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Recent Submissions

Korbelová, Petra
Obhajoba a právo na spravedlivý proces

This thesis describes the development of individual rights, which together constitute the right to fair trial. It refers to the legal parameters through which citizens in various historical eras and various countries (England, France, USA) strove to uphold their basic rights and liberti...

Lešetická, Monika
Nedovolená výroba a jiné nakládání s omamnými a psychotropními látkami a s jedy

The master's thesis is devoted to the topic of illicit production and other handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances and toxins in the wording of Section 283 of the Criminal Code. The main objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of developments in the lega...

Šimková, Lucie
Obnova řízení

This thesis deals with one of the extraordinary remedies, which is retrail.The work contains a brief historical development of the correction proceeding. It also includes the importance of extraordinary remedies, the basic principles of the criminal proceeding, anf the comparison with other&...

Valjent, Filip
Trestné činy proti životu a zdraví spáchané nedbalostním zaviněním

As it is clear from the title the contents of this work are criminal offenses against life and health committed by negligence, when this work is limited to the criminal concept of these criminal offences in Czech Republic according to a current criminal code. The aim ...

Valentová, Nikola
Hypnóza a další netradiční způsoby objasňování trestní věci

This diploma thesis deals with the means of evidence expressly prescribed in the Criminal Procedure Code as well as with the ways of evidence which are rarely applied in criminal proceedings. The first part of the thesis deals primarily with the explanation of the concept ...