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Recent Submissions

Žihlová, Barbora
Práva kvalifikovaných akcionářů

This diploma thesis deals with rights of qualified shareholders. A qualified shareholder is a person who owns shares with total nominal value determinated by business corporations act. Qualified shareholders have very special rights. This diploma thesis is about shareholders rights focusing ...

Vondrák, Stanislav
Péče řádného hospodáře

In this diploma thesis, the author discusses the institute of the duty of due managerial care and the business judgment rule. He also discusses the possible consequences of a breach of the duty of due managerial care in both civil and criminal law. Last but not least...

Göthová, Kateřina
Klamavá reklama

The topic of my thesis is deceptive advertising in the Czech republic. The first chapter is about economical competition and the second chapter is about unfair competition. The third chapter is about advertising and the main part of my thesis about deceptive advertising is in&...

Komenda, Adam
Konkursní řízení H-SYSTEM a.s.

The work surveys the development of the bankruptcy procedure of the company HSYSTEM Inc. from its inception to the present. It examines whether the bankruptcy of HSYSTEM has not been negatively affected by imperfect legislation and analyzes how the legislation in this area has changed&#...

Kosec, Martin
Přiznaný koncern

The focus of the thesis is on an admitted concern. In order to illuminate and approach this topic, the thesis contains a brief definition of other institutes closely related to the admitted concern. These institutes are the content of the first chapter. These are mainly t...