Katedra hudební kultury / Department of Musical Culture


Recent Submissions

Lerchová, Barbora
Heterogenita třídy a její vliv na výuku hudební výchovy na 1. stupni ZŠ

The diploma thesis describes the attitudes of society and education towards human diversity in different historical epochs up to the present, focuses on the field of music eduation in the Czech territory and follows the work of music teachers in heterogeneous classrooms. This ...

Cajthaml, Jan
Pojetí hudební výchovy podle Jana Amose Komenského

This bachelor thesis deals with the personality of Jan Amos Comenius and his view of music and music education. The aim is to describe the person of Jan Amos Comenius in relation to music, and how this relationship was formed, to write down his pedagogical views and&...

Škubalová, Tereza
Zpěvníky Marie Kružíkové a jejich využití v MŠ

The bachelor thesis deals with the songbooks of Marie Kružíková and their use in kindergarten. The main goal is to introduce songbooks, describe selected songs with possible use and assign other activities to the songs. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part....

Koudelová, Simona
Protest song a jeho představitelé

This bachelor thesis characterizes the protest song and analyzes foreign and Czech protest songs of selected authors. The first chapter of this bachelor thesis defines the terms that are related to the protest song itself. There are mainly genres that are most often used in&#x...

Tafatová, Kateřina
Muzikál jako fúze hudebních a dramatických činností na 2. stupni ZŠ a víceletých gymnázií

In the beggining this bachelor thesis presents the musical genre, its brief characteristics and its short history in Czech republic and abroad. In the following part are discussed musical and drama classes which create a starting point for the subsequent chapter about their mutual&...