Katedra ruského a francouzského jazyka / Department of Russian and French Language


Recent Submissions

Voříšková, Ludmila
Osudy československých legií v Rusku

The presented diploma thesis is devoted to the issue of origin and action Czechoslovak legions in Europe, especially in Russia, during the First World War. Describes the participation of legionnaires in important battles and complications that accompanied their return to t...

Jeníčková, Natálie
Role ruského jazyka jako zprostředkovatele výuky češtiny jako cizího jazyka pro žáka s OMJ

This work is dedicated to learn Czech language to students from other countries, especially to Russian students. It´s watching view on teaching Czech language for foreing-born students and point out to difference and harmony Russian and Czech language by language plans. Describin...

Sabov, Khrystyna-Olesia
Zlá síla v příběhu N. Gogola ¨Vij¨

The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the evil spirits in the mystical novel in N.V. Gogol's story "Viy". Folklore sources and a portrait of Gogol's Viy are considered. The description of witch image of a witch in the novel by N.V. Gogol is&#...

Karfusová, Adéla
Děkabristé a děkabristky

This bachelor thesis on the topic of Decembrists is divided into three parts, of which the first two parts are theoretical and the third practical. The first part is dedicated to the uprising of the Decembrists at the Senate Square on December 14. 1825, and its after...

Novotná, Lucie
Vnímání pobytů ruských (sovětských) vojsk na českém území

The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of perception of stays and operations of the Russian (Soviet) army in our territory. The work is divided into four chapters. The first chapter deals with the operation of the Russian army in the Czech countries in the 17th&#x...