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Recent Submissions

Tláskalová, Kateřina
Vybrané přechodné kovy a jejich sloučeniny ve výuce chemie na střední škole

This thesis deals with selected transition metals and their compounds in the teaching of chemistry at secondary school. It consists of three parts - theoretical, practical and didactic. The theoretical part contains a comparison of several textbooks for secondary schools in terms ...

Coufalová, Štěpánka
Chemické reakce ve výuce chemie na SŠ

This thesis deals with the topic of chemical reaction as it is being taught in chemistry classes at the high schools. The first part describes classification and specific types of chemical reactions as they are in chemical schoolbooks. The second part describes the topic ...

Konopa, Matyáš
Zpracování kůry jeřábu obecného pro výukové účely

The thesis deals with the extraction of 23 - hydroxy betulin from the bark of a crane. The work began with the selection of a suitable solvent for extraction, and after thorough chromatography and analysis of various extraction agents, the solvent methanol was selected on ...

Váňová, Anna
Planární chromatografie v experimentální výuce chemie

This work is divided into two parts - theoretical and experimental. The theoretical part of the work contains description of betulin, which belongs to triterpenes. It also deals with the description of the used separation methods (extraction, distillation, TLC). Also there is a def...

Šátavová, Simona
Výpočtové úlohy ve výuce chemie

The present bachelor thesis is concerned with the issue of chemical calculations in secondary school teaching of chemistry. The theoretical part deals with the fundamental types of chemical calculations that students may encounter. The aim of the thesis constitutes the ascertainment of ...