Centrum biologie, geověd a envigogiky / Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education


Recent Submissions

Kubalová, Martina
Sezónní dynamika epigeických pavouků bučin pod Haltravou

In my diploma thesis I explore the arachnofauna in the area of beech forest of Haltrava. The research was from May to October 2017 using the earth traps. The area was devided to three stand - A, B and C. The first stand is only beech forest, second is ...

Štrudlová, Michaela
Geovědní miskoncepce mezi vysokoškolskými studenty

This diploma thesis deal geographic misconceptions among university students. The objective of the theis was to explain term misconception, focusing on geoscience misconceptions. Then analyse the occurrence of misconceptions among university students. Results were find out a questionnaire. The results...

Straková, Irena
Biodiverzita malakocenóz v okolí Konstantinových Lázní

An inventory study of molluscs in the Ovčí vrch near Konstantinovy Lázně indicates the presence of the 20 species of terrestric gastropods. The malacocoenosis consists of some woodland species represented by Cochlodina laminata, Vertigo pusilla and Aegopinella nitens, the species char...

Šmíd, David
Biodiverzita rosoloidních hub Plzeňského kraje (západní Čechy)

The aim of this thesis was thorough mycological research of the jelly fungi of Pilsen region. This research was realized since September 2016 until February 2018 and 23 collections were performed, some items of the West Bohemian Museum and of the centre of biology (Faculty...

Kašpárek, Václav
Myšlenkové mapy ve výuce vybraných geografických témat na ZŠ

This diploma thesis deals with the use of mind maps in the education of selected geographic topics at an elementary school. The first part of this work is focused on literature analysis, which describes topics related to education methods, mind maps, use of mind maps, cre...