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Nacházelová, Daniela
Vývoj a význam institutu dětského ombudsmana v evropském kontextu

The theme of this thesis is the development and importance of the institute which is the children´s ombudsman. The key concepts of this work are the ombudsman (especially the ombudsman for children) the rights of the child, the child.The essential thrust is the description of&...

Byszowiec, Marián
Postavení a úloha polského Ústavního soudu v dělbě moci

Constitutional justice fulfills very important role in the state of law, or more precisely in separation of powers. That is the reason, why the situation around the the constitutional justice in Poland in recent years has revealed a number of questions that this thesis tries&#...

Čmelínská, Eva
Postavení a funkce ČNB v ústavním systému ČR

This thesis looks into position and functions of the Czech National Bank in the constitutional system of the Czech Republic. It deals with topics that are closely related to it, especially the historic development of central banking in the territory of Czech Lands the knowledg...

Stefanová, Kateřina
Perspektivy rovné odměny za stejnou práci mužů a žen v ČR - Ústavní pohled a realita

The Thesis concentrates on the problem of equal pay for the same work for women and men. It defines causes and consequences of inequality between women and men, it presents the policy of the Czech governement of improvements of the situation, it presents statistics. Furthermor...

Plachý, Martin
Legislativní moc státu Izrael

This diploma thesis deals with the State of Israel and its legislative power which is in Israel performed through the Knesset. Israel is a specific country with its specific history which strongly affected the legal system, including the legislative power of the state. Even if...