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Recent Submissions

Špalová, Anna
Vliv obsahu vody v reakční směsi na vlastnosti polyakrylamidového hydrogelu

In this bachelor thesis, a simple and effective method of tailoring polyacrylamide hydrogels is presented. A series of samples was prepared by varying the amount of water used during polymerization. Based on previous experiments, the amount of water was set to 4, 8, 12, 16,&#x...

Kokoška, Milan
Modifikace pracovních postupů v laboratorních cvičení z organické chemie

This work presents laboratory procedures of classically established laboratory exercises in organic chemistry. The possibilities of replacing some procedures with modified procedures or supplementing laboratory exercises with new procedures are monitored.

Rypl, Václav
Didaktické aspekty metody pro výpočet množství spalitelných látek v organických hnojivech z dat získaných CN elementárním analyzátorem

Loss on ignition (LOI) si a very important quality parameter of organic fertilizers which describes organic carbon content in this material. In this work parameter LOI was derived from data gathered by an elemental CN-analyzer. Regression model was created to enable calculation of ...

Nová, Kristýna
Pivovarství jako téma ve výuce chemie

The Master thesis is focused to practic a Lab exercices in school. Describing theory used in technological practise. On this basis is created the process in laboratory. The Goals of these work are support chemistry education and make conection between chemistry theory and technolog...

Lávičková, Aneta
Mlékárenská výroba očima studenta chemie Mlékárenská výroba očima studenta chemie

This bachelor thesis is focused on the production and processing of milk and dairy products. This work describes the basic principles of dairy production. As part of this work, Mlékárna Klatovy a.s. was visited, which focuses mainly on cheese production. The inspection included a&#...