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Kodýtková, Romana
Mluva záchranářů - výzkum sociolektu

This Bachelor thesis is focused on a paramedic slang. At the first part, there is a goal and methods enabling the gathering of language materials of the thesis described. This section also includes hypotheses. The second part summarizes the approaches of authors dealing with t...

Rosenbaumová, Jitka
Dva světy: Adelheid Vladimíra Körnera a Boží duha Jaroslava Durycha

This bachelor's thesis compares two prose works, Adelheid (1967) and God's Rainbow (1969), both set in Czechoslovakian borderland shortly after the end of World War II. The analysis is preceded by chapters about biography and work of the authors, Vladimír Körner and Jaroslav...

Bílková, Michaela
Rakovnický humanismus

This bachelor thesis introduces humanism as a term and its meaning in society and literature. Also it focuses on Rakovník, its history and Hlavačov castle. Hlavačov castle no longer exists but it was very important place for historical events and it is a part of&#x...

Zikmundová, Yvette
Jan Hus a Petr Chelčický o církvi

The topic of this thesis is a comparison of two tracts from the second half of the 14th century - De Ecclesia by John Hus and On the Holy Church by Petr Chelčický. The first chapter concentrates on the characteristics of the second half of the 14th century...

Virágová, Kamila
Současná literární tvorba určená dětem předškolního věku a její využití při rozvoji myšlení dětí

The bachelor thesis deals with the general importance of the printing press for preschool children, the use of children's literature by pedagogical staff in education, use of literature for children in kindergartens and preschool facilities, and it explains and describes key concepts...

Brožová, Tereza
Tři podoby Otčenáškovy novely

This bachelor thesis compares three forms of Otčenášek´s novel Romeo, Julie a tma (Romeo, Juliet And The Darkness). It deals with the problems of literary works´ adaptations for screen and the issues of movie theory. The gained pieces of knowledge are applied into a practical&...

Kolaříková, Kristýna
Problematika genderu v současné české literatuře

The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is an analysis of works of chosen contemporary Czech authors. The main focus is to find out how they are dealing with the problematic of gender and feminism. Whether this problematic is in their works manifested at all or not. ...

Sládková, Iveta
Portrét regionálního autora - Ladislav Beran

The bachelor thesis introduces the native of Písek, patriot and writer Ladislav Beran. Part of the paper maps important dates of his life, his creative inspiration and the work of a criminologist. I wonder if the author himself considers himself a regional author. I also ...

Švarcová, Anežka
Dvě podoby Karla Kryla

The subject of this thesis is the life and work of Karel Kryl. It bears the name of "Two forms of Karel Kryl" because it deals with his life both before and after the occupation in 1968. In this work, his activities in exile and those following&...

Hrabačková, Jana
Slang v gastronomii (mluva barmanů a kuchařů)

The aim of the work was to collect the most commonly used term in the gastronomic environment and to analyze these names. A total of 128 expressions were obtained, which were then analyzed by individual criteria. From the point of view of inclusion in the semantic&#...

Hána, Tomáš
Dvě tváře Ladislava Fukse

The topic of my Undergraduate thesis deals with the famous Czech writer Ladislav Fuks and his two books - The Cremator (in Czech Spalovač mrtvol) and The Crystal Shoe (in Czech Křišťálový pantoflíček). I have introduced the author and showed his pros, cons and influences...

Hámková, Kristýna
Mluvený projev našich porevolučních prezidentů

The aim of this thesis which concerns the issue of post-revolutionary presidents' speeches is to introduce a spoken discourse issue. It is focused on fundamental features of speech, characteristics of the language features from the point of view of phonology, morphology, syntax and&...

Brzáková, Jitka
Vybrané aspekty literární tvorby Ondřeje Neffa

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to introduce Czech sci-fi writer Ondřej Neff, his life and career. Also we are focusing on chosen aspects of his literary work, mainly on his literary language and means of expression in the computer romaneto Pole šťastných náhod, ...

Hanáková, Magda
Dvě rady mladým králům

This bachelor thesis deals with comparison of two allegorical poems Nová rada written by Smil Flaška from Pardubice and Latin Theriobulia by Jan Dubravius. The main objective of this thesis is to find similarities and differences between these two poems which were supposed to...

Mondeková, Michaela
Expresivní výrazivo v současném bulvárním tisku

This bachelor thesis is focused on the exploration of expressive expressions in the contemporary tabloid, namely in Aha! and Blesk. The aim of this work is to find out what means of expressivity are used in the texts of the tabloid and to point out that the expr...

Havlínová, Magdaléna
Postava čarodějnice ve světové fantasy

The aim of this thesis is to familiarize the readers with the term of fantasy, clarify its definitiv in terms of other genres, describe its origin and development and briefly provide the information about present feature sof myths, authorial and folk tales, adventure literature...

Ledvina, Libor
Archetyp "la belle Juive" v dílech vybraných českých autorů 19. století

This thesis deals with the analysis of the archetype "la belle Juive", the beautiful Jewess, in the Czech literature of the first half of the 19th century. For the analysis, the texts of Karel Hynek Macha, Josef Jiri Kolar, Vaclav Kliment Klicpera and Jan Kollar ...

Brázdilová, Daniela
Mluva v esteticky orientovaných sportovních odvětvích

This thesis deals with slang research in aesthetically oriented sports sectors. The aim of the thesis is to find both word-forming and non-word-forming procedures that are characteristic for this area. The findings are summarized in the conclusion of the work.

Lišková, Klára
Jak předcházet specifickým poruchám učení z pohledu mateřské školy

This bachelor thesis is focused on the all - round development of the pre - school children´s personality in kindergarten. It highlights appropriate activities to prevent specific learning disabilities. It is the development of prosocial behavior, language, hearing perception, visual perception,&...

Heinrichová, Zdeňka
Próza v prvním desetiletí časopisu PLŽ

This bachelor thesis deals with prose in the magazine Plž within the years 2002 and 2011. We have chosen six authors whose prose is the subject of this thesis. These are Ivo Fencl, Jitka Prokšová, Lubomír Mikisek, Milan Čechura, Jan Sojka and Václav Gruber. Each of t...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 188