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Sloup, Jiří
Fučíkovo spektrum $p$-Laplaceova operátoru s nelokálními okrajovými podmínkami

This Bachelor thesis deals with the Fučík spectrum of $p$-Laplace operator. We examine a nonlocal boundary value problem, with one Dirichlet boundary condition and one integral boundary condition. We implicitly describe the Fučík spectrum, we also appoximate it numerically and based on ...

Lejbová, Terezie
Přiřazovací úloha v hypergrafech

This document describes the differences between matching in undirected graphs and matching in undirected hypergraphs. The introductory chapter serves as an introduction to the basic terms of graph theory, to the mathematical optimization problem and computational complexity. Chapter ...

Fürstová, Barbora
Odhad počtu návštěvníků nákupního centra

This bachelor thesis explores a probability model for two different counting methods of incoming customers into a shopping centre. The investigated counting devices are a sensor and a camera. The estimators of the model are proposed and evaluated using simulations.

Maryšková, Petra
Interakce v dynamických modelech více populací

The bachelor's thesis investigates the stability of stationary solutions of a two population system relying on the Lotka-Volterra model. General interaction properties of two populations characterised by symbiosis, competition and predator-prey type shall be investigated in detail. Furthermore, the...

Melicharová, Petra
S-pakovací barvení cirkulačních grafů

This thesis is focused on an S-packing colorings of graphs. Let S = (a_1, a_2, . . .) be a non-decreasing sequence of positive integers. A mapping which assigns colors represented by positive integers to vertices of a graph G such that vertices with color i have ...

Rečková, Alena
Cyklické vlastnosti cirkulačních grafů

This work deals with cyclic properties of circulant graphs. It is mainly focused on pancyclicity of circulant graphs. Let 0 < a_1 < a_2 < ... <a_k <= n/2 be positive integers and n be natural number. The circulant graph C_n(a_1, a_2,.., a_k) is a graph...

Melichar, Jan
Maticové populační modely dynamiky lesních ekosystémů

Matrix structured population models are an example of systems of first-order difference equations, which are among the important model tools used when forest growth dynamics is studied. The dynamics of forest stand state is governed by the properties of~the Usher projection matrix, whic...

Baborová, Karolína
S-pakovací hranové barvení grafů

The thesis deals with S-packing edge colorings of graphs. For a non-decreasing sequence of positive integers S = (s_1, s_2, s_3, ...), an S-packing edge coloring of a graph is a function f that assigns colors from {1, 2, 3, . . . } to the edges of the...

Krejčíková, Kateřina
Cyklické vlastnosti orientovaných grafů

This thesis is focused on Hamilton properties of directed graphs. The first chapter is a familiarization with some of the problems of graph theory. In the second chapter we define fundamental terms of graph theory for both undirected and directed graphs. In the third chapter&#...

Smazalová, Eliška
Identifikace odlehlých pozorování

The bachelor thesis titled "Identification of outliers" is focused on a detection of outliers in sets of univariate data. The aim of the work is to describe the chosen methods and demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages. The selected methods are then performed in a...

Motlíková, Tereza
Evoluční hry na grafech

This bachelor thesis deals with evolutionary games on graphs. Standard models of evolutionary games (e.g., replicator dynamics) do not consider any population structure. Using graphs, we introduce a structure into the evolutionary game which can affect the dynamics of the game. The aim&...

Podroužek, Josef
Náhodné procházky na grafu

In the thesis, we study expected cover time of a random walk on a graph. We consider expected cover time as an average number of steps which takes to visit all vertices of the graph. We will show the derivation of an expected cover time formula for the comp...

Kopřiva, Martin
\vyraz{L(i,j,k)} - ohodnocení grafů

This bachelor thesis deals with \vyraz{L(i,j,k)}-labelling of graphs with special focus on \vyraz{L(3,2,1)}-labelling, and searches for minimal spread or upper and lower bounds on this spread by which the graph can be evaluated. For integers \vyraz{i, j, k}, \vyraz{L(i,j,k)}-labelling&#...

Půlpán, Jan
Odhady prvního vlastního čísla okrajových úloh

The topic of this thesis are estimates of principal eigenvalue of boundary value problems. We deduced a formula for upper bound using Rayleigh quotient and for lower bound with Picone identity. We focused on building the test function using the cubic spline. We utilized an...

Švandová, Anežka
Křivky na varietách

This bachelor thesis describes the basic theory of manifolds. The aim of this work is to introduce concepts from this area using interesting examples, counterexamples and using the pictures created in the software Mathematica. At the end of the thesis, we derive Stoke's theorem...

Drda, Patrik
Řetězové zlomky

The aim of this thesis is to introduce the introduction to the theory of continued fractions. There is a finite and infinite continued fraction defined here. Furthermore, a convergents and its properties are defined. The criteria for convergence of continued fractions are also...

Štumpfová, Petra
Fučíkovo spektrum pro úlohy s nelokálními okrajovými podmínkami

This Bachelor Thesis dedicates to the study of Fučík spectrum for the second order boundary value problem with a non-local boundary condition. At first there is found an analytic description of Fučík spectrum as zero level of two dimensional function at alpha, beta. Thanks&#x...

Chladová, Lenka
Vstupní testy - jednotlivé příklady

This bachelor thesis deals with statistical processing of data from entrance tests in mathematics, which are written by students of the first years of some fields of study of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The thesis focuses on the relationship among students respon...

Vacínová, Karolína
Detailní finanční analýza vybraného podniku

The focus of this thesis is on a group of selected indicators for evaluating the financial health of a business. The goal is to create a model for complex financial analysis including the areas of absolute, differential and ratio indicators, and the pyramidal decomposition&#x...

Kamenická, Karolína
\vyraz{L(p,q)} - ohodnocení grafů

This thesis deals with a L(2,1)-labelling of graphs and studies upper and lower bounds on the number lambda(2,1). The thesis further summarizes known results on the number lambda(2,1) of basic graphs classes, planar graphs, Cartesian products of graphs, circular graphs, Kneser graphs, s...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 166