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Netrvalová, Karolína
Herbář střech a jeho využití ve výuce deskriptivní geometrie

The thesis focuses on roofs from the point of view of descriptive geometry. In the first part, parts of the planes are used to roof the buildings. In the second part, other geometric surfaces are used. The thesis also presents ideas on how to make ...

Kopová, Šárka
Stabilizace odhadu kovarianční matice pro Markowitzův model portfolia

This magister thesis is focused on analysis of stability of covariance matrix estimation. The estimate of covariance matrix is then used in the optimal portfolio model in the Markowitz sense. The greatest emphasis was put on it, how long to take the time series for the&#x...

Štádlerová, Šárka
Srovnání binomického a trinomického modelu oceňování opcí

In this thesis, the Binomial and Trinomial model for option pricing are compared using the real option contracts. The number of the steps is an important factor influencing the computational demand and the precision of the results. Therefore, the convergence criterium was defined f...

Bočkayová, Tina
Optimalizace v přepravních úlohách

The diploma thesis is dedicated to basic tasks occurring in transport logistics.The first is the traveling salesman problem and its extension to the multiple traveling salesman problem. Further we deal in more detail with vehicle routing problem with capacities and bin packing problem,&...

Kaisler, Martin
Kvalitativní analýza nelineárních rovnic typu reakce-difůze

The thesis is devoted to the qualitative analysis of a semilinear system of heat equations \begin{align} \begin{cases} \frac{\partial u_1}{\partial t} -\Delta u_1 = \lambda f_1(u_2) \tab &\text {v } \Omega_T,\\[7pt] \frac{\partial u...

Ouda, Vojtěch
Plošné a objemové B-spline/NURBS parametrizace pro isogeometrickou analýzu

This diploma thesis takes a view of planar and volumetric B-spline/NURBS parameterizations for isogeometric analysis. It contains a summary of basic definitions and attributes of B-Spline and NURBS objects. The main part of the text is description of searching the parameterization of&#x...

Gabrišková, Ivana
Modelování a odhadování výsledků hokejových utkání

This diploma thesis concerns with modeling and estimating results of hockey matches and use of estimation for betting against bookmakers. The thesis describes models used for estimating winning of home team, a draw or away team win. The thesis deals about Dixon-Coles models arrange...

Brabcová, Eva
Korelační kritéria pro akustická a dynamická data

This thesis is devoted to statistical methods for comparing data from acoustic and dynamic measurements and simulations. Firstly, the modal analysis and statistical methods are introduced, then chosen comparative criteria generalized. In the case of two data sets comparison, we primarily foc...

Kottová, Nikola
Citlivostní analýza tvarových parametrů lopatky Kaplanovy turbíny na její užitné vlastnosti

This diploma thesis is focused on sensitivity analysis of shape parameters of runner blade of Kaplan turbine. The first part is theoretical, the sensitivity analysis and its possibilities of use are there described.The first part describes screening, local and global methods of sensitiv...

Špaček, Jan
Modelování a odhadování výsledků tenisových utkání

This diploma thesis focuses on estimating and modelling results of men's and women's singles in tennis. The models are based on the Elo rating system. After the introduction of selected models for estimating results of sports and tennis matches, the thesis continues with&#...

Fürbacherová, Jitka
Nerovnosti ve středoškolské matematice

The thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the most famous mathematical inequalities and their application in the secondary education. The text includes an analysis of relevant curriculum documents, an overview of the most well-known types of inequalities with their proofs ...

Štumpfová, Petra
Difúze v diskrétním prostředí

We deal with dynamic systems in a discrete structure, which we model by undirected graphs. As a starting point, we present the conservation law, from which we deduce the diffusion equation on a given graph in detail. We analyze the model, which is operated by a linea...

Uhrová, Kateřina
Zobecněná symetrie geometrických dat

This thesis deals with generalized symmetry of~geometric data. The existing method of~determining reflective symmetry using a~differentiable measure of~symmetry is used. The aim of this thesis is to set the parameters and weights of this method to generalize for diferent types of models,...

Benešová, Denisa
Vliv relativního věku ve školním vzdělávání

This bachelor thesis examines the influence of relative age effect among 11-year-old children doing their secondary school entrance exam. The data was tested on the results of mathematics and Czech language exams. The two sample Kolmogorov Smirnov test was used for testing.

Soběhart, Karel
Speciální moduly, jejich vlastnosti a modelování na~konkrétních příkladech

This thesis is focused on special modules. Paper is structured into three chapters. First chapter defines basic concepts and propositions from module theory. Second chapter is focused on special type of modules big modules. Third chapter contains set of examples clarifying propositions...

Koza, Petr
Fyzika v domácnosti

This work contains theoretical part, which deals with constituents of educational process. Furthermore it contains practical part, which deals with physical phenomena we can find in the household. The work puts emphasis on the historical context, interesting facts, the description of the...

Laznová, Veronika
Subjektivní vnímání náročnosti fyzikálních úloh učiteli a studenty

This thesis focus perceived difficulty of physics tasks by students and teachers. There are 4 chapters in this work. The first chapter introduces basic principles of physics problems, their taxonomy and possible solutions. Second chapter discusses the current state of education of futur...

Kopová, Šárka
Optimalizační úlohy v teorii portfolia

The bachelor thesis is focused on optimization problems in portfolio models. Basic terms of portfolio theory, such as the characteristics of the asset and the portfolio, estimates of the mean value and standard deviation of the random variable describing the return of the asset...

Osvald, Tomáš
Kalibrace modelů stochastické volatility pomocí kvazi-evolučních algoritmů

In this thesis, we focus on calibration of stochastic volatility models using quasi-evolutionary algorithms. First we introduce evolutionary algorithms and types of initialization of a new population, that has an important impact on the algorithm. In methodology, we describe each step of...

Matas, Jan
Dynamické modely v matematické ekonomii

In this thesis, we study diffusion among separated but connected regions. The mutual connection between those regions is modelled by graphs where vertices represent regions and edges connections among them. Firstly, we use the theory of differential equations and graph theory to create&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 129