Katedra mechaniky / Department of Mechanics


Recent Submissions

Abramovich, Hanna
Polyfunkční dům

This Bachelor thesis is aimed to examine project documentation for construction permit of multifunctional house in Prague Dejvice according to regulation 63/2013. The suggested building is designed as a three-storey brick bearing-wall system. The building is using a "hard t...

Bodurka, Jaroslav
Dvoulodní skladovací hala s vestavkem

This bachelor thesis is aimed at elaboration of project documentation for building permit for the steel warehouse building. The bachelor thesis includes design of the building and its placement, static analysis of main support elements of steel structure, fire safety solutions and drawi...

Košťal, Martin
Servis motorových vozidel skup. č.1 s prodejem dílů

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the elaboration of project documentation of service for motor vehicles of group one with the sale of parts. The project documentation is created in the scope of the building permit. It deals with the solution of the building objects,...

Let, Martin
Zpracování projektové dokumentace pro stavbu domu pro seniory

Bachelor's thesis is dealing with design of senior housing. It is focused on working out a concept in scope of documentation for the building permit. Paper is in principle focusing on architectonic design and resolving requirements of mechanic resistence and stability, fire safety,&...

Louda, Václav
Progresivní koncepce obytného domu

In this bachelor thesis I process the concept of residential building with regard to the speed of construction work and use of up-to-date materials. Processing of project documentation for residential building in Hněvnice is according to regulation 63/2013 Sb. The building c...