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Recent Submissions

Šimková, Matylda
Právní úprava zvířete v českém právu

The work deals with the issue of legal definition of the animal in the legislation of the Czech Republic. The aim is to assess the position of animals and their protection in terms of applicable law and its enforcement by administrative authorities. Special attention is p...

Suchá, Kristýna
Současné velikonoční tradice na Plzeňsku

In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the current Easter traditions in Pilsen region, which were mapped. First, the concept of tradition and the Pilsen region itself and the most famous Easter customs and traditions were introduced. Subsequently, I dealt with the tradition of cru...

Goubej, Lukáš

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to approach the activities and functioning of Europol. The author deals with basic concepts related to Europol. He also tried us show the whole path that preceded the creation of this agency. He also introduced us to the auth...

Gondeková, Kristýna
Chytrá města 21. století

The bachelor thesis "Smart Cities of the 21st Century" focuses on the Smart City concept. The aim of the thesis is to show what possibilities cities and citizens have nowadays thanks to modern technologies. The first part describes the rate of urbanization in recent ...

Novotný, Dominik
Příspěvková organizace

This bachelor thesis focuses on contributory organizations in the Czech Republic and their functioning, their founders (organizational units of the state, municipalities and regions), the division of contributory organizations and their origin and legislation of contributory organizations. It also foc...