Katedra občanského práva / Department of Civil Right

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Klausová, Tereza
Ochrana osobních údajů na internetu a sociálních sítích Facebook, Google

Diploma thesis with the title of Protection of Privacy on the Internet and the social networks Facebook, Google, examines and evaluates the privacy options in the global Internet environment. Examines the legal approaches of Europe and the USA. Several chapters are based on the...

Kunec, Aleš
Některé otázky vyvlastnění z hlediska občana

Some questions expropriation and restrictions on property rights. Types of restriction of property rights, creation, modification and termination of easements.

Breitfelderová, Alena
Výpověď z nájmu bytu

The termination of the lease of an apartment by the tenant is stated in section 2287of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., on Civil Code, as amended and the termination of the lease of an apartment by the lessor is stated in section 2288of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., on ...

Rolníková, Lucie
Dokazování v civilním soudním řízení

The Sence of this thesis is description of evidence in the civil proceeding in our country with the help of methods of analysis of legal enactment and analysis of leading cases of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. The work is systematically constituted to cr...

Langer, Jakub
Projednací zásada a poučovací povinnost soudu

This diploma thesis deals with the modern development of the civil contentious proceedings, which is regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure. It is mainly focused on the analysis of the principle to hear and duty of the court to instruct and their practical application i...