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Vondrová, Dominika
Pomístní jména na Brdsku

The aim of this work was to find a lot of information about the place names in Brdsko, that were analyzed in the practical part in therms of onomastics and then described in all language levels. Study of maps and interviews with informants were used as a researc...

Nováková, Šárka
Žena v nejstarší české literární tvorbě

The work is focused on the image of a woman in the oldest Czech literary tradition. It consists of an analytical part consisting of seven chapters, and focuses on various aspects of the woman in the early Middle Ages. The fourth and fifth chapter deals with the ...

Tvarohová, Barbora
Humor v intencionální próze Miloše Kratochvíla

This bachelor thesis is focused on literature for children by czech author Miloš Kratochvíl, especially it´s orientated on humorous part. The main part of thesis works with some chosen books and finds various forms of humour. There are also described characters, which are the ...

Martinovská, Michaela
Méně známé texty Josefa Škvoreckého

Focusing on the differences between Škvorecký well-known texts and the less-known ones. Texts known and texts unknown. We compared and represented people, environment, social context and individual short stories. The aim of the work was to find out what different elements appear i...

Drahokoupilová, Markéta
Vlastní jména domácích zvířat

This Bachelor thesis deals with a surgey of a proper names of pets. It's divided in two main parts - the theoretical and the practical one. The theoretical part consists of 7 chapters, where basic terms of a given issue are determined. Hypotheses of this thesis a...

Kohoutek, Lukáš
Srovnání knižní předlohy a filmového zpracování prózy Hlídač č. 47

This bachelor thesis deals with comparison of a Czech novel Hlídač č. 47 by Josef Kopta and its film adaptation directed by Filip Renč, made in 2008. Special attention is paid to the comparison of the theme, setting, characters and composition. Some more terms connected w...

Vondrášková, Hana
Morální aspekty a charakterový vývoj postav trilogie Milénium od Ondřeje Neffa

The bachelor thesis deals with the researching and confirmation of the presence of serious moral and character elements in science fiction literature. The purpose of exploration and comparation the works was to emphasize the importance of social motives for the quality of science f...

Smolarová, Lucie
Přejatá slovesa v současné psané publicistice

This bachelor thesis deals with borrowed verbs within the current written journalism. The theoretical part consists of theory of the Czech verb and its formation. It also deals with the process of borrowing words from other languages. The practical part is an analysis of ...

Lišková, Nikol
Elektronické testy pro výuku českého jazyka

The bachelor thesis deals with a theory of creating the online tests of Czech language at school. The modern world brings a lot of opportunities in teaching. There is an interactive whiteboard in almost every classroom. Thanks to it every lesson may be more efficient. &#x...

Bureš, Hynek
Divadelní soubor Boženy Němcové v Plzni

The topic of this thesis is the amateur theatre ensemble "Divadelní soubor Boženy Němcové" in Plzeň. The theoretical part of the thesis includes a record of the most essential events in the history of the ensemble, brief profiles of the founding members and an outlin...

Konopíková, Lucie
Karel Havlíček Borovský a některé osobnosti politického života 40. a 50. let 19. století

The aim of the thesis was to introduce various other persons in the Bohemian political society of the 1840s and 1850s.

Ellrodt, Iva
Využití jazyka "čojč" v cizojazyčné výuce

The aim of this bachelor thesis "The Use of 'Čojč' Language in Foreign Language Teaching" is to find out about and describe the possible inclusion of the "Čojč" language (a combination of Czech and German language) into teaching methodology of German language ...

Štěchová, Michaela
Ohlédnutí za ochotnickým divadlem v obci Budětice na Sušicku

This thesis is focused on the history of the amateur theater in Budětice since 1918 to 1962. The thesis presents the origin of the amateur theater, the complete repertoire and describes the activity of the theater club. It contains the list of all premieres&...

Lomnická, Nikola
Josef Kainar - od Nových mýtů k Veliké lásce

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the work of Josef Kainar and two of his collections of poems, New myths and the Great Love. The goal of this thesis is to look at the these two collections, analyze them and to put them in the context of the culture...

Doubková, Tereza
Divadlo Na zábradlí a divadlo Semafor v 60. letech

Small theaters as a product of the social atmosphere in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s played not only an artistic role. The work follows the story of small scenes from cabaret beginnings in the 19th century through theater activities of the 20th and 30s of the twentieth...

Staňková, Ludmila
Ochotnické divadlo v Nýrsku

The bachelor thesis deals with the activities of the drama clubs TJ Sokol and J.K.Tyl, in the period from 1946 to 1964 in Nýrsko. It focuses on the establishment, the history and the repertoire of the drama clubs mentioned above and introduces their significant personalities,&...

Tonhauzerová, Dagmar
Historie divadelního souboru v Sokolově v období od 20. let 20. století do konce 2. světové války

This bachelor thesis deals with the presentation of the history of the theater ensemble in Sokolov from 1920 to 1945. This thesis is focused on the story of the theatre in Sokolov in the chosen period and the personalities associated with this region and interval of ...

Foltová, Hana
Literatura science fiction a Karel Čapek jako jeden z českých autorů tohoto žánru

Bachelor thesis engages in research of Čapek's science fictions. We were interested namely in so called soft sci-fi - in its definition, history, in Czech and foreign authors. We were searching for evidence of his books' affiliation to science fiction. We were also searchin...

Břížďalová, Lenka
Mluva řidičů - výzkum sociolektu

This Bachelor thesis deals with a chauffeur slang, particularly with a speech of bus chauffeurs and lorry chauffeurs. There is an object, goal, hypotheses and methods, which were used to collect the language materials, set up at the preface. The second unit is focused on ...

Konopásková, Šárka
Autor mého regionu - Karel Mejstřík

The topic of this bachelor thesis is "The author of my region - Karel Mesjtřík". The main purpose of the work is to introduce this almost forgotten author. I divided the thesis into three main parts. The first chapter maps author´s personal and professional lif...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 208