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Recent Submissions

Lerchová, Barbora
Heterogenita třídy a její vliv na výuku hudební výchovy na 1. stupni ZŠ

The diploma thesis describes the attitudes of society and education towards human diversity in different historical epochs up to the present, focuses on the field of music eduation in the Czech territory and follows the work of music teachers in heterogeneous classrooms. This ...

Ledvinová, Kateřina
Didaktický potenciál chodského folklóru a jeho využití ve výuce dějepisu na druhém stupni základní školy

This thesis focuses on the observance of ethnographic rituals in the ethnographic region of Chodsko. The aim of the work is to theoretically and then didactically elaborate the areas that touch upon Chod folklore. The subjects of my interest were in five areas - Chod dial...

Cajthaml, Jan
Pojetí hudební výchovy podle Jana Amose Komenského

This bachelor thesis deals with the personality of Jan Amos Comenius and his view of music and music education. The aim is to describe the person of Jan Amos Comenius in relation to music, and how this relationship was formed, to write down his pedagogical views and&...

Brožová, Tereza
Mezipředmětovost ve výuce německého jazyka na 1.stupni ZŠ.

The aim of my diploma thesis is to point out the fact that the German language deserves more space in the FEP. I focused mainly on interdisciplinary relations, which seem to me to be a more suitable solution for the primary school and for the German language its...

Lisnerová, Hana
Srovnání německých a českých zoonymních frazeologismů

This work focuses on animal designations in German and Czech phraseologies since there are common cultural roots between the two languages but also linguistic differences. The first part deals with phraseological features such as polylexicality, solidity and idiomaticity. For the theoretical ...