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Recent Submissions

Doležal, Adam
Trestný čin vraždy a zabití podle § 140, § 141 tr. zák.

The diploma thesis deals with the issue of de lege lata regulation of intentional killings. The crime of murder and the crime of manslaughter represent the most serious crimes against human life in the current Czech Criminal Code. In order to realize the seriousness of th...

Dubská, Natálie
Kriminalistická taktika výslechu

The master thesis is elaborated on the topic of criminalistic interrogation tactics. The thesis deals with the concept of interrogation as such, what is its object and what it aims at. Furthermore, the concept of interrogation is discussed from the perspective of criminal law, ...

Slámová, Martina
Zvlášť zranitelné oběti

Act No. 45/2013 Coll., on Victims of Crime and on Amendments to Certain Acts (the Victims of Crime Act) introduced a relatively new privileged sub-category of general victims - particularly vulnerable victims of crime, to whom it grants specific rights and thus significantly s...

Svrček, Jan
Trestněprávní a kriminalistické aspekty trestných činů v dopravě (se zaměřením návykových látek)

This thesis deals with the topic of traffic offenses and is focused purely on road traffic. One of the main goals is to provide a detailed description of traffic offenses and to depict each crime with its unique attributes. This thesis also deals with the topic of&#x...

Kutílková, Eva
Subsidiární úloha trestní represe a trestní právo jako prostředek "ultima ratio" v českém trestním právu

The topic of the thesis deals with the principle of subsidiarity of criminal repression and the resulting principle of criminal law as a means of ultima ratio in Czech criminal law. It describes their historical development in Czech criminal law up to the current legislative&#...