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Recent Submissions

Šťastný, Radek
Využití online únikových her k posílení mezipředmětových vztahů na 2. stupni ZŠ

This thesis deals with escape games, which can be used to connect intersubject relations. The main goal was to present the tools for making mentioned escape games and create the escape game itself, based on the studied curriculum in the eighth grade of primary school. The...

Podroužková, Aneta
Komunikace při výtvarných činnostech v mateřské škole

In my bachelor thesis, I deal with the communication of preschool children during art activities. In the theoretical part I describe the communication of preschool children. I also describe the development and specifics of children's artistic expression, assignment of artistic tasks. I&#...

Týmlová, Simona
Memento mori

The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to create a cycle of seven medium format drawings on his own chosen theme Memento mori based on his own photographic work. The resulting works are solved by a combined technice of drawing and spray paints. The cycle contains ...

Říská, Lucie
Pohyb městskou krajinou - zážitky z cest

The thesis is divided into three parts. The first theoretical part deals with the cultural and historical development of landscape painting. Among other things, it examines the landscape depictions of two contemporary artists. The practical part contains a description of seven paintings ...

Machuldová, Karolína
Tvůrčí výtvarné činnosti v mateřské škole pro děti od dvou do čtyř let

This bachelor thesis is focused on planning art activities for children in kindergarten from 2 to 4 years. In the theoretical part of the work there are described current objectives of art education in kindergarten considering the developmental needs of the target group. Next ...