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Recent Submissions

Poch, Dominik
Skenování animací lidských obličejů zařízením MS Kinect

The bachelor thesis discusses an issue of creation of 3D animations. It describes basic principles and methods used throughout the entire animation process. The main goal of the thesis is to find a solution which requires to put minimal amount of expenses in each substep ...

Panuška, Radim
Ověření možnosti realizace jednoduchého stimulátoru pro neuroinformatické experimenty na platformách Raspberry Pi a Cubieboard

The verifying the feasibility of a simple stimulator for neuroinformatic experiments on the Raspberry and Cubieboard platforms. At the Department of Informatics and Computer Science there is research in the field of neuroinformatics. For this research a stimulators to implement ...

Haringer, Lukáš
Rozšíření GUI datového skladu pro data softwarových projektů

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to extend the SPADe GUI tool, which is used to graphically display SPADe data warehouse data. For this purpose, the SPADe GUI will be analyzed to identify possible enhancements, flaws, and deficiencies of the current implementation. In the&#x...

Matas, Martin
Rozpoznávání pojmenovaných entit pomocí neuronových sítí

Named Entity Recognition is a subtask of information extraction. Its goal is to recognize words with special meaning in a sentence, such as names of people, organizations, places, etc. Named Entity Recognition is often used to automatically answer questions. The aim of ...

Mazín, Vít
Automatická aktualizace aplikace na počítači uživatele

Web applications saves big amount of capital because we do not have to spend it on managing of user's PCs. Users only need web browser to run this applications. On the other hand applications which are installed and run on user's PCs are more user friendly, f...