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Recent Submissions

Čupková, Zuzana
Soubor grafických programů pro učitele s využitím ve výtvarné výchově

This diploma thesis deals with possibilities of using graphic programs in art education with a focus on grammar school. In the introductory section, the general criteria that such a lesson must meet, along with the reason why the graphical programs are included in the lesson,&...

Svobodová, Dana
Prezentace vzdělávacího obsahu žákovské výtvarné tvorby na ZŠ

This master's thesis is focused on the possibilities of the presentation of the educational content of pupil artwork at primary schools. The theoretical part of this thesis is focused on contemporary art at primary schools, presentation of student artwork and it deals with curr...

Kucharčíková, Anna
Animovaný film v duchu snové imaginace

The diploma thesis deals with the topic of animation. It is divided into the three parts: the theoretical , the practical and the didactic one. The theoretical part briefly describes the origin and development of the animated film, according to the topic, the principles ...

Vichr, Jakub
Krása temnoty

The outcome of this diploma thesis is realization of seven large scale drawings, depicting female figures as mythical creatures, but still based in reality. The theoretical part describes each drawing indivudually, including technics and inspirational sources. The didactic section contains teachi...

Čechová, Aneta
Analýza vztahů výtvarného vyjádření emocí a jeho interpretace u žáků 5. tříd

Diploma thesis Analysis of relation of art expression of emotions and its interpretation by the 5th grade pupils follows a longitudinal study from previous years, while children's art expression was reanalysed in intentions of methods of the study mentioned above. The aim of th...