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Recent Submissions

Purma, Tomáš
Vývoj příhraničních oblastí Ašska a Selbska ve vzájemném srovnání (s důrazem na posledních dvacet let) a možnosti budoucího rozvoje tohoto regionu

In the diploma thesis I deal with the development of the border regions of Aš and Selb not only as neighboring cities intensively cooperating on various events within the culture, sport, tourism, working possibilities and relations of inhabitants in the last decades, but mainly...

Míšková, Jana
Obraz Česka a Německa mezi českými mladistvými

The topic of this thesis is The Image of the Czech Republic and Germany among young Czech people. Several goals have been set, which will be evaluated on the basis of a questionnaire survey. In the theoretical part the concept of the worldview is clarified and the&#x...

Hajžmanová, Gabriela
Tachovsko a Plzeňsko jako kraje plné pověstí - studie k problematice lokální identity a kolektivní paměti

This thesis deals with the regional folk-tales from the Tachov district and the city Pilsen and their spread amongst the pupils of the local elementary and high schools. The district Tachov, which lies in the former Sudety area, has been resettled after the expulsion of t...

Holíková, Veronika
Používání členů u jmen vlastních

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the use of articles with proper nouns. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes the inflection of the nouns with the emphasis on their distinction from the generic names. The practical&#x...

Havelcová, Eva
K vývoji obrazu Čechů a Němců v médiích po roce 2000

This bachelor thesis deals with the image of Germans and Czechs in media after the year 2000. There is worked both theoretically and practically. The theoretical part provides the reader a brief overview of the relations between Germans and Czechs at the most important events&...