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Recent Submissions

Čurda, Pavel
Vysokovýkonová pulzní reaktivní magnetronová depozice termochromických vrstev na bázi VO2

This thesis is focused on reactive deposition of V1-xWxO2 thin films using High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering and their thermochromic properties. Shortages of current VO2 thin films and posibilities of future solutions are given. Possible solutions are the use of anti-reflexive coating ...

Dvořák, Tomáš
Studium vlastností tenkých vrstev na bázi multiprvkových kovových skel

This bachelor thesis is focused on the study of properties of thin films based on multi-component metallic glasses. The influence of Al and Si doping in two series of ZrHfAl/SiCu layers on the phase composition, thermal, mechanical and surface properties and on electrical resi...

Macháňová, Pavla
Předpověď struktur multiprvkových kovových vrstev vytvářených atom po atomu pomocí klasické molekulární dynamiky

This paper presents modeling of thin layer CuZr using classical molecular dynamics. Interactions among atoms were described with empirical potentials. The simulations were done using the LAMMPS program. Single atoms Cu and Zr were deposited on crystalline Cu substrate. I focused ...

Bělohoubek, Marek
Simulace transportu rozprášených atomů v magnetronových výbojích

The main subject of this thesis is a simulation of transport of neutral particles in magnetron discharges at low pressure. It focuses on processes in the specified geometry and describes interaction of argon process gas with the sputtered metal. The theory of magnetron sputtering&#...

Benešová, Martina
Analýza tepelných procesů při laserovém svařování plastů

This thesis studies thermal processes during laser welding of plastics. It summarizes theories about the problematics and current status of its modelling. Further, creation of the simulation model of laser welding of plastics through the COSMOSM software is described. From the model,&#...