Katedra geomatiky / Departmens of Geomatics


Recent Submissions

Macura, Jan
Časově proměnná vizualizace ze senzorových dat v budově v prostředí 3D GIS

Nowadays, we can find increasing overlap between Geographic Information Systems, Building Information Management and Internet of Things. This thesis focuses on one such interdisciplinary scenario, which involves combination of spatial data and sensor data. The spatial data describe the rooms of&#...

Kubíčková, Hana
Určení polohy mobilního telefonu v interiéru budovy zvolenou technikou

The presented thesis is focused on determining the position of a mobile phone in the interior of a building. The first part describes general approaches for positioning in the interior of the building and explores their potential. Furthermore, the work is focused in more detai...

Češková, Barbora
Údolní niva a územní plánování

This thesis deals with the relationship between the floodplain and spatial planning. Due to the fact that there is no methodology in the Czech Republic for defining the floodplain as a legally protected important landscape element, there is a problem with its physical determination...

Veselková, Lenka
Revize údajů v pozemkových evidencích

The diploma thesis deals with one of the tools for ensuring regular updating of data in land registers, by carrying out a revision of cadastre data. The main purpose of the revision is to remove the discrepancy between the data in the records and the actual situation...

Šmolíková, Helena
Využití geotechnologií pro vyhodnocení historických změn krajiny v katastrálním území města Zbiroh

Assessment of landscape changes is a fairly new discipline in our country. It requires a lot of know-how, experience and appropriate evidence. With the help of geoinformation systems, this process can be simplified as well as accelerated. The selected area for my diploma thesis...