Katedra mezinárodního práva / Department of International Law


Recent Submissions

Kleisner, Tadeáš
Ochrana životního prostředí v judikatuře Mezinárodního soudního dvora

This thesis concentrates on international environmental law and its influence on the jurisdiction of the International court of justice. The key issue addressed in this thesis is the view of the International court of justice on the normative development of precautionary principle. The&...

Zíková, Oldřiška
Nové trendy v mezinárodní obchodní arbitráži.

The diploma thesis deals with the topic of New trends in international commercial arbitration. Virtual hearings and Third-party funding are one of the most significant trends in the last few years in the field of international commercial arbitration, not least due to corona&...

Vlčková, Šárka
Kolizní úprava dědického práva.

This thesis is focused on the determination of the applicable law in international succession, it presents and describes its essential parts and relationships among the conflict of laws rules in the European Union law, domestic law and international law. The key part of this t...

Hanušová, Nikola
Rizika spojená s repatriací post mortem

This diploma thesis is devoted to the post-mortem repatriation process and the risks that threaten both the body of the deceased and the persons involved in repatriation. The aim of this diploma thesis is to verify and point out the importance of post-mortem prote...

Nová, Karolína
Občanská válka v Libyi a její mezinárodněprávní důsledky.

The thesis analyzes the application of the R2P principle by the UN Security Council during the resolution of the civil war in Libya in 2011. Based on the adoption of Resolution No. 1973, it allowed a military operation in the country for the first time in the co...