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Recent Submissions

Kotrba, Jan
Úmluva o mezinárodní koupi zboží

The thesis deals with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna, 1980), as called ad CISG. It is the most important international contract in the field of international sale of goods. CISG was signed in 1980 in Vienna and ...

Proňková, Zuzana
Ochrana a podpora zahraničních investic a řešení investičních sporů

This master thesis deals with the topic of protection and promotion of foreign investments and the settlement of investment disputes. With regards to the constant intensification and acceleration of globalization and digitalization of international commerce, this topic remains very current. The&#...

Leták, Petr
Společnost v mezinárodním právu soukromém

The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the possibilities of cross-border mobility of companies across different jurisdictions. Attention is paid mainly to conflict of law issues. The thesis focuses on the two main criteria that have been applied in the Europe - the cr...

Mauricová, Ivana
Mezinárodní rozvod v právu Evropské unie a českém právu

This thesis is focused on the problematic of an international divorce with the main focus being on the European and Czech legislation. Firstly thesis is dedicated to the explanation of the terminology of divorces and general definition of a divorce in the international law. Fu...

Čechura, Jan
Použití síly v mezinárodním právu a výzvy vedení války 21. století

In this diploma thesis I address the issue of prohibition of threat and use of force in international law and its unequivocal exceptions. The work deals with the historical development of the doctrine of bellum iustum and development of recourse to force in international relat...