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Egriová, Simona
Psychologie osobnosti v umění

This bachelor thesis deals with the psychology of the artist's personality which explores the artist's features and tries to discover what forces the artist to create and which of his features deviate from the average values. The theoretical part describes the general knowledge&...

Plíšková, Dana
Funkční potraviny

The bachelor thesis deals with the functional food. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to characterize the functional foods. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with the history of functional foods, general chara...

Tichá, Karolína
Problematika sexuality osob s mentálním postižením

This bachelor thesis inquires the quality of sex life and intimate relationships of mentally disabled people living in social service homes for disabled people. Theoretical part focuses on sex life of mentally disabled people in social institutions. Furthermore, it explains the disabilities&...

Laudonová, Kamila
Prediktory syndromu vyhoření u učitelů mateřských škol

This bachelor thesis deals with predictors of burnout syndrome in the group of teachers working in kindergartens. It is separated for two parts - theoretical and practical. Theoretical part of thesis deals with burnout syndrome, causes of syndrome and risk factors in job which ...

Bárová, Veronika
Autismus a stigma

This bachelor thesis Autism and stigma deals with the issue of stigma in relation to people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). There are given various disorders and their manifestations in behavior, diagnostic agents and selected types of interventions in the text. Over the next...