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Duffek, Václav
Geofyzikální analýza vybraných kamenných mořích na Šumavě

The knowledge of the internal structure of some forms of the surface is one of the several preconditions for the following determination of their origin and evolution. In some areas (such as in protected areas) it is not possible to look directly beneath the surface. Some...

Macánová, Tereza
Vztah exprese genů angiogenních signálních drah k vaskularizaci nádorů jater

The aim of the thesis was to determine the expression of genes, whose products are involved in the activation of angiogenesis in colorectal carcinoma of the liver metastases and comparison with expression with transient tissue (tumor - normal tissue) and normal liver tissue. ...

Šnebergerová, Markéta
Vliv zinku a mědi na fenotyp sladkovodní řasy Desmodesmus armatus

The aims of this master thesis were to observe the influence of two heavy metals zinc and copper on the phenotype of the freshwater green alga Desmodesmus armatus in laboratory conditions. During the experiment, predefined coenobial parameters were monitored and also documented: t...

Mrázová, Lucie
Využití aktivizačních metod v rámci výuky tématu "Poruchy příjmu potravy" na SŠ

The aim of the diploma thesis was to work on problems of eating disorders and its teaching at secondary schools. Activation methods were selected for action suggestions. The created suggestions were validated in practice and the results processed and evaluated. A didactic manual wa...

Cihelková, Monika
Možnosti terénní výuky geografie v Evropsky významné lokalitě (příkladová studie v povodí Kateřinského potoka v Českém lese)

This diploma thesis is focused on the verification of the planned fieldwork and worksheets in the Kateřinský creek catchment with elementary school and grammar school students. This thesis stands on the theoretical foundations established in the author's bachelor thesis. These foundations...