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Dušková, Miroslava
Člověk a technika - tvorba výukového textu

This thesis deals with the creation of textbooks from the field of electricity and magnetism. I tried to briefly introduce the origins of static electricity and magnetism, which intersects with the physics teacher in all grades of the second grade of elementary school. ...

Soukup, Jan
Impedanční spektra kompozitních polymerních membrán

The impedance spectra of PVA based polymer membranes were investigated. Measured spectra were evaluated by an equivalent circuit using the method of least squares. Other parameters of the membrane were determined from the calculated values. The suitability of the equivalent circuit, the ...

Haasová, Iveta
Diferenciální rovnice 1. řádu: sbírka řešených příkladů

This bachelor thesis scrutinizes the subject of first order differential equations from three different perspectives. It introduces theoretical terms. In the following section it benefits from newly acquired knowledge when solving concrete exercises. Apart from a theoretical and a numeric chapter...

Dudek, Martin
Některé řadící algoritmy

This bachelor thesis deals with basic algorithms, their principles and uses. Work is divided into three main parts. The first part summarizes basic definitions and introduction to algorithms in general. The second part of the thesis is about the sorting algorithms with a...

Činčerová, Tereza
Popularizace matematiky prostřednictvím geocachingu

The bachelor thesis focuses on linking mathematics and geocaching. The aim of the thesis is to show how to use this popular game for building a better relationship to mathematics. Especially to show, how the caches could motivate for mathematics studying children and adolescents.&#...

Staňkovská, Tereza
Využití robotických hraček v mateřské škole

This bachelor thesis deals with the overview of the robotic and programmable toys, and also of the common robotic toys that are sold in our market and are convenient for the kindergartens. I mention the way of control of the robots, their segmentation, history and the...

Hrúzová, Eva
Některé aplikace lineární algebry

The bachelor thesis is focused on the demonstration of possible applications of linear algebra in a wide range of disciplines and its application in practice. Linear algebra is one of the basic disciplines of mathematics and is an irreplaceable part of mathematical, technica...

Aubrechtová, Kateřina
Polytechnická výchova v předškolním vzdělávání zaměřená \nl{}na využití papíru a textilu

This bachelor's thesis mainly focuses on the individual project in the area of work and creative activities using traditional and non-traditional techniques focused on the specific use of paper and fabric with an objective to stimulate the imagination, creativity and develop various ...

Fischerová, Kateřina
Diofantické rovnice a slovní úlohy

This bachelor thesis deals with diophantine equations and word problems. The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter describes the history of Diofantos from Alexandria and contains an introduction to the problems of the diophantine equations. The second chapter contains ...

Vondrovicová, Diana
Výrazy s odmocninami

This bachelor thesis deals with roots and ways of directing fractions with irrational denominators. The text is divided into three chapters. In the first chapter, we look into the 19th century, when today's modern computing resources such as calculators and computers were not a...

Ottová, Veronika
Sociální sítě jako komunikační prostředek pro učitele MŠ \nl{}se zaměřením na sdílení námětů pro pracovní činnosti

This bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenom of social network on the Internet. The aim of this work is to provide basic information about social network the history, general knowledge and characteristics of the most widespread network, to point out the advantages and disad...

Hranáčová, Romana
Psychoakustika v experimentech

This bachelor thesis is focused on psychoacoustic phenomena on which the experiments were based. These experiments deal with perception of sound localization at frequency, lowest and highest audible frequencies, sonic texture and the perception of noise in music, which were conducted on ...

Stolaříková, Světlana
Prostorová orientace u dětí v mateřské škole

The bachelor thesis on the topic "Space orientation at the children in kindergartens" consists of three parts : theoretical, methodological and experimental. The theoretical part focuses on pre-school time and its development specifics, pre-maths education and its aims, space ori...

Urbanová, Markéta
Orientace v rovině u dětí v mateřské škole

Bachelor thesis on "Orientation in the plane of children in kindergarten" consists of theoretical, methodological and experimental part. Theoretical part describes pre-school period, pre-mathematical education and orientation in the plane. Methodological part includes goals of the experiment, used...

Majerová, Miroslava
Práce se závislostmi v mateřské škole

The purpose of my bachelor thesis was to find out if three different groups of children, divided according to age, are able to solve particular tasks of addiction, whereas every task is focused on different educational part. In the theoretically part is written th...

Vávrová, Lucie
Řešení jednotažek dětmi v mateřské škole

The aim of my bachelor thesis was to find out the child's ability to solve the one-strokes in the plane and in the space with the use of strings, crayons, ropes and the child's own fantasy provided that no part can be omitted or repeated in any place.&#x...

Louvarová, Jitka
Úspěšnost žáků v úlohách Astronomické olympiády, kategorie EF

The bachelor thesis deals with a success of pupils in the tasks of Astronomy Olympiad in a time interval between school years 2012/13 and 2016/17. The aim of this thesis was to evaluate how pupils are successful in a single level of Astronomy Olympiad in relatio...

Stulíková, Gabriela
Testování prvočíselnosti

The thesis is divided into three chapters. 1. The small Fermat theorem and its evidence. 2. Primality testing. Pseudo-numbers at base a. 3. Carmichael's numbers. V. Šimerka, the discovery of the first seven Carmichael numbers.

Čubová, Kateřina
Rozvoj dítěte v mateřské škole v oblastech porovnávání, uspořádání, celku a jeho částí

The aim of bachelor thesis is to monitor the development of children in kindergarten in areas of comparing, arrangement and work with complex. The thesis is structured in three parts theoretical, methodological and experimental. Theoretical part describes partial functions and their de...

Bittenglová, Tereza
Význam práce se stavebnicemi u dětí předškolního věku

This bachelor's thesis named "The importance of using building kits with children at preschool age" is divided into three separate parts. The first part is theoretical and is dedicated to the importance of playing games in the life of children, especially working with ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 133