Katedra trestního práva / Department of Criminal Law


Recent Submissions

Šimek, Filip
Procesně-praktické aspekty institutu spolupracujícího obviněného a komparace se slovenskou právní úpravou

The institute of the cooperative accused person according to § 178a of the Criminal Procedure Code is currently a procedural treatment of the so-called cooperative person. It is an issue that still faces partial application problems in Czech criminal practice. For this reason, the&...

Matějková, Denisa
Trest domácího vězení

The rigorous work deals with the anchoring and history of the imprisonment, its position in the Czech Penal Code, the Probation and Mediation Service, including its role in the execution of the house arrest. Part of the work is focused on electronic monitoring, first in t...

Krž, Libor
Drogová trestná činnost a její dokazování se zaměřením na přípravné řízení

The thesis deals with drug offences and their proving in criminal proceedings with a focus on the preparatory proceeding. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part describes current legislation in the field of material law related to drug offences, with a ...

Řeháková, Milena
Alternativní tresty k trestu odnětí svobody v české právní úpravě

In general, it can be concluded that unconditional imprisonment has more likely de-socializing rather than re-socializing effect. For this reason it´s desirable to apply it only "ultima ratio", what means, when it´s the last possible solution. Negative influence of the prison envir...

Hlubučková, Dana
Problematika sankcionování delikventní mládeže

The rigorous thesis deals with the issue of sanctioning delinquent juveniles with a focus on the introduction of sanctions imposed on them under the system of criminal law, in connection with significant legislative changes, especially in the context of the wording of the Juvenile&...