Katedra občanského práva / Department of Civil Right


Recent Submissions

Tvrdík, Ivan
Odůvodnění civilního rozsudku soudu prvního stupně

The topic of this thesis is the reasoning of the civil judgment of the court of first instance. The thesis deals with both the general fundamental right to a proper reasoning of a court decision and specific aspects of the reasoning of civil judgments in civil ...

Prunner, Petr
Procesní břemena v civilním řízení

The presented work deals with procedural burdens in disputed civil proceedings. Procedural burdens are not explicitly regulated by the legal system and are thus instruments of unwritten law, formulated by legal theory. Thus, although there may be an unlimited number of procedural burden...

Formanová, Nikola
Vývoj pojetí součásti věci

This work is about development of the part of the thing as object of civil law relations, especially from the perspective of changes of legislation on the territory if the Czech republic from adoption The General Civil Code to the present days. Using practical examples&#...

Bartošová, Sandra

This rigorous thesis deals with the issue of inheritance when there is a will, and individual legal aspects of inheritance law. It compares former Civil Code with the new legislation. The issue is supported by the case law. The different types of the will, the ability...

Nová, Kristýna
Koncentrace, její funkce a důsledky ve sporném řízení

The main objective of this diploma thesis, dealing with the topic of The Concentration of proceedings, its function and results in adversary proceedings, is to acquaint the reader with the principle of the concentration of proceedings, describe its development and functions within civil...