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Vampol, Jan
Implementace algoritmu Empirical-Mode Decomposition (EMD) pro vícerozměrná data

EEG signal processing is frequently approached problem. Commonly used methods include Wavelet Transformation and Matching Pursuit. Those methods are limited to process only single channel signals and can't be used on multichannel signals directly. This problem can be solved by applying m...

Kantořík, Martin
Komunikace s řídící jednotkou pro ovládání poloautomatických VNA vozíků

Bachelor thesis aims to ensure communication between the control unit and application for warehouse management in company. Commnunication is ensured by using TCP. In this work, we will approach the operation of the control unit in the warehouse and its requirements for ...

Bohmann, David
Mobilní aplikace pro sběr medicínských dat

This task is made as part of the "Exercise and Wellness Health Strategy Framework" project, which is developed on Department of Computer Science and Engineering on Faculty of Applied Sciences at University of West Bohemia. The goal of this task is to cr...

Kaňák, Luděk
Zátěžové testování HTML5 aplikace

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to execute performance tests for an HTML5 web application used by the company, KadeL Data servis. The work begins with an introduction to the problem of performance testing. There follows the selection of a suitable tool for...

Klaus, Jaroslav
Využití softwarových nástrojů pro přípravu testů grafického uživatelského rozhraní

This paper deals with the use of software tools for testing graphical user interface. The main objective was to compare several tools and to choose one of them. The fact that creating tests by them fits into the subject KIV/OKS taught at the University o...