Katedra pracovního práva a práva sociálního zabezpečení / Department of Labour Law and Law of Social Security

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Sladký, Petr
Skončení základních pracovněprávních vztahů

This thesis is focused on the issues concerning legal regulation of termination of employment relationship and legal relationships based on agreements to perform work outside the scope of employment. These issues represent a significant part of labour law to which a large attention ...

Hanáková-holeyšovská, Jaroslava
Postavení odborové organizace v pracovněprávních vztazích v českém právním řádu

This thesis focuses on the position of trade unions in industrial relations the Czech Republic. As the above outline suggests, the main focus of this thesis is to analyse recent regulations, organise them into a system and find their intended construction and comparisons. Con...

Treichelová, Denisa
Zaměstnanec, jeho právní osobnost a svéprávnost

This bachelor thesis deals with legal personality of employees in labour law. In the beginning discusses the concept of subject of law and legal personality of natural persons. Further deals with relationship between civil law and labour law. Discusses the inclusion of labour law&#...

Ledvinová, Eva
Pracovní smlouva a vznik pracovního poměru

This bacherol thesis deals with in first part deals of employment relationship and in next parts of employment contract. Employment relationship arises between employer and employees, who have rights and obligations. This ration arises, when both parties agree. Employment contract is most&#x...

Lukešová, Monika
Zaměstnávání cizinců

The introduction analyses in detail the basic concepts related to the issue. The thesis tries to briefly outline the history of the employment of foreigners on our territory. The main point is the analysis of work legislation in the Czech Republic on the part of the ...