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Recent Submissions

Šrámková, Adéla
Proměna epistolárního románu v kontextu nových medií

The Bachelor thesis deals with the exploration of possibilities and reality of the development of the epistolary novel in the environment of new media, the thesis proceeds in such a way that the theoretical part defines the epistolary novel and describes the basic contours of&...

Horová, Hana
Sociolekt v prostředí čajovny

The topic of my work is the sociolect in the environment of tearooms. The main aim was to collect sufficient language material to analyse this sociolect. In the work we focus on characteristics of the environment and users of the sociolect. We also analyse the collected&#...

Hofmeisterová, Jitka
Adverbiale modi - druhy, výskyt a frekvence v textech současné publicistiky

The Bachelor thesis deals with the types, occurrence and frequency of adverbials of manner in the texts of contemporary journalism. The thesis is divided into two main parts - the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part deals with the description of ...

Vesecký, Lukáš
Současný sociolekt v šermířském prostředí

The purpose of this work is to collect the examples of the Czech fencer sociolect used in 2019/2020, describe and afterwards subdue them to language analysis. Additionally,the intention is to create an alphabetical dictionary of the fencer's sociolectic expressions, where all the&#x...

Zemanová, Helena
Neologismy v mluvě youtuberů \nl{}(na materiálu vlogů z oblasti životního stylu)

The bachelor thesis is focused on neologisms captured in Youtuber's speech in the YouTube environment. Neologisms were analyzed on the material of lifestyle vlogs. In this work, I deal with the specification of neologisms in terms of their meaning and origin. In the practical&#...