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Recent Submissions

Kaufman, Michal
Příprava a charakterizace termochromických povlaků na bázi VO2 pomocí pulzního reaktivního magnetronového naprašování

The central theme of this master thesis is a deposition of VO2 thermochromic thin films co-doped by magnesium and tungsten which can be used, for example, as an active layer of smart windows. The selected method for preparation of these films is based on high-power...

Hantová, Kamila
Předpověď struktury vrstev ZnO vytvářených atom po atomu pomocí klasické molekulární dynamiky

This work deals with the modeling of ZnO thin film using classical molecular dy- namics. Interaction between atoms is described by the method of empirical poten- tial. The simulation was done using LAMMPS software. Individual zinc and oxygen atoms arrived on the ZnO crystalline...

Teřl, Vít
Počítačové modelování pulzního vysokovýkonového magnetronového výboje pro depozici vrstev

The presented thesis is focused on the ionization of different atoms by secondary electrons in high power impulse magnetron sputtering used for thin film deposition. A computer model was developed for this task. In the first part, the principles and development of high power i...

Čurda, Pavel
Vysokovýkonová pulzní reaktivní magnetronová depozice termochromických vrstev na bázi VO2

This thesis is focused on reactive deposition of V1-xWxO2 thin films using High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering and their thermochromic properties. Shortages of current VO2 thin films and posibilities of future solutions are given. Possible solutions are the use of anti-reflexive coating ...

Dvořák, Tomáš
Studium vlastností tenkých vrstev na bázi multiprvkových kovových skel

This bachelor thesis is focused on the study of properties of thin films based on multi-component metallic glasses. The influence of Al and Si doping in two series of ZrHfAl/SiCu layers on the phase composition, thermal, mechanical and surface properties and on electrical resi...