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Švígler, Vladimír
Kvalitativní studium úloh pro eliptické (příp. i parabolické) rovnice s daty obsahujícími míru a/nebo šum - řešitelnost, bifurkace, aproximace řešení

This work concerns the solvability of the semi-linear elliptic partial differential equations at resonance with measure data in the very weak sense, i.e., the solution is an element of the space L^1(D). Particularly, we assume D to be a bounded domain in R^N with C^2 boun...

Koza, Petr
Fyzika v domácnosti

This work contains theoretical part, which deals with constituents of educational process. Furthermore it contains practical part, which deals with physical phenomena we can find in the household. The work puts emphasis on the historical context, interesting facts, the description of the...

Laznová, Veronika
Subjektivní vnímání náročnosti fyzikálních úloh učiteli a studenty

This thesis focus perceived difficulty of physics tasks by students and teachers. There are 4 chapters in this work. The first chapter introduces basic principles of physics problems, their taxonomy and possible solutions. Second chapter discusses the current state of education of futur...

Zítka, Tomáš
Problémy aplikace Vopěnkovy Alternativní teorie množin

This thesis attempts to identify and describe main problems of application of Petr Vopěnka's (1935 - 2015) Alternative set theory (AST). In AST it's author introduces phenomenological approach to mathematics. Proposing such concepts as natural infinity, horizon bounding perc...

Matas, Jan
Dynamické modely v matematické ekonomii

In this thesis, we study diffusion among separated but connected regions. The mutual connection between those regions is modelled by graphs where vertices represent regions and edges connections among them. Firstly, we use the theory of differential equations and graph theory to create&...