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Recent Submissions

Bendová, Markéta
Výtvarný projekt ve výtvarné výchově - Příklad dobré praxe

This diploma thesis "Visual project in art lessons - an example of the Best Practise" concerns with a project designed for the 5th grade of the elementary school (based on the Czech educational system). I have put the project into praxis already and reflected on ...

Nová, Kristýna
Výtvarný projev předškoláků jako forma vyjadřování

This bachelor's thesis focuses on the possibilities of interpreting children's artistic expression. The theoretical section is composed of the developmental characteristics of artistic expression in preschool children. Children's artistic expression is described here as a form of expression usi...

Hejnová, Kateřina
Geometrické vidění

The bachelor thesis consists of the teoretical, practical and didactic part. The theoretical part is focused mainly on the development of graphics, graphic techniques, colors and also on the development of Czech linocut. The practical part contains the technological process, has inspiration,...

Bestajovská, Barbora
Prostor v barvě

The output of this bachelor thesis is creation of four paintings measuring 60 × 90 cm. The subject is space which is in this case a landscape. Space is visualised in a more expressive lightly abstract sense using unreal color palette. Theoretical text part consists...

Petečelová, Tereza
Krajina Oldřicha Mikuláška

The aim of my work was an abstract painting of the South Moravian landscape. It was inspired by the Czechoslovak poet Oldřich Mikulášek and his poem Where Swans Fly. An important part of the work is the theoretical part, in which I deal with the core of Mikuláše...