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Málek, Jan , Málek, Jan
3D parcely jako řešení vybraných situací katastru nemovitostí

The main goal of this work was to develop a model of existing objects in cadastre using 3D parcels. The fact that the current possibilities of 2D registry are not satisfactory for capturing complex situations is the main driving force for this work. By using axioms, ...

Kiráľ, Martin , Kiráľ, Martin
Objektové vazby pro prostorová Linked Data

This work deals with object relations for spatial Linked Data. The main motivation for writing this work is to show existing object relations from different sources and then implement them into the Smart Points of Interest data model (SPOI). The first part of the thesis p...

Adámek, Petr , Adámek, Petr
Pozemkové úpravy a jejich zápis do katastru nemovitostí

The thesis deals with some problems arising from planning land consolidation. In the theoretical part, the history of the land consolidation and land reforms in our country is described. This part is important for understanding the current status of land owning in connection with&#...

Kolovský, František , Kolovský, František
Modelování intenzity dopravy v paralelním výpočetním prostředí

Nowadays, a lot of transport-related data for a traffic modeling are available, but present software tools that can process such data volume and compute large models are still lacking. The aim of this thesis is to analyse, design and test an implementation of the transport...

Wagner, Michal , Wagner, Michal
Využití formátu LandXML pro účely 3D katastru nemovitostí

The Diploma Thesis is devoted to exploring LandXML for 3D cadastre. The 3D parcel definition is described and the possibilities of saving 3D parcels to a LandXML file are written up. In the work is mentioned the format InfraGML, which should have other benefits in additio...

Kellar, Jáchym , Kellar, Jáchym
Vizualizace prostorových Big Data

This diploma thesis is concerned with the possibilities of visualization of large volumes of spatial data and geospatial Big Data. It presents and compares not only the specific tools within the area of distributed systems and cloud services, but also the tools allowing to vis...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 6 z 6