Katedra ústavního práva / Department of Fundamental Law


Recent Submissions

Dosoudilová, Kristýna
Problematika veřejnoprávního vysílání a jeho význam na úrovni práva Evropské unie

This thesis named "The issue of public service broadcasting and its role in the law of the European Union" aims to introduce to the reader the stance of the European Union on public service broadcasting and also the normative influence of the Union in this area....

Pýchová, Tereza
Právní aspekty eutanázie v České republice

The diploma thesis deals with the mapping of the institute of euthanasia in the Czech Republic. The diploma thesis defines the history of the term, defines the basic terminology. It presents the decision-making activity of the European Court of Human Rights, including the legal...

Drahoš, Martin
Ochrana spotřebitele v právu EU

My diploma thesis deals with consumer protection in EU law, author provides the reader with the formulation of basic terms, development of consumer protection, description of relevant sources of law that have affected the protection of consumer rights in the EU, etc. The main ...

Kočnar, Šimon
Vznik a vývoj Ústavy České republiky

The diploma thesis deals with the origin and development of the Constitution of the Czech Republic. It deals with sources of inspiration that influenced the Constitution of the Czech Republic. It focuses on the contemporary circumstances in which the Constitution was created. It al...

Teřl, Vojtěch
Lidská důstojnost jako esenciální ústavní princip

The core subject of this thesis is the principle of human dignity and its essence in constitutional law. This diploma thesis explores the historical background of human dignity and summarizes its main concepts. There is also a view at the sub-constitutional level of this princ...