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Marešová, Eva
Vybrané zajímavé matematické a logické problémy

The bachelor thesis deals with selected interesting mathematical and logical problems. It describes their historical origin and course. It represents the assignment of each task and its variants. After the assignment, the solution to the problem is always discussed in detail. The ...

Soulková, Adéla
Řešené příklady algebraických struktur s jednou a se dvěma binárními operacemi

Bachelor thesis is about algebraic structure with one or with two binary operations. My bachelor thesis will help other future students of elementary algebra. In work are introduced algebraic structures and their properties. The parts of my work are sample examples with a solution&...

Bloch, Jiří
James Joseph Sylvester a jeho přínos elementární algebře

This bachelor's thesis deals with the life and work of the famous English mathematician of the 19th century, James Joseph Sylvester. The bachelor thesis is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter I wrote down the whole life of Sylvester. In the second chapter,...

Franková, Aneta
Vybrané možnosti užití matic

This bachelor's thesis is focused on matrices and their use. The work is divided into individual chapters according to the content. In the first part of the work, the basic terms and definitions associated with matrix theory are presented. The following chapters are then d...

Pašek, Martin
Úlohy o dělitelnosti

The work deals with several interesting problems from the theory of divisibility. The work begins with an algorithm for calculating the date of Easter. Upcoming chapters deal with the congruence of integers. The following are some functions that operate on integer divisors. At the&...

Bláhová, Magda
Konečné grupy malých řádů

This bachelor's thesis is devoted to group theory, specifically to finite groups of small orders. The first chapter contains the basics like binary operations, followed by basic algebraic structures, including groups, in the second chapter. The third chapter talks about groups of sy...

Zábranská, Adéla
Výrobky ze sádry s podzimní tématikou v MŠ

The bachelor's thesis consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical part. In the first part, I present art activities in general, which also include plaster work and their benefits for children in kindergarten. Subsequently, I deal with the material itself, plaster. Here...

Provazníková, Lenka
Schopnost dětí v mateřské škole orientovat se v čase

The entire Bachelor thesis has three parts. In the theoretical part, I deal with the perception of time in preschool children and the perception of the time sequence. There is also an estimation and measurement of time, and there are also activities and games that are...

Mach, Pavel
Postoj společnosti ke střelným zbraním v ČR

This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of firearms and their impact on society. It also examines the factors influencing society, which can vary from minor details to drastic differences in the perception of firearms in different territories. Furthermore, the thesis briefly foc...

Košvancová, Lenka
Stříhání a tvorba vystřihovánek pro rozvoj jemné motoriky

The bachelor thesis deals with fine motor skills in preschool children. Specifically, it focuses on the topic of cutting and cutting out for the development of fine motor skills. The thesis includes a thematic unit focusing on animals from the forest and its subsequent testing...

Juráčková, Michaela
Fotovoltaický ostrovní systém, parametry a měření

The bachelor thesis is focused on photovoltaic system. I have chosen this topic because of its topicality, since recently more demands have been placed on the form of electricity generation in terms of environmental impact. In the first part, I discuss the generational development&...

Šmíd, Libor
Elektrotechnické praktikum pro učitelství přírodovědných a technických oborů

The bachelor thesis contains tasks to be fulfilled by solvers, theoretical explanation for understanding the essence of the task, a list of aids, measurement procedure, instructions for processing measured results and a conclusion with questions to be answered by the solvers.

Mikešová, Barbora
Metody řešení soustavy lineárních rovnic

This bachelor's thesis is devoted to methods of solving systems of linear equations. It explains the division of methods into direct (addition, substitution, comparison, graphic method, Gaussian elimination method, Frobenian theorem, Cramer's rule and LU-decomposition method) and indirect (Jacobi&#...

Zoubková, Daniela
Význam loutky v předškolním zařízení

This bachelor thesis deals with puppets and their use not only in preschool education. The thesis is divided into 4 chapters. The first chapter deals with the history of puppetry, puppets and their division according to the possibilities of leading. The second part is about&#x...

Knetl, Jan
Využití programovatelných logických automatů ve vzdělávání \nl{}na druhém stupni základní školy

The bachelor thesis is devoted to the use of programmable logic controllers in education at the second grade of primary school. The use of PLCs in education will be applied through a didactic panel. Therefore, the thesis further focuses on the design of the didactic ...

Šindelářová, Anna
Schopnost dětí v mateřské škole orientovat se v prostoru

This thesis addresses spatial orientation skills of preschool children. It consists of three parts - a theoretical, methodological and experimental. The theoretical part introduces basic mathematical concepts, spatial orientation, spatial intelligence, development of spatial directions, spatial memory and...

Šilhánek, Dominik
Interaktivní testy z geometrické optiky

This bachelor's thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of geometric optics in the application of illustrative examples with use in the school environment. Part of the bachelor's thesis is clear and concise teaching material available online, which serves&#x...

Šourková, Simona
Úlohy s diofantickými rovnicemi

This bachelor's thesis deals with problems involving Diophantine equations. The thesis is divided into 5 main chapters. The first chapter focuses on the historical development of this area of mathematics. The second chapter introduces readers to the basic types of Diophantine equations.&...

Kučerová, Lenka
Rozvoj a testování jemné motoriky za pomoci barevných krychlí

This bachelor thesis focuses on testing fine motor skills of children aged 5 to 6 years using coloured cubes. It consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part contains information about the importance and development of fine motor skills, methods of thei...

Eichlerová, Karolína
Vývoj stavby u dětí v mateřské škole

This bachelor is focused on the Building progress of children in a kindergarten. The aim was to find out in which stage of building progress the individual children are and how they can handle different activities with different types of counstruction sets depending on their&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 235