Katedra geomatiky / Departmens of Geomatics


Recent Submissions

Märzová, Tereza
Analýza dostupných geodat využitelných při efektivním řešení komplexních pozemkových úprav

This bachelor thesis describes a possible procedure for the implementation of an inventory system of digital spatial data, which are suitable for the realization of complex land consolidation. The first part of the thesis describes the theory of land consolidations, their process and&#x...

Sládek, Ondřej
Analýza a vizualizace tréninkových záznamů

The aim of this work is to find a tool suitable for visualization and analysis of training records from wearable devices. None of the currently available widely used tools provides a global analysis of data from all training sessions simultaneously with the current map link.&#...

Belinger, Jiří
Příprava datových sad pro plnění časoprostorové databáze území

This bachelor thesis focuses on the description of the workflow and activities required for the acquisition, processing, evaluation, and transmission of data sets suitable for filling the spatio-temporal database of the territory. This procedure is demonstrated on geodata obtained from reambulate...

Blahník, Pavel
Využitelnost dostupných dat pro prognózu intenzity dopravy generované územím

This thesis deals with the calculation of traffic intensities using freely available data. The text contains a summary of current methods of traffic intensity prognosing and describes the structure of the selected data source. In the next part, the work deals with the connection&#x...

Kubíček, Petr
Mapa atraktivity regionů České republiky

The subject of the thesis is an assessment and representation of territorial attractiveness of municipalities with extended powers. The first part presents the concept of the territorial attractiveness and methods to its assessment with comparison of those methods. The second part is fo...