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Dostál, Ondřej
Obchodní společnosti územních samosprávných celků ve světle zákona o obchodních korporacích

The bachelor's thesis provides an insight into the subject of companies established by local and regional governments, especially companies with limited liability, in the light of the Corporations Act. The thesis deals with questions of the position and tasks of local and regional&#...

Potůček, Jakub
Osoba rozhodce v rozhodčím řízení

The person of arbitrator in arbitration The arbitration has a very wide scope of use, even though it has been particularly more regulated in recent years. The regulations have impact on a position of arbitrator mostly in area of consumer law. This thesis&#x...

Turčáni, Filip
Obchodní závazkové právo (komparace v poměrech EU, historie a současnost)

This thesis focuses on the topic of commercial obligations and their systematics in the Czech Republic after the recodification in 2014 and in Slovakia, Austria and Germany. The work is dedicated to business obligations and their definition after the recodification. It...

Novotný, Josef
Právní postavení jednatele při úpadku s.r.o.

The main purpose of this thesis, in compliance with its approved general table of content, is to identify, analyze, compare and summarize the most important issues influencing the legal status of a director of a limited liability company during and otherwise related to insolvency&#...

Hlaváčková, Svatava
Střet zájmů

Aim of this thesis is to clarify the adjustment of conflict of interest, as it is adapted it the corporation law. It deals with topics that are closely related to this theme. It explains institutes that are different after the codification of private law and which sh...