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Ausberger, Tomáš
Využití techniky "Model checking" pro vývoj bezpečnostně kritických aplikací

This thesis outlines the issue of safety-critical systems. Here are also described the principles of the Model Checking method and the possibilities of its use in the design of a model of safety critical systems. In the last part of this work, this method is used on&...

Kolář, Tomáš
Odhad pozice v těle pacienta ve snímcích získaných pomocí trojrozměrných zobrazovacích metod

The object of this thesis is to estimation position in a patient's body from images from computed tomography, due to a significant anatomic structure.

Medvecová, Pavla
Řízení rovinného pohybu permanentního magnetu magnetickým polem

The purpose of this thesis is to control the motion of the permanent magnet using the currents in four coils placed in plain. The currents in coils create magnetic field and this causes forces which are acting on the magnet. The magnet is placed between two glass...

Popelka, Robin
Odhad dojezdové vzdálenosti a plánování trajektorie pro elektrická vozidla

The main objective of this study is to research the HMI concepts available on the market for electric vehicles and design a solution of trajectory planning, taking into account the location of charging stations and their power. The next objective is to implement Google maps&#x...

Stránský, Vojtěch
Balancování míče na průmyslovém robotu

This thesis deals with the issue of balancing a ball via industrial robot. Our goal is to demonstrate the possibilities of manipulator usage for precise operations, which are represented by ball stabilization. For simplicity the ball is modelled as a pendulum. First the mathematica...

Smolík, David
Identifikace obličejů pomocí metod počítačového vidění

This thesis describes in general terms the issue of face recognition, identification or verification. It examines existing recognition methods with a more detailed description of some traditional and current top approaches, compares existing face databases suitable for training and testing the&#x...

Vaníček, Ondřej
Kalibrace snímacího prvku robota v úloze laserového svařování

This diploma thesis is focused on calibration of a laser profile scanner in the task of robotic welding. Mathematical instruments used in robotics are presented in the first part and mathematical models of industrial robots are derived afterwards. The next section introduces the ca...

Toupal, Martin
Řízení paralelního manipulátoru s nitinolovými (flexinolovými) aktuátory

This thesis deals with the problem of parallel manipulator's design and it's control. The Movement of the manipulator is provided by special actuators which are made of Nitinol or Flexinol wires. The first part describes properties of this actuator and presents its model. T...

Hrabě, Michael
Návrh regulátoru metodou "Repetitive Control"

The aim of this diploma thesis is to create a method for finding such controllers set that satisfy feedback loop stability, track a periodic signal and reject a periodic disturbance. For this purpose a repetitive control using the intern model of the periodic signal with ...

Bulín, Martin
Optimalizace neuronové sítě

Neural networks can be trained to work well for particular tasks, but hardly ever we know why they work so well. Due to the complicated architectures and an enormous number of parameters we usually have well-working black-boxes and it is hard if not impossible to make...

Hranička, Jan
Nástroje pro využití počítačové syntézy řeči v diagnostice schizofrenie

The aim of this thesis is to create a set of tools and data for experimental verification of hypotheses propounded by a specialist from National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), in whose cooperation this thesis is realized. In case of successful hypotheses verification, the ...

Vonášek, Adam
Návrh algoritmu pro identifikaci řídkých haplotypů u dárců kostní dřeně

The thesis deals with development of the automatic rare haplotype identification method. Haplotypes of low occurrence probability are very difficult to obtain by using the elementary methods, i.e. Clark algorithm, EM algorithm, Bayes algorithm. The new method uses haplotypes already obtained ...

Helma, Václav
Pokročilé řízení pohonů s využitím dodatečné zpětnovazební informace

This thesis deals with advanced servo drive controls using auxiliary feedback information from MEMS accelerometers. First, the case of a perfectly rigid mechanical system controlled with a combination of standard PID controller and disturbance observer is considered. Modified disturbance observer ...

Volkovinský, Pavel
Vývoj detektoru epileptických záchvatů založeného na výkonném mobilním telefonu

This work deals with preparation and analysis of technical solution for measuring, detection and notifi cation in case of epileptic seizure of the wearer installed in smart mobile phone. The fi rst part is devoted to familiarization with epilepsy and mobile phones. The...

Zíka, Adam
Kinematická kalibrace sériových manipulátorů

The main topic of the diploma thesis is to find a suitable method for calibration of the serial manipulator. First part is about theoretical possibilities of calibration. Next part is focused on an al...

Růžička, Jaroslav
Návrh řídicího algoritmu pro Stewartovu platformu

The main goal of this thesis is extend existing model of Stewart platform about feedback control ending effector on the base of know kinematics this model. For this thesis is necessary appropriately expand existing model and measurementing position ending effector. It is also neces...

Picek, Lukáš
Rozpoznávání druhů plodnic vysokých hub z digitálních obrazů

The main aim of this thesis is to design and implement an computer system which would manage automatic mushroom species recognition from digital images. High accuracy with only minimal user interaction is a must. This thesis is divided into several parts where theoretical informati...

Nedvěd, Jakub
Využití hlasu v interaktivních komunikačních systémech

The goal of this thesis is to create an intelligent household system with voice control that should work as a demo application, which will use components created at the department of cybernetics and in the SpeechTech Company. This application will also offer the touch control&...

Künkel, Sven Johannes
Lokalizace rázů na povrchu 3D objektů a struktur

Loose parts monitoring systems (LPMS) have become a common part of nuclear power plants, providing tasks as impact detection, localization and loose part's size estimation. Today's LPMSs mostly rely on analytical computation and simplified input data, e.g. simplified geometry of the ...

Klíma, Michal
Automatická fonetická segmentace TTS korpusů pomocí nástroje KALDI

This work is focused on automatic phonetic segmentation using tool named Kaldi. Algorithm is developed based on the procedures used for automatic phonetic segmentation using tool named HTK. The difference in accuracy of both automatic segmentation is only around 1 %. There are also...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 113