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Recent Submissions

Vyskočil, Jiří
Modelování cévního systému jater

The main goal of bachelor thesis is to create user interface of surgical support which is important before an operation begins. Export results were created for the selected web interface. In this thesis is described principle of data processing, models are made from medical im...

Soukup, Lukáš
Modelování vybraných energetických zařízení

The bachelor's thesis focuses on the creation of system for processing and storing energy data measured in the campus of Faculty of Applied Science of University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the development of energy analytics working above this system. In the first part,...

Novotný, Pavel
Energetické modelování budov Fakulty aplikovaných věd

The bachelor's thesis goal is to design and implement a common data storage for all energy data sources present in the buildings of FAV and build energy analytics, such as energy demand model. The first part focuses on the analysis of current energy data sources prese...

Matoušek, Jakub
Návrh optimálního řízení RC modelu auta pomocí dynamického programování

This bachelor thesis deals with optimal control of RC car model using dynamic programming. At first, the simplified continuous kinematic model is introduced. Further, the issue of non-linear model discretization methods and their utility is discussed. Following part of the thesis ...

Krejčí, Jan
Propagace nejistoty v úloze sledování polohy pohybujících se objektů

This bachelor thesis deals with analysis of selected methods utilized within the problem of propagating initial uncertainty for a long time horizon. First, these methods are theoretically analyzed; second, they are tested using two cases of Earth orbit movement models. The results ...