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Recent Submissions

Kuldová, Petra
Kooperativní učení versus práce ve skupině v hodinách anglického jazyka

The thesis deals with cooperative learning and group work. Firstly, it provides a general theoretical introduction to cooperative learning. It contains basic information regarding cooperative learning principles, advantages and disadvantages of cooperative learning. An individual section is dedicated to&#x...

Linda, Jiří
Využívání komiksů při výuce žáků druhého stupně ZŠ v hodinách anglického jazyka

The goal of the thesis was to examine whether comics in the role of an educative tool were that efficient and desired among learners in L2 classes as the theoretical studies and practical suggestions of experts worldwide generally implied. Their educative value was compared to...

Votřel, Michal
Definování efektivních cílů při hodině anglického jazyka

The thesis deals with problem of designing effective objectives. Firstly, it focuses on the terminology matter and discusses the differences among the terms. Further on, it focuses on the origin of objective design, which means it deals with B. Bloom, his taxonomy and his meth...

Frčková, Zuzana
Efektivní jazykové úkoly s použitím informačních a komunikačních technologií

The thesis deals with the effective tasks assigned by ICT. The theoretical part deals with the definition of tasks, types of tasks, ways of usage, possible problems, the role of the tasks in teaching and, last but not least, focuses on assigning tasks using ICT.The practi...

Pichert, Daniel
Angličtina jako mezinárodní jazyk: proměna pedagogické praxe

The thesis has chosen the topic of English as an international lingua franca as its point of focus and interest, since the subject is very vibrant and arguably pivotal for future English Language Teaching development. The English language, its usage, trends and deployment have ...