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Tesařová, Michelle
Pamětní knihy (tzv. Heimatbücher) z někdejšího okresu Tachov

The thesis deals with the topic of Sudeten Germans and examines the hometown books (in German Heimatbücher) of three already disappeared Sudeten German villages, as well as the villages themselves in the then county Tachov in Westbohemia. Firstly, the theory of culture of remembran...

Kabíčková, Magdalena
Kreativní práce s chybou ve výuce německého jazyka na středních školách v ČR.

The theme of the master´s thesis is the creative work with mistakes in German language lessons at Czech secondary schools. The thesis consists of two main parts. The first one, the theoretical, is focused on the term explanation, enabling the reader to understand the tex...

Palánová, Aneta
Slovotvorba jazyka reklamy

This master´s thesis deals with the word-formation processes in the language of advertisement and is divided in two main parts. Theoretical part is focused on the Advertisement and its historical evolution. It explains different kinds of advertisement and structure of advertising texts. ...

Kučera, Lukáš
Hudební elementy v učebnicích pro základní a střední školy

The first two chapters are theoretical part. The first chapter is devoted to didactic point of view. First, didactics is generally presented. Once in this area music and songs are recorded. In addition, the song is appeared as a motivational tool and a means to achieve&#x...

Fictumová, Miroslava
Obraz Čechů v Grušově "Česko - návod k použití"

The diploma thesis is concerned with the Czech writer Jiří Gruša and his German-language work, namely his book of essays "Česko návod k použití". The aim of thesis is to identify a literary image of Czechs in Gruša´s texts. The first and second chapter de...