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Recent Submissions

Nováková, Tereza
Metoda CLIL ve výuce fyziky na základní škole

This thesis deals with the use of the CLIL method in teaching physics at primary school. The thesis points out the different ways in which the CLIL method can be implemented in teaching. The first part contains the historical background of foreign language teaching in our...

Motyčková karpíšková, Pavla
Technické materiály - výrobky pro 6. až 7. třídu ZŠ

In the first part, the diploma thesis has an analysis of selected literature, professional articles and publications that reflect the past and present of technical education at primary schools. In the second part, attention is paid to practical ideas for innovative products for 6th...

Minaříková, Jana
Využití přírodních materiálů pro rozvoj manuálních dovedností \nl{}na 1. stupni ZŠ

The diploma thesis is focused on work topics for teaching polytechnic activities, which develop the manual skills of pupils on the primary school. The diploma thesis is divided into four basic parts. The first part is focused on the polytechnic skills of children and&#x...

Radová, Michaela
Soustavy rovnic ve výuce matematiky na 2. st. ZŠ

The diploma thesis deals with the issue of teaching systems of linear equations. The theoretical part presents the historical development of the issue and the important personalities who dealt with it. The definition of systems of equations is given in the thesis and specifically&#...

Melichová, Michaela
Pranostiky v pracovních činnostech na malotřídní škole

My diploma thesis is focused od the weather sayings in crafts at small-class elementary school. In the theoretical part there are introduced the weather sayings in the czech countries in the historical context. That chapter guides us since originate of the weather sayings, th...