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Rypl, Václav
Didaktické aspekty metody pro výpočet množství spalitelných látek v organických hnojivech z dat získaných CN elementárním analyzátorem

Loss on ignition (LOI) si a very important quality parameter of organic fertilizers which describes organic carbon content in this material. In this work parameter LOI was derived from data gathered by an elemental CN-analyzer. Regression model was created to enable calculation of ...

Nová, Kristýna
Pivovarství jako téma ve výuce chemie

The Master thesis is focused to practic a Lab exercices in school. Describing theory used in technological practise. On this basis is created the process in laboratory. The Goals of these work are support chemistry education and make conection between chemistry theory and technolog...

Feistinger, Marek
Didaktické využití stanovení vybraných pesticidů metodou GC-ECD

This work deals with the creation of a method for the determination of selected pesticides and their application in didactics.

Mezníková, Milada
Pokusy z analytické chemie pro výuku na střední a základní škole

In recentyears (2015 -2017), there were approved many legislative changes which have limeted pupils´ and students´ work with chemicals. This diploma thesis deals with these legislative rules and students´possibilities mainly to carry out students´ experimets during lessons of Chemistry. The ...

Ošťádalová, Jana
Moderní trendy ICT ve výuce chemie

The diploma thesis describes the particularised chemical programs and mobile applications of Chemistry. The theoretical part describes advantages and disadvantaged Information and Communications technology in education and hardware devices, which are used in education too. The practical part contains ...

Vála, Lukáš
Ozon, jeho vlastnosti a technické aplikace

The thesis deals with the problems of ozone and its technical applications (production of important organic compounds, disinfecting properties and others) with an emphasis on use in the water industry. The practical part is devoted to the preparation and cleaning of northetone prepared&...

Voříšková, Zuzana
Stanovení obsahu polyfenolů v základních potravinách a stanovení velikosti jejich příjmu v české populaci

The thesis deals with the division, structure, occurrence of polyphenols and their effect on the prevention of diseases. Spectrophotometrically, the content of total polyphenols and flavonoids in the basic foodstuffs is determined. The average daily intake of polyphenols per capita of the&#x...

Zemanová, Štěpánka
Redoxní reakce ve výuce na vyšším stupni gymnázia

For the students at the higher levels of high school is curriculum of the redox reaction a systematic knowledge Deepening in the field of chemical reactions. Thesis is composed of five major chapters. The theoretical part deals with basic definitions and concepts of che...

Trhlíková, Lenka
Anorganické názvosloví a chemické výpočty ve výuce chemie na základní škole

This Master's thesis focuses on the issues with chemical calculations and inorganic terminology. The first charter consists of an overview of basic inorganic terminology and basic types of chemical calculations. In the second chapter, there is an analysis of particular exercises focusing...

Štrejchýřová, Šárka
Výukové experimenty s prvky skupiny uhlíku a jejich sloučeninami

This diploma thesis focuses on carbon group elements, their important compounds and includes instructions for easy experiments concerning these elements.This thesis is divided into three parts theoretical, didactical and practical. The theoretical part deals with carbon group elements and their&...

Král, Jakub
Enzymy ve výuce na vyšším stupni gymnázia

This diploma thesis provides a comprehensive set on the topic of enzymes. The theoretical part deals with the summary of the topic with the crucial information obtained from the literature. The practical part is focused on the didactic transformation of the theoretical part into&#x...

Sušanková, Karolína
Chemické vlastnosti antokyaninů využitelné k jejich důkazu a stanovení v potravinách

This diploma thesis deals with the extraction of anthocyans pigments from plant materials and foodstuffs and their proof in these materials. I describe several laboratory experiments that distinguish anthoyanins from other natural pigments and synthetic pigments. These methods are based on t...

Turčová, Adéla
Využití fotometrie ve výuce chemie na různých stupních škol

This thesis deals with the study of spectral methods. Characteristic values, we encounter the spectral methods. Furthermore, the arrangement of the spectral apparatus. In the didactic part of the thesis, emphasis is placed on chemical educational experiment, which describe this from a d...

Jordánová, Eva
Využití chromatografie ve výuce chemie

This diploma thesis deals with the inclusion of chromatography into the chemistry lessons. Firstly there are included chapters on history and theory of chromatography. The experimental part follows with proposed experiments, which shall serve as inspiration for teachers at schools. This thes...

Lecjaksová, Andrea
Chemické experimenty s kovy alkalických zemin a jejich sloučeninami ve výuce chemie

The thesis deals with a group of alkaline earth metals. It is divided into three parts, theoretical, practical and didactic. The first part describes the presence, properties, preparation, production, importance and use of these elements and their compounds. The practical part is ...

Šimlová, Markéta
Chemické experimenty s chalkogeny a jejich sloučeninami ve výuce chemie

Work discusses chalkogens and their compounds in the chemical education. It is divided into 3 parts. In the first part summarizes the general characteristics chalkogens, their occurrence and development, physical and chemical properties, preparation and production, use and list of their most...

Hagarová, Marie
Praktické úlohy zaměřené na protolytické reakce a jejich aplikace ve výuce chemie

The Main topic of this Diploma thesis are practical exercises focused on protolytic reactions. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts and important relationships desribing the behavior of electrolytic solutions. This work also contains chapters devoted to chemistry teaching, teaching met...

Šnaiberková, Monika
Netradiční experimenty z organické chemie v experimentální přípravě učitelů chemie

In the theorethical part this diploma thesis there are described main characteristics of microwave chemistry, its importance and use of microwave radiation in education. In the practical part there are described laboratory procedures - microwave heating, method of DSC and warm up on...

Bártová, Martina
Obsah dusitanů a dusičnanů ve vybraných potravinách a jejich předpokládaný denní příjem v naší populaci

This diploma thesis deals with the role of nitrites and nitrates in food. The effect of these compounds on human health, their occurrence in foodstuffs, soils or waters are described here. Part of the diploma thesis is devoted to a evaluation of the daily intake of n...

Blahetová, Tereza
Rozbor vody z dolu sv. Víta jako téma pro výuku chemie

The objective of this thesis is a qualitative analysis of water (evidence of iron and zinc) and create a worksheet and laboratory instructions.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31