Katedra veřejné správy / Department of Public Administration


Recent Submissions

Fictum, Josef
Porovnání exekuce správní a soudní

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the Comparison of administrative and judicial execution. The thesis deals with the issue of administrative and judicial execution and main goal of this thesis is resolving these two types of execution with its subsequent comparison.

Kováčová, Zuzana
Financování politických stran a jejich volebních kampaní

This bachelor thesis deals with financing of political parties and movements in the Czech Republic and their political campaigns. It focuses on the rules brought by the new amendments and it describes the impulses that led to the necessary changes. It characterizes such terms ...

Rataj, Martin

The bachelor thesis deals with the valid legal regulation of expropriation in the Czech Republic, both in terms of general substantive conditions of expropriation including compensation for the revocation or limitation of rights, as well as in terms of special laws containing the p...

Škoda, Bronislav
Občanská participace na správě a rozvoji obce

Citizen participation in municipal administration and development is a very important topic, especially in the context of the present day, when the general interest in events and political events is decreasing not only at the level of municipalities but also at higher levels. ...

Roubin, Dominik
Manažerské dovednosti - kompetence manažera (vedoucího pracovníka) ve veřejné správě

This work engages in special attributes of activities of management in public administration, particularly in economic process. The bigges tattention is given to managerial competencies, functions and skills, from them the work includes leading, planning, organize, choice of employees, delegation,...