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Anselmová, Monika
Příklady na finanční matematiku

Bachelor thesis Examples of financial mathematics is primarily devoted to money and particulars relating to them. Bachelor thesis contains a history of money, interest, taxes and short-term securities. Part of the thesis are websites on which are calculators. These calculators calculate exam...

Hořanová, Zuzana
Představivost prostorových útvarů v mateřské škole

In this bachelor thesis I found out, if children can name them the selected space figures and work with them in the ready six tasks. Each of the tasks was different and included a different target. I used the observation, video, and comment method to evaluate my ...

Filipovičová, Pavla
Hledání celočíselných závislostí mezi reálnými čísly

In the thesis is published biography of S. Ramanujan, Grama and Schmidt. Furthermore, the thesis explains some concepts of linear algebra and two algorithms: Gram - Schmidt orthogonalization and LLL algorithm , because LLL algorithm is needed for finding integer dependencies.

Trtíková, Petra
Využití manipulativní geometrie jako dílčího diagnostického prostředku v oblasti kognitivních funkcí

The bachelor thesis is focusing on the possibilities how to us geometry manipulatives as a partial tool for evaluation of preschool children in different areas of cognitive functions. The purpose of this thesis is to highlight the wide, diverse and meaningful use of geometry m...

Zeithammel, Tomáš
Exkurze ve vyučování fyziky na základní škole

Excursions are an integral and essential part of the teaching of physics, just for their sake, practicality and gripping involvement of pupils in teaching.

Sazamová, Lucie
Rozvoj logického myšlení u dětí předškolního věku pomocí her

The bachelor thesis with subject matter "Progress of logical thinking in preschool aged children by means of play" is divided into three parts theoretical, methodological and experimental. In theoretical part there is described logical thinking, game, characteristics and typology of&#x...

Vrbová, Eliška
Školní zralost dítěte z hlediska matematiky

In the theoretical part of this bachelor's degree work, I am looking into school maturity, school readiness and spheres, which must be consider in the final evaluation. It is a consideration of physical, psychological and socialy emotional maturity. Furthermore, I have focused ...

Kříž, Oldřich
Georg Cantor a Cantor Bernsteinova věta

The main purpose of my bachelor thesis was to create technical text, which deals with Set Theory, especially with Cantor-Bernstein Theorem. This thesis should popularise mathematics to non-mathematician. The bachelor thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is focused on ...

Paločková, Vladimíra
Předmatematické představy - třídění u předškolních dětí

In the theoretical part of this bachelor's degree work, I am looking into characteristics of pre-school age. In the following chapters, I focus on pre-mathematical notions in the "RVP PV" , and on the sorting operations. The methodological part includes the go...

Neužilová, Michaela
Shodná zobrazení v analytické geometrii

How it is resulted of the topic, this thesis is concerned on one group of view: the same view. This is the same view in analytic geometry. These views are based on viewing points (patterns) on points (paintings). The aim of this paper is to provide a comprehensi...

Čížková, Simona
Konstrukce didaktického testu pro výuku odborného výcviku

The bachelor´s thesis deals with didactic tests in its theoretical part. The concept of didactic test, its usage, varieties,constructions and examples are mentioned in this part. Some elementary rules of forming didactic tests are described there, too. The practical part is focused...

Kravarová, Radka
Problém čtyř barev a jeho historie

The aim of this work introduces the reader to four color problem and its history. The first chapter deals with the formulation of problem the four colors. The second chapter presents the history of problem, which begins in 1852. The third chapter describe the basic concep...

Šuster, Zdeněk
Kroneckerův algoritmus

The Kronecker´s algorithm is used for factorization of polynomials in the domain of whole numbers and thanks to that we can find out if there is reserved polynomial reducible or irreducible. The author of this algorithm is Leopold Kronecker, who is a German mathematician. For&...

Václavek, Michal
Využití didaktických pomůcek na Odborné škole výroby \nl{}a služeb v Plzni

This bachalor´s thesis deals with different types of didactic resources. In addition to general information on this issue, this work is dedicated to a specific use of didactic tools at the Vocational School of production and services in Pilsen. The work is divided into t...

Vejražková, Jana
Výukový materiál mléko a mléčné výrobky

The Bachelor's Thesis "Teaching Material: Milk and Dairy Products" aims to create a multimedia textbook, teaching materials, PowerPoint presentation, educational videos, worksheets and class tests to be used in elementary and high schools in subjects such as The World of Work: ...

Fronk, Michal
Eliminační metody - historický pohled

This work is devoted to elimination methods and their development during the seventeenth and the eighteenth century. It is described how to modify system of equations and how to eliminate the unknown from the equations. In the first part are covered modifications on exa...

Knetlová, Anna
Pravidelné mnohostěny

The aim was to clarify interesting mathematical topic of regular polyhedra - Platonic solid. She explained terminology and geometric characteristics of solids. Was used GeoGebra and Wolfram Mathematica, which have an excellent ability to display polygons and work with them. It&#...

Pánková, Martina
Geometrická zobrazení v úlohách matematických olympiád

The main target of this thesis is geometric projection and its occurrence in mathematical olympiads. Therefore the major part of the thesis forms solutions of selected mathematical tasks, which are chosen from mathematical olympiads collections. The first chapter is an introduction int...

Ulrychová, Barbora
Simplexová metoda řešení jednoduchých optimalizačních úloh

My bachelor's thesis involves the issue of simple optimisation exercises, which are detailed in the first part of this work. First chapter is focused on the theoretical foundations of optimisation problems and also on the specific types of simple optimisation exercises which are...

Verbovský, Martin
Multimediální technologie v mateřské škole

Bachelor work contains the topic of multimedia technology in kindergarten. The theoretical part gives the definition of multimedia and interactive media. Then the paper discusses how multimedia technology looks Framework educational program of preschool education, specifically examines concretized the ...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 21 až 40 z 115