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Slavíková, Tereza

The topic of my thesis is expropriation. I chose this topic because it directly affects property rights and is the most serious intervention of public authorities in land ownership. Ownership as such is one of the fundamental human rights and the forced withdrawal or res...

Janda, Daniel
Zásada koncentrace řízení a její projevy ve správním procesu

The aim is to describe the concentration institute proceedings due to the nature and position in the administrative process, describe the ways in which this principle is reflected in the law and in the course of the administrative process and clarify that its function and ...

Faberová, Tereza
Obecně závazné vyhlášky obce

The bachelor thesis deals with generally binding public notices for municipalities. Publishing generally binding public ordinances of municipalities is one of the attributes of self-government. The legal regulations control rights and obligations of persons in the territory. This bachelor thesis ...

Hruška, Martin
Podpora mládeže ve sportu v městě Plzni

The main objective of this thesis is to provide an overview of how the city of Pilsen supports young sportsmen. The theoretical part focuses on general topics related to concepts of: children, youth and sports. The chapters: Children in sports, Sports as an instrument of ...

Karasová, Vendula
Hlavní činnosti personálního oddělení ve veřejné správě

This bachelors thesis is describing main activities of personnel department in public administration, which are important for proper operation of the whole organization. The theoretical part of this thesis explains the basic concepts, describes the major work of personnel department,...