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Recent Submissions

Čurda, Pavel
Pulzní reaktivní magnetronové naprašování termochromických povlaků na bázi VO2

This thesis deals with reactive deposition of V1-xWxO2 thermochromic films using High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering. The industrial requirements are given for the thermochromic films alongside with possibilities on how to reach them, like doping of other elements and antireflection coating.&...

Lerchová, Tereza
Teoretický popis otráveného terče při reaktivním rozprašování feromagnetických kovů pod a nad Curieovou teplotou

At the beginning, the presented thesis is focused on practical applications of ferromagnetic metals (Fe, Co, Ni) and briefly describes sputtering process and especially reactive deposition. Next, it describes quantum computing and especially DFT method. Briefly shows the current state in the...

Dvořák, Tomáš
Magnetronová depozice tenkovrstvých kovových slitin ze systémů W-Cu a W-Zr

This thesis is focused on the study of the structure and properties of thin film alloys from W-Cu and W-Zr systems. Two series of layers were prepared in a wide range of compositions from 100 at. % W to 100 at. % Cu or Zr, respectively. Both series of ...

Hendrych, Ondřej
HiPIMS depozice vrstev CrN

This paper focuses on thin CrN films deposited by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS), especially on the effects of negative substrate bias on the growth of thin films and their properties. A single thin film was deposited without a substrate bias and six were...

Kaufman, Michal
Příprava a charakterizace termochromických povlaků na bázi VO2 pomocí pulzního reaktivního magnetronového naprašování

The central theme of this master thesis is a deposition of VO2 thermochromic thin films co-doped by magnesium and tungsten which can be used, for example, as an active layer of smart windows. The selected method for preparation of these films is based on high-power...