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Recent Submissions

Fiala, Jakub Jan
Ústavněprávní aspekty předání moci ve Spojených státech amerických

This diploma thesis deals with the issue of power transition in the United States of America. The two-and-a-half-month period between the elections and the inauguration, known as the Presidential Transition, can be seen as a time of uncertainty, instability, and certain paradoxes. On&#x...

Vyternová, Michaela
Problematika umělého přerušení těhotenství z pohledu Evropského soudu pro lidská práva

This thesis is focused on approach of European Court of Human Rights on abortions. The aim of the thesis was to evaluate the position of the European Court of Human Rights on the subject. The thesis analysed the Court's decisions contained in its case law to dete...

Švancarová, Lenka
Ústavněprávní postavení politických stran v ČR - aktuální problémy

The diploma thesis deals with the legal status of political parties within the legal status of a democratic country. The thesis describes the most important aspects of the establishment, functioning and possible demise of political parties. Furthermore, the diploma thesis sets out when&...

Mašek, Luděk
Vliv ideologie na rozhodování Nejvyššího soudu USA

This thesis deals with the influence of ideology on the decision-making of the United States Supreme Court. In four chapters, the thesis explains the ways in which ideology is formed and how it affects the Supreme Court's decisions. First, the topic is outlined by pointing...

Vosecká, Markéta
Specifika dělby moci v České republice

The main topic of this thesis is the specifics of the separation of the powers in the Czech Republic.First chapter of this thesis is about theory of the separation of the power, its history and divison. Second chapter defines specifics of the separation of the powers ...