Katedra soukromého práva a civilního procesu / Department of Private Law and Civil Proceedings


Recent Submissions

Konrádová, Simona
Doručování v civilním procesu

This thesis deals with the institute of delivery service in civil court proceedings under the Act. No. 99/1963 Coll., Code of Civil Procedure (hereinafter as "o.s.ř.") and related juristical, legal and sub-legal regulations. Delivery service is one of the most important tools&...

Vaďurová, Petra
Práce přesčas a pracovní pohotovost z hlediska odměňování a jejich limitů

This thesis deals with the complex issue of overtime and work readiness, including their limits and remuneration. The first chapter is devoted to the genesis of the legislation, overtime and work readiness, the following chapters are already focused on the definition of overtime wo...

Kašák, Karel
Občanskoprávní exekuce v České republice

The object of this diploma thesis is to describe the status of the execution in the czech legal order and comparison this legal regulations with legal orders in Slovakia. The name of this thesis is Civil execution in the Czech Republic. The work is systematically divided&...

Fendrych, Jakub
Podstata nesporného řízení

This diploma thesis deals with non-contentious proceedings in a civil trial . It analyzes the law on non-contentious proceedings in 1931, further theoretical section properties undisputed control and compared to control objectionable. In the second part there are analyzed some current undisp...

Kvasničková, Věra
Předměty duševního vlastnictví v pracovněprávních vztazích

The aim of this work was to focus on the legal regulation of intellectual property objects in labor relations. The work was described industrial and copyrights and their connection with the employment relationship. Reference was also a modification of this issue within the EU.