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Tomášková, Iva
Vybrané trestné činy proti svobodě

This work deals with selected crimes against freedom - restriction of personal liberty, robbery, extortion and violation of house freedom. The purpose of the first chapter is to briefly outline the development of the rules of criminal law after the independent Czechoslovak Republic ...

Tomášek, Martin
Nutná obrana (komparace se zahraniční právní úpravou)

This diploma thesis deals with the issue of criminal law institute of self-defence. It is divided into seven chapters. in first chapter is described historical development of self-defence from 1852 to present. The second chapter dealing self-defence within the Czech legislation. In the&...

Pötzl, Jan
Systém ukládání tzv. alternativních trestů s akcentací na tresty podmíněného odsouzení k trestu odnětí svobody a peněžitého trestu

The topic of this diploma thesis is the system and imposing of so called alternative sentence to which a prison sentence is not directly related and putting an accent on a suspended sentence to imprisonment and pecuniary penalty. The thesis aims at constitutional and leg...

Slabochová, Michaela
Mravnostní delikty z pohledu trestněprávního, trestně politického a kriminologického

The thesis focuses on the moral offenses under current legislation. This thesis also mentioned possible suggestion for a change. It deals with comparation with foreign laws in terms of legal regulation of prostitution. It shows the results of public opinion surveys on morality offe...

Sýkora, Jan
Obnova řízení

Retrial is an extraordinary remedy , the purpose of which is to eliminate deficiencies in the factual findings of some final decisions in those cases where the cause of the identified shortcomings come to light until after the finality of the original decision . The ...