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Recent Submissions

Kaufnerová, Pavlína
Prevence vzniku zubního kazu u dětí v předškolním věku

The work is divided into two parts, on the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part of the work I Anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity, caries prevention and education of children in the pre-school age. In the practical part of the problem as the&...

Boltíková, Dagmar
Příspěvek k flóře a vegetaci Hromnického jezírka a okolních výsypek po těžbě kamenečných břidlic

The aim of the Bachelor?s work was to work up the generic lists for the examined territory and characteristic of the vegetation. In the theoretical part of the Bachelor?s work the selected area was characterized followed by the history of the area. Hromnice lake is floode...

Hůlová, Lenka
Malakofauna údolí Červeného potoka na Komárovsku

This thesis presents the results of an inventory research of the malacofauna in the Červený creek valley in the Komárov area. The research was conducted from May to November 2012 and 19 localities have been examined. Nine of these localities are aquatic and ten of them&#x...

Kondrysová, Eva
Botanický průzkum VN Klabava (okr. Rokycany)

A water reservoir Klabava is located in Pilsener region 6 km from district town Rokycany. It has been built on the Klabava river flowing there. It is used for retention and recreation purposes nowadays. A biodiversity exploration of plant vegetation took place in this area...

Formanová, Ivana
Arachnofauna Kozčínského rybníka u Pačejova, Klatovsko

During 2010 and 2012 there was conducted spider fauna Kozčínského pond. There were used not only basic entomological collection methods, but also less frequent collection using pitfall traps. The research has obtained a total of 458 spiders, one of which was determined ...