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Klečka, Václav
Spolky, se zvláštním zřetelem na majetkovou odpovědnost spolků a jejich členů

This thesis concerns association law and the subject of this thesis is: "Associations with Attention to the Property Liabilities of Associations and their Members." The first part of the thesis deals with historical development of association law, mostly in the territory of th...

Stebilová, Blanka
Náhrada nákladů řízení

This diploma thesis deals with the issue of the reimbursement of the costs of civil court proceedings. It is a specific field of civil procedural law still viewed as marginal by the professional community. At the same time, however, it should be borne in mind that de...

Pícková, Kamila
Právní úprava podání v civilním procesu

This diploma thesis "Legal regulation of submission in civil trial" aims to cover the institute of sumbission in terms of valid and effective legislation in the Czech Republic. Submission is the procedural act of the parties through which they can communicate with the cou...

Pytloun, Jaroslav
Účastníci sporného řízení

The main focus of this thesis is the notion of parties of the contentious proceedings and other related institutes. This includes the management entities, parties to the proceedings, changes to the party of the proceedings aswell as the rights and obligations of the parties.&...

Suk, Jakub
Elektronizace justice

The thesis deals with the eJustice project, which was prepared by the Ministry of Justice. Based on the eGovernment project, both projects are based on European Union regulations. The thesis is divided into the introductory part, the part dealing with the eJustice strategy, elabora...

Špinka, Pavel
Náklady exekuce

The diploma thesis deals with the cost of execution proceedings and at the same time describes the position of judicial officers. It is a comparative study of a judicial officers's institute with notary and insolvency administrator institutes in terms of costs incurred in the&#...

Urban, Michael
Řízení o svéprávnosti

The diploma thesis deals comprehensively with the institute of legal capability. It analyzes it both from the substantive and procedural point of view. The first part deals with the substantive law, which is described and compared with the previous legislation. The second part is&#...

Honsa, Lukáš
Výslech účastníka jako důkaz v civilním soudním řízení

The diploma thesis presents the means of evidence - hearing of a participant of proceedings at a wider level, its historical origin including the institute of oath and the concept of evidence in other legal systems. The thesis analyses difference between hearing and claim, sub...

Lukášová, Barbora
Důkazní břemeno

This diploma thesis deals with the burden of proof in civil court proceedings. The main objective of this work is to approach the issue of burden of proof and to clarify legal concepts related to burden of proof. The main part of the work is dedicated to all...

Brzkovský, Jan
Funkce soudce

The topic of this thesis is the office of a judge, with focus on the appointment to the office of a judge. The way to the office of a judge begins with the preparatory service, or one of its alternatives, as well as this thesis. Further, it adresses the...

Pavlasová, Lenka
Postavení manžela povinného v exekučním řízení

The thesis "Status of Obliged Persons's Spouse in the Distrainment" is divided into six chapters. The first chapter introduces the reader to the issue of distraint and gives the reader information on the intentions of this work. The second chapter deals with subtantive...

Osinková, Veronika
Zvláštní řízení soudní

The thesis deals with the special legal proceedings and their mainly legal regulation, which is contained in the Act No. 292/2013 Coll., on Special Legal Proceedings. Before the adoption of this Act, the special legal proceedings was regulated by the Act No. 99/1963 Coll....

Pechrová, Veronika
Žaloby na ochranu vlastnického práva

This diploma thesis is aboat actions for protection of ownership right

Benediktová, Ludmila
Materiální vedení řízení

In my diploma thesis I have dealt with the material conduction of the proceedings, such as the activity of the court, which is focused on the course of the proceedings so that the main objective and purpose of the whole civil process can be fulfilled. That is th...

Ceralová, Kristýna
Ochrana povinné osoby v exekučním řízení

This diploma thesis comprehensively describes the subject of protection of a liable entity in execution proceedings. It defines principle of protection of the liable entity as an essential element. The thesis offers the reader a better view of execution proceedings and executors. ...

Bošinová, Šárka
Dokazování ve sporech z poskytování lékařských služeb

The thesis deals with the issue of evidence at disputes resulting from provision of medical services. In the thesis I focus on the general issue of evidence in the civil proceeding, then on issue of evidence at disputes resulting from provision of medical services and its...

Filipová, Denisa
Alternativní řešení sporů mezi podnikateli

In the first chapter the author characterizes the concept of ADR and the concept of entrepreneur. Author tries to outline those different methods. However, the work is mainly focused on arbitration and its national arrangements. The second chapter is devoted only to mediation....

Burgr, Petr
Nová tvrzení a nové důkazy v odvolacím řízení

The diploma thesis is focused on the progress of the concentration and the issue of regulation in the current law. The concentration is closely connected to introducing new evidence and new statements in court of appeals. The concentration of proceedings is the important principle&...

Baštýřová, Adéla
Žaloba v občanském právu procesním

This diploma work deals with civil suit in law of procedure. The civil suit is a project of opening the proceeding, served by the side the applicant. This is a disposition act, which couldn´t be started without project. By bringing a civil suit the claimant seeks pro...

Špaček, Marek

The conception of the "Thing", as one of the key institutions in recodification of the civil law. It arouses many disputes even after five years of legal effect of the law 89/2012 Sb. The concept of my thesis is chosen to not just positively affect the ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 304