Katedra finančního práva a národního hospodářství / Department of Financial Law and National Management

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Krupičková, Lucie
Daň z přidané hodnoty a přenesená daň pod vlivem práva EU

The thesis is about value added tax, reverse charge and the impact of European Union law on tax system. In thesis there is tax system, how VAT and reverse charge in Czech Republic works and what tax harmonization brought. The thesis is also about VAT in Slovakia,...

Balík, Tomáš
Antidumpingové clo a jeho obcházení

The main aim of my thesis is to describe anti-dumping duty, where I method of analysis to characterize the process and formation of anti-dumping regulations. I explained to the three components of the anti-dumping duty. Next, I focused on the system of the market economy. ...

Stolejda, Matěj
Zavedení jednotné evropské měny v České republice

Bachelor's thesis is about participation the Czech Republic in the Economic and Monetary Union.

Matoušek, Adam
Evropská územní spolupráce, realizace mikroprojektů v Euroregionu Neisse-Nisa-Nysa

The main point of this work is to introduce the element of "micro-projects", which is formed in the Small Projects Fund, in the context of cross-border cooperation between the countries of the European Union, the Czech Republic and Poland. Cross-border cooperation is discussed...

Šindelář, Johan
Historie,současnost a perspektivy hospodářské a měnové unie EU

Goals of this bachelor thesis are first of all to analyse historical progress of europian integration and put it to the context of history, evaluate current situation and try to predict possible progress of economic and currency union.