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Šarochová, Hana
Odpovědnost obce za újmy vzniklé při správě obecního majetku

This rigorous thesis deals with the issue of the municipality's liability for damages incurred in the management of municipal property. The aim of this rigorous thesis is to provide a comprehensive and systematic view of the subject, in particular to present the issue of m...

Chmelíková, Aneta
Odpovědnost státu za škodu způsobenou při výkonu veřejné moci nezákonným rozhodnutím

This rigorous thesis deals in detail with the liability of state for damage caused in the exercise of public authority by an unlawful decision. The rigorous thesis is divided into seven chapters. The thesis begins with the definition of key concepts related to the given&...

Pýchová, Markéta
Přípustnost převzetí a další držení ve zdravotním ústavu

The doctoral thesis addresses the topic of admissibility of admission and detention of a person in a medical institution both in procedural and substantial terms, from physical takeover of a person by the medical institution for hospitalization, through the judicial process, to their&#x...

Čmolík, Martin
Nezbytná cesta a její vztah k veřejné cestě a dalším způsobům zajištění přístupu k nemovité věci

This Advanced Master's thesis presents the instrument of necessary path and the related case law and explores the relations between necessary path and other manners of ensuring access to real estate. Strong emphasis is placed on the reasons for which a necessary path cannot...

Kraus, Michal
Vybrané raritní zápisy do katastru nemovitosti - duplicitní zápis vlastnického práva a přídatné spoluvlastnictví

The thesis is focused on two infrequent types of entries in the land register; on duplicate registrations of ownership and accessory co-ownership. The whole work is oriented as much as possible towards the practical aspects of these legal instruments and everything related to them....

Vávrová, Martina
Společné jmění manželů a insolvenční řízení

The rigorous thesis deals with the conflict between the institute od joint property of spouses and the institute of insolvency proceedings, through which the debtor can solve his unfavourable situation, consisting in the inability to fulfil his debts.

Tvrdík, Ivan
Odůvodnění civilního rozsudku soudu prvního stupně

The topic of this thesis is the reasoning of the civil judgment of the court of first instance. The thesis deals with both the general fundamental right to a proper reasoning of a court decision and specific aspects of the reasoning of civil judgments in civil ...

Prunner, Petr
Procesní břemena v civilním řízení

The presented work deals with procedural burdens in disputed civil proceedings. Procedural burdens are not explicitly regulated by the legal system and are thus instruments of unwritten law, formulated by legal theory. Thus, although there may be an unlimited number of procedural burden...

Formanová, Nikola
Vývoj pojetí součásti věci

This work is about development of the part of the thing as object of civil law relations, especially from the perspective of changes of legislation on the territory if the Czech republic from adoption The General Civil Code to the present days. Using practical examples&#...

Bartošová, Sandra

This rigorous thesis deals with the issue of inheritance when there is a will, and individual legal aspects of inheritance law. It compares former Civil Code with the new legislation. The issue is supported by the case law. The different types of the will, the ability...

Rajtmajerová, Eva
Bytové spoluvlastnictví se zaměřením na zvláštní práva a povinnosti vlastníků jednotek

This Rigorosum Thesis deals with residential co-ownership and focuses on special rights and obligations of the unit owners. It summarizes and describes the special rights and obligations of the unit owners and assesses some other rights and obligations of the unit owners, at the&#x...

Protivová, Kateřina
Zástavní právo k podílu

In my rigorous thesis I focus mainly on the issue of pledging a share in a limited liability company. The thesis examines the legal professional literature, legal periodicals and also tries to capture the applicability of existing legislation. The main benefit of this thesis i...

Hlaváčková, Markéta
Nález a právo na nálezné se zaměřením na nález věci

This rigorous thesis is devoted to a concept of discovery and discoverer's reward with a focus on discovery of a thing. The thesis opens with definitions of relevant concepts. Subsequently, I examined legal differences between individual discoveries, since the very nature of a ...

Soukup bošinová, Šárka
Důkazní břemeno a jeho přenesení ve vybraných sporech

This rigorous thesis deals with the issue of the burden of proof and its reversing in selected disputes. In the rigorous thesis I focus on the general issue of evidence in the civil proceeding, then on general issue of the burden of proof, including the burden of...

Brachová, Lucie
Incidenční spory v insolvenčním řízení

This rigorosum thesis deals with incidental disputes in insolvency procedures. The thesis has in fact two main parts - general and special. First is the "general" part and it pays attention to attributes common to all incidental disputes. The "special" part of the&#x...

Onodyová, Aneta
Zaknihované cenné papíry

This rigorous work deals in more detail with the phenomenon of dematerialized security. This phenomenon has undergone considerable development in recent years, this work observes a dematerialized security across its development. The aim of the rigorous work is to analyze in detail and&#...

Klimešová, Iveta
Srovnání vybraných principů smluv dle českého a anglického práva

This thesis deals with the basic principles that govern Czech and English contract law and on their basis compares the contractual rights of both legal systems. Much of the work is devoted to the description of the contracting process, in which it describes the individual ...

Vondrášková, Jitka
Dohled nad činností soudních exekutorů

The main goal of my thesis is the surveillance od the activities od court distrainers. The main chapter is outlining the surveillance and here I deal with the individual surveillance authorities, the procedure which they use while they are performing the surveillance and the c...

Tégl, Patrik
Vybrané aspekty incidenčních sporů

This thesis deals with incidence disputes that arise in individual parts of insolvency proceedings. Incidental disputes are described not only in terms of substantive law itself, but the main emphasis is placed on their procedural law. This intention corresponds to the inclusion of ...

Holá, Barbora
Částečné zastavení exekuce vůči majetku manžela povinného

The main aim of this work was to analyze in detail the issue of partial suspension of execution against the property of the debtor's wife, especially with regard to the amendment made by Act No. 139/2015 Coll. Partial chapters of this work were, besides theoretical&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37