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Dimová, Dana
Celá čísla v učivu matematiky na ZŠ a problémy s nimi

This thesis deals with teaching integers in Mathematics on primary school and with obstacles connected with this matter. The theoretical part deals with historical context concerning negative numbers, integers in particular years, absolute value, comparison of integer numbers and operations ...

Adamcová, Romana
Tvořivost a dovednost žáků 1. stupně ZŠ v 21. století

In the diploma thesis I am focusing on the significance of historical development of practical education, its main propagators - the Czech and Slovak representatives. Furthermore, I am concerned with development of creative skills in the environment of primary school as an objective...

Němcová, Lenka
Číselné soustavy, jejich převody a početní operace v nich

This thesis titled "Numeral systems, their conversions and arithmetic operations" deals with the general theory of number system, their history, principles of registrations and transfers of the numbers in the selected number systems. The work is divided into five chapters. The text...

Krupičková, Veronika
Stolování ve výuce pracovních činností na 1. stupni ZŠ

The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the description of the basic principles of dining and the rules of good behavior in the Czech Republic at primary school. It also describes the decoration of the festive tables and analyzes the teaching of dining and&#...

Vlková, Jitka
Zlomky v učivu matematiky 1. stupně základní školy

The thesis is concerned with fractions in primary school curriculum. The theoretical part of the thesis elaborates topics related to the theory of fractions; as it delimits the term, its origin, definition, possibilities of application and teaching content. The attention is devoted to&#...