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Recent Submissions

Marcová, Kateřina
Postoje žáků mladšího školního věku k učiteli

Presented diploma thesis deals with the attitudes of younger pupils at primary school towards the teacher. The theoretical part is focused on defining the basic concepts that are related to the topic of the presented work. It is further characterized by the aspects of attitude...

Šperlínová, Miroslava
Problematika neurotičnosti dětí na 1. stupni ZŠ

This diploma thesis deals with the issue of neuroticism of children at the primary school. The work is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part defines the term "neurosis" and describes the individual neurotic disorders, their aetiology and symptomatolo...

Mrázková, Pavla
Psychohygiena učitele 1. stupně

The diploma thesis deals with the psychohygiene of a teacher at the first level. In the theoretical part we get through the issue of stressors, stress, burnout syndrome to the importance of psychohygiene. As this part applies not only to teachers, but also to the entire&#...

Štroblová, Veronika
Empatie učitele s žákem s epilepsií

The diploma thesis focuses on finding differences in the perception of quality of life between children with epilepsy and their teachers. Next to that, how teachers perceive the characteristics of children with epilepsy. Some characteristics are compared with real test findings. The wor...

Topitschová, Lucie
Vzdělávání žáků s odlišným mateřským jazykem (ZŠ, SŠ)

The thesis addresses the issue of the inclusion of other-language pupils in the environment of Czech education system within the primary and secondary school, the challenges that this process is accompanied by, the forms of support measures currently available to us, as well as...