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Recent Submissions

Királyiová, Terezie
Mluva lékárníků - analýza sociolektu

The bachelor thesis is focused on the slang analysis of pharmacists. The aim of the thesis is a theoretical definition of sociolect issue, the collection of sufficient amount of language material and the analysis of collected slang expressions. The first theoretical part defines th...

Höllová, Barbora
Policejní slang - analýza sociolektu

This bachelor thesis explores the field of police slang. In the theoretical part, attention is paid to the stratification of the national language and slang in general, but also to the legislation of the Police of the Czech Republic and the Integrated Rescue System. In th...

Nguyenová, Natálie
Hradiště Vlastislav mezi mýty a skutečností

The topic of the bachelor thesis is a legend about a war called lucká válka. This war might have a connection to slavic hillfort Vlastislav, which is situated in Czechia. Besides the legend, the thesis is also focused on confrontating literary sources with information founded&...

Švolbová, Adéla
Autobiografické rysy v tvorbě Heleny Čapkové

This bachelor thesis explores the autobiographical features in Helena Čapková's work. The thesis presents four works that she wrote during her lifetime, namely, the books "Malé děvče", "Kolébka", "O živé lásce" and "Moji milí bratři". The autobiographical features...

Kocová, Eliška
Vybrané motivy v próze Ladislava Fukse

The aim of this thesis is to search for motifs and phenomena that appear in three proses written by Ladislav Fuks - Mr. Theodore Mundstock, My Black-Haired Brothers and The Cremator. Author's biographical data are introduced, especially those reflected in his books. Each of...