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Jandová, Tereza
Zadání výtvarných úkolů jako předurčení vzdělávacího potenciálu

This diploma thesis deals with current issues of content and its methodological transformation. It focuses especially on school subject of Fine Arts and on providing proper instructions inside of teaching process in upper primary school of Czech educational system. Work is divided into&...

Koláčná, Kateřina
Ručně malovaná tapeta jako dominanta konkrétního prostoru + soubor tří obrazů

Practical part of the diploma thesis is reaction to modern consumerism and overproduction in western countries of the "developed" world. Theoretical part contains overview of historical development of wallpaper, brief description of interior design, materials and techniques connected to wall...

Vlčková, Jana
Krajina v pohybu

The aim of this Master's thesis was to elaborate a thematic cycle called Landscape in Motion. These are 5 large-format paintings produced by the painting technique. The Garden of Eden was chosen as the theme for this cycle, into which a story of love is projected,...

Capková, Magdalena
Tvorba cyklu krátkých filmů formou pixilace na zvolené téma

This work is trying to present an animated film as means of visual expression, which is suitable for arts education. The work includes not only the justification for the suitability of the use of stop motion animation within the general education, but first of all the...

Vitoušová, Nikola

The aim of the dissertation thesis was to draw several images. Set of images contains 9 images. The subject of the dissertation thesis is "Transformation". The human figure became the theme of the paintings. I deal with the person by how they are different and&...