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Recent Submissions

Valach, Ondřej
Analýza pohybových dat znakového jazyka

Sign language is one of the most important communication ways for the~deaf. Mediation of interpreted speech is not always available. As~a~solution to the problem of the availability of as~much information as possible in its natural form for the Deaf, is its automatic synthesis. Thi...

Kölbl, Lukáš
Návrh robotu balancujícího na míči.

This thesis deals with the design of robot balancing on a ball. One of the main goals is the design and connection of Hardware components which are used for movement of the Ballbot. It is also a modification of the mechanical parts of the robot. Next goal is...

Trejbal, Jan
Metody Iterative learning control pro mechatronické systémy

This thesis deals with the design and implementation of Iterative Learning Control methods to improve the performance of motion control systems. The beginning part introduces Iterative Learning Control methods and addresses the question of their convergence. The second part covers the implem...

Velkoborský, Petr
Pokročilý sběr dat pro IoT Cloud s použitím standardizovaných komunikačních protokolů

This bachelor's thesis deals with the development and implementation of a custom communication interface between IoT Cloud and IoT device using the MQTT communication protocol. The interface is implemented as a worker and will write the transmitted data to the IoT Cloud database...

Vladař, Lukáš
Plánování pohybu kolových mobilních robotů

The aim of this thesis is to find a motion planning algorithm for wheeled mobile robots. The first part of the thesis covers the formulation of the motion planning problem and some basic approaches applicable for holonomic robots. The next part is focused on the pra...