Centrum biologie, geověd a envigogiky / Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education


Recent Submissions

Brožíková, Jessica
Globální témata jako průřezové téma environmentální výchovy na základní škole

The diploma thesis brings information on global topics as a cross-sectional topic of environmental education in primary school. It points in particular to the global problem of the tropical rainforest. Based on the analysis of the content of textbooks, it points to the possible...

Urbanová, Lenka
Terénní výuka zeměpisu v oblasti Černého a Čertova jezera

This diploma thesis deals with theoretical knowledge about the Černé and Čertovo's Lake. This work is focused on the planning of fieldwork in this area within the excursion for elementary school The aim of this thesis is to investigate the theoretical knowledge of&...

Walter, Jan
Revize sbírky motýlů J. Fraje s důrazem na motýly Plzeňského kraje

The results of the revision of Lepidopteran collection by Jaroslav Fraj, with an emphasis on Lepidopteran fauna of Pilsen region, are summarized in this Master´s thesis. There were found 653 species in this collection. Lepidopteran species were studied by Jaroslav Fraj predominantly&#x...

Piňosová, Sára
Biodiverzita malakocenóz v povodí říčky Ostružné

The inventory research of aquatic and terrestrial molluscs in the valley of the Ostruzna river between the Kolinec township and the Sušice town proved occurrence of 53 species. It took place in 2019 year. The field work during one season and results were negatively influenced&...

Malafová, Aneta
Analýza testových úloh České školní inspekce zaměřených na přírodovědnou gramotnost

This master thesis deals with the analysis of the Czech school inspectorate's test tasks focused on scientific literacy. From all the received tasks, there were selected only the tasks connected even to the small extent to the geography. The selected test tasks were analysed&#x...