Centrum biologie, geověd a envigogiky / Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education


Recent Submissions

Reiserová, Zuzana
Tematický celek Šelmy ve výuce biologie na SŠ

The subject of this diploma thesis is the issue of the thematic unit of the Beasts of prey in biology curriculum for secondary schools. The topic of the Beasts of prey has been set into individual units, which are subsequently interconnected. The theoretical part focuses ...

Piňosová, Sára
Vodní a mokřadní měkkýši vybraných lokalit v okolí Nalžov

The results of a faunistic survey of aquatic and wetland molluscs in the vicinity of Nalžovy area are summarized in this Master thesis. The several localities (7 terrestrial and 18 aquatic and wetland localities) were surveyed during one season in 2021. Altogether 38 species (...

Horová, Radka
Problémové úlohy ve výuce zeměpisu

The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the development of students' higher thought operations through the use of problem-based tasks in teaching. It also deals with the characteristics of problem based learning and its anchoring in curriculum documents.The research in the mas...

Slaná, Kristýna
Experimentální vyhledávání nových činidel pro mikroskopii mykologických preparátů

In this Master thesis, an experimental search was used to prepare several reagents, which were subsequently applied to five selected representatives of the Fungi kingdom. This reagents were compared with those known to be effective and evaluated using several criteria for possible furth...

Grundmannová, Kateřina
Měkkýši údolí Zbirožského potoka mezi Podmokelským a Sýkorovým mlýnem na Křivoklátsku

The work is focused on the research of terrestrial and aquatic molluscs in the Zbirožský rivulet in Křivoklát region. The field research was carried out from July to September 2021. The investigated area lies on the border of Pilsen and Central Bohemian Region close to th...