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Recent Submissions

Wolf, Jindřich
Řízení kolaborativních multi-agentních dynamických systémů

This master's thesis studies the problem of multi-agent collaborative control. The aim is to show how to ensure the stability through a suitable connection of individual agents, followed by designing control that put the requirements on the whole system. For the higher-order linear&...

Havlíček, Ondřej
Integrace rozšířené reality do postupu virtuálního uvádění do provozu

This thesis investigates the integration of augmented reality into the digital workflow of virtual commissioning. The thesis describes the stages of regular workflow of commissioning and then it describes the improved process of the virtual workflow of commissioning that uses newly emerging&...

Řežábková, Veronika
PID autotuner pro astatické systémy

PID control is an essential part of industrial applications. Successful mastering of basic tasks of regulator type selection and adjustment of its parameters has fundamental economic consequences. Existing PID controller with built-in RexControls s.r.o. provides two automatic controller tuning algorit...

Raděj, Jan
Metody optimalizace generovaného kódu pro software automatické převodovky

The aim of this thesis is designing modeling rules for generating more efective code for electronic control unit for a truck automatic transmission. The first part of the thesis contains a short description of used software tools and there is also description of program...

Rakovcová, Julie
Návrh lokálních metod odhadu stavu

This diploma thesis deals with state estimation. Particularly with a local filter called Unscented Kalman Filter also known under abbreviation UKF. This filter is designed for nonlinear filtering. It belongs into a non-derivative filters class because it is based on aproximation of...