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Žihlová, Barbora
Práva kvalifikovaných akcionářů

This diploma thesis deals with rights of qualified shareholders. A qualified shareholder is a person who owns shares with total nominal value determinated by business corporations act. Qualified shareholders have very special rights. This diploma thesis is about shareholders rights focusing ...

Vondrák, Stanislav
Péče řádného hospodáře

In this diploma thesis, the author discusses the institute of the duty of due managerial care and the business judgment rule. He also discusses the possible consequences of a breach of the duty of due managerial care in both civil and criminal law. Last but not least...

Němcová, Kateřina
Přezkum a uplatňování pohledávek v konkursním řízení

The diploma thesis primarily deals with the application and review of creditors' applications in bankruptcy proceedings. After the introduction of the diploma thesis, the history of the competition as such is further outlined. Furthermore, the diploma thesis deals with the course of ...

Šindelář, Jakub
Ochrana osobních, provozních a lokalizačních údajů v sítích elektronických komunikací

The thesis deals with the protection of personal, location and traffic data in electronic communications networks. In the first chapter it focuses on the definition of basic concepts belonging to the topic of protection of personal, location and traffic data. The second chapter foc...

Sojková, Eliška
Obchodní právo ve veřejných zakázkách

The diploma thesis deals with the definition of Business commercial Law in public procurement, but also with closer acquaintance with public procurement, business commercial law and the contracting authority's procedures. The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe in more detail ...