundary condition and one integral boundary condition. We implicitly describe the Fučík spectrum, we also appoximate it numerically and based on ...