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Recent Submissions

Štádlerová, Eva
Obezita jako civilizační choroba

This bachelor thesis is focused on civilization diseases and their prevention in the theoretical part and the rest of the thesis is focused on obesity. Since obesity is an extensive theme, the thesis is divided into several chapters. The introduction includes the definition and...

Čampulová, Karolína
Čokoláda jako jedna z preferovaných potravin

This bachelor thesis focuses on the introduction to the history of chocolate from the beginning of the use of cocoa beans in nutrition to the setting up of chocolate factories in the territory of the Czech Republic. In addition, there is legislation on labeling chocolate ...

Benešová, Michaela
Vzdělávací intervence v problematice epilepsie v mateřských školách

This bachelor thesis deals with the educational intervention in the epilepsy problem in the kindergartens. It is divided into two parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical part considers the epilepsy theme in general, its reasons, classification, diagnostics, therapy and first aid&#x...

Hrbková, Kristýna
Psychologická analýza rozhodovacího procesu

The bachelor study provides a psychological analysis of a decision-making process which included in both theoretical and practical parts of the study. A summarization of past and contemporary theories was realized and a decision-making process was defined. Consequently, a phenomena arising f...

Komrsková, Justina
Dětská kresba v předškolním věku

This bachelor thesis deals with rules and specialides of children drawings. The theoredcal part concerns with development of children drawings, its specific parts, development of human figure drawing and possibility of using children drawing for character diagnosdcs. The pracdcal par...