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Recent Submissions

Dryjová, Michaela
Ideální učitel německého jazyka z pohledu studentů ve věku 15 - 19 let

The thesis provide a theoretical basis for the field of pedagogy, psychology, didactic and didactic of german language, which serve as an base for the research. It is composed with the results of the questionnaire survey among the students and teachers from various highschools,...

Kocandová, Jana
Role her v DaF vyučování se zaměřením na gramatické jevy obtížné pro české žáky na SŠ

The subject of this diploma thesis is the role of games focused on difficult grammar in German language on Czech secondary schools. Theoretical part describes the explanation of important terms in the field of German as a foreign language (DaF), analyses games and their functi...

Mašková, Anna
Rakouská skupina Granada na pomezí stylu mezi vídeňskou a štýrskou hudbou

The topic of this bachelor thesis is an Austrian Band Granada between Grazer and Wienerlied. The thesis has two parts the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part is described the genre Wienerlied. The typical sign of Wienerlied is the Austrian dialect, that's&#x...

Peterová, Aneta
Zvyky a tradice v Čechách a Štýrsku - výzkum a porovnání

This undergraduate thesis deals with holidays celebrated in Styria and Bohemia and with the corresponding customs and traditions kept by the students aged between 20 and 30 years. The Czech Republic and Austria used to have a common cultural background for a long time&#...

Holubová, Marcela
Vzdělávací systémy v německy mluvících zemích a jejich eventuální přínos pro ČR

This bachelor thesis deals with the differences of the Austrian and Bavarian educational systems, which are compared with the Czech educational system in which I primarily study. The practical part concentrates on the differences of the Bavarian and Austrian grammar school systems. �...