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Recent Submissions

Staňková, Ludmila
Časopisy pro ženy na přelomu 19. a 20. století

The diploma thesis focuses on the reflection of the topic of women's health in the first Czech women's magazines. It traces the development of the women's movement, education, the penetration of women into the health care and the approach to health and hygiene at t...

Ondrišíková, Michaela
Jazyk propagačních tiskovin

This diploma thesis deals with language of promotional printed material, in action leaflets and in women's magazines. In the theoretical part of the thesis, we acquaint ourselves with reference books and basic terms. The practical part is devoted to the analysis and classification&#...

Doubková, Tereza
Harry Potter v literární výchově na 2. stupni základní školy

This diploma thesis will focus on the book phenomenon Harry Potter, which managed to conquer the entire literary world. As a genre of fantasy literature, it is unique in its content and very attractive for primary school pupils. We will use this fact and try to make&...

Pošmurová, Michaela
Hry pro rozvoj komunikačních dovedností žáků na 1. stupni ZŠ

The diploma thesis deals with the development of communication skills of primary school pupils through a didactic game. The theoretical part characterizes in details what a didactic game is. The practical part is focused on research among primary school teachers concerning the use ...

Archmanová, Lucie
Grafické prvky v komunikaci žáků na 1. stupni základní školy

The diploma thesis focuses on the use of graphic elements in pupils communication at 1st grade of primary school. Graphic elements include, for example, pictures, memes, GIFs, emoticons and abbreviations. There are two parts in the work, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part&#...