Katedra kybernetiky / Department of Cybernetics


Recent Submissions

Nachtmann, Patrik
Senzorické řešení chytré domácnosti s automatickou diagnostikou komunikace

The aim of the bachelor thesis is to construct several ESP8266-based sensors and to develop a tool for an automatic communication diagnostics and outlier detection. The first step is to choose specific sensors and to test them in order to determine their suitability for this&#...

Sieber, Matěj
Detekce pohybu míčku pro mechatronický model stolního fotbalu

The aim of this work is to design a detector and predictor for a mechatronic model of table football. The theoretical part of this work presents methods for image processing, ball detection and finally motion prediction. In the testing part, the individual methods are tested&#...

Zieba, Jakub
Hlasem ovládaná meteostanice

This paper describes the process of designing and creating a simple voice controlled weather station including a spoken dialog system which is using the SpeechCloud platform. This system's purpose is answering questions about local weather forecast coming from the OpenWeatherMap service ...

Straka, Jakub
Detekce objektů v obraze pomocí neuronových sítí

This thesis is focused on object detection in an image using neural network. In the first part are described common datasets used in object detection task. Object detection methods are described and compared in the second part. In third part some of the methods are ...

Šafránek, Vojtěch
Návrh trekovacího systému pro intuitivní učení robotů

In my bachelor's thesis I search for a new automation solution for small and medium-sized companies in the field of painting and welding. First I go through various commercially available solutions and then I move on to my own design. I present how the given solution&...