Katedra obchodního práva / Department of Commercial Law


Recent Submissions

Beneš, Petr
Vývoj právní úpravy institutu oddlužení

The thesis focuses on the development of the legal regulation of debt relief in the Czech Republic. By chronologically comparing the key amendments, we try to find out how the institution of debt relief developed over time and what are the barriers to debt relief for ...

Truhlářová, Eliška
Autorské právo v internetových médiích

The thesis deals with the issue of Copyright in Internet media. What is a medium and more specifically what is an internet medium. How are the copyright works used on the Internet, how they are used there in large quantities without authorization and the people who u...

Školník, Jiří
Bytové družstvo

This diploma thesis is primarily focused on the topic of housing cooperatives in the Czech Republic. Its first part briefly discusses the history of housing cooperatives in the Czech territory, by using a number of laws at that time. Subsequently, the vast majority of the ...

Šetek, Marek
Příplatková povinnost v s.r.o.

This thesis focuses on the additional payment obligation of shareholders in a limited liability company. The additional payment obligation is one of the ways a company can finance its business or cover its potential losses. The amount provided by the shareholders under the addition...

Moder, Matthias
Volené orgány obchodních korporací

This thesis focuses on the issue of elected bodies of commercial corporations and addresses the topic of the formation and termination of membership in these bodies. The thesis also addresses the rules of conduct of members of elected bodies of a business corporation, the cont...