Katedra ruského a francouzského jazyka / Department of Russian and French Language

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Kokošková, Klára
Život a tvorba ruského režiséra Andreje Zvjaginceva

The bachelor thesis provides a biography of Andrey Zvyagintsev, a Russian director. His movies are analysed and interpreted. Two chosen movies were compared. The last chapter provides inofrmation about some features typical of the movies by Zvyagintsev.

Hornová, Lucie
Významné události v životě ruské rodiny

This bachelor's work devote to an issues which are conected witch russian family traditions, specifically christenings, weddings and funerals. The work familiarizes with how those ceremonies looked like in a history and how they changed in the present. At the same time the bach...

Szarowski, Martin
Postavení ruského jazyka v globálním světě

This thesis describes the current status of the Russian language in the world from 1990s to the present. It analyses important regions for the Russian language, such as countries of The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), former Eastern bloc and countries with numerous Russia...

Kůsová, Eliška
Ruský animovaný film určený dětem

The thesis deals with Russian cartoons. The first part focuses on the history and development of animation itself and some representatives of this kind of movies are mentioned in this part as well. The second part deals with a description of Russian national fairy tales w...

Torská, Julie
Ve stínu mužů (manželky slavných ruských spisovatelů a básníků)

The topic of my Undergraduate Thesis is self-realisation of a person living in the shadow of a famous one. The main aim of the thesis is to learn the relationship of classical Russian authors towards their wives. The structure of the thesis begins with introduction and&#x...